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Glass Goblet Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the bathroom in a sheer robe and satin lingerie for our latest WetandPissy scene and this absolute babe knows how to tease. Emily slowly starts to perform a striptease and bends over the dressing table to admire her reflection. She takes off her bra and panties, then sits down on a chair to masturbate. This horny hottie holds a glass goblet beneath her while pussy pissing into it! We film her in closeup as she catches her golden stream and then Emily pours the contents into her mouth, enjoying some piss drinking and spitting fun! This kinky babe continues to pleasure her pussy while bent over and fingers herself before catching another piss stream. She moves onto a dildo which she uses to slide inside her wet pussy and Emily pees over the tiled floor and dives into her wet mess! Once Emily brings herself to orgasm, she has time for one last piss to finish off her pissing porno!
Feb 20, 2024
June Rain Girl: Samantha J. 4K HD Sexy babe Samantha poses in the walk-in shower in a blue thong and a pink t-shirt. Sitting in a glass chair, she pees through her panties and leaves them soaking wet. Not long after she pulls her panties to one side and fires a stream of piss onto the shower floor. Samantha even collects some of her juices in a bottle before licking them up and soaking her t-shirt, turning it see-through! This stunning babe loves to take pee into her mouth and enjoys every mouthful before she uses a blue sex toy on her piss drenched pussy. Pissing all over her sex toy, she seems to be really enjoying her experimental pee play!
Jun 9, 2015
Sex Toy Streams Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Serenya Gomez makes a return to Wet and Pissy and this temptress teases in a floral summer dress. She sits on a wooden bench and pulls down the top of her dress to give her nipples some attention. Lifting up her dress, Serenya pulls her panties to one side and starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She makes quite an impressive arc of golden pee then sits down in her puddle, rubbing her ass and feet all over it. This hot babe mops up her pee with her dress and squeezes it all over herself then Serenya strips naked and fingers her pussy while sitting back on the bench. Using a red bowl, Serenya catches another of her pee streams and this time she licks up her piss to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Some of her golden nectar is swallowed and some she spits back out! This horny hottie uses some love eggs on herself and even pees all over them, sucking them clean before she releases even more piss spurts over her sex toy! Serenya finishes herself off with a pink dildo and rolls around in the soaking wet floor once she has pleasured herself!
May 3, 2022
Soaking The Tiles Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD Brunette beauty Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest update and this hottie kneels up on a velvet couch, rubbing her hands all over her body! She pulls open her top and teases her nipples, making them nice and hard before lifting up her miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Serenya squats against the edge of the couch and rubs her pussy before she starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She soaks the tiles beneath her with some impressive streams and takes off her shoes to paddle in her golden pee puddle! Serenya rubs her juices over her bare legs and sits back on the couch to finger her pussy. She squats over a red glass bowl to catch her next pee stream and makes a mess as it shoots over the edge! This piss loving babe pours the contents all down herself and toys a dildo. Serenya lays on her side to orgasm with her sex toy before spraying one final messy piss all over the floor to finish her newest pissing porn scene!
Jan 30, 2024
Christmas is Coming Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD Merry Christmas from all of us here at Wet and Pissy! Gorgeous brunette Jenifer Jane is in her bedroom and so excited for Christmas day. Her presents are wrapped and she climbs onto the bed teasing as she rubs her hands over her sexy body. Turning around, Jenifer shows off her perfect ass and then kneels up before wetting her panties! Her piss streams soak through the fabric and down onto her bedsheets as she rubs her wet pussy with her hand. This stunning brunette takes off her panties and tastes her juices before laying back on the bed and enjoying some fingering fun. This is certainly going to be one merry Christmas for Jenifer! She climbs off the bed and naughtily opens some of her presents. Inside the first is a giant glass goblet and some tongs. She places the goblet on her bed and bending over, releases another stream of piss into it, making quite a mess in the process! She pours her collected pee down over her top and then takes it off ready for even more fun. Laying back down, Jenifer plays with the red tongs and pinches her labia before gaping herself apart. This sensation sets off another pee stream and she sprinkles all over the bedsheets, drenching them further! The next present that Jenifer opens happens to be a flesh dildo. She enjoys using this on her pussy and knows that she is a very naughty girl for opening her gifts early! As she frantically fucks herself with her sex toy, she feels the urge to pee again and sprays everywhere as she masturbates with her fingers. Finally, Jenifer finishes her festive fun by pissing into the goblet once more, and pouring it all over her face and into her mouth, giving her a taste of piss drinking as she swills it around her mouth and spits it back out again!
Dec 19, 2017
Trickling And Toying Girl: Amaris 4K HD + BTS Pretty blonde Amaris joins us on Wet and Pissy today and this hottie is seriously desperate to pee as she rushes into the lounge. She grabs a little glass bottle and holds it beneath her before she starts pussy pissing into it, making quite a mess as she aims her stream. Amaris is relieved now and shakes the bottle over her pink minidress and into her mouth, enjoying a bit of piss spitting! She squeezes and sucks her wet minidress and then strips out of it to reveal her hot body! Using the bottle stopper, Amaris leans back on the black leather couch and teases her shaved pussy with it. She starts pissing up into the air and soaks both herself and the leather couch before slipping the stopper into her pussy while masturbating! This hot blonde is really horny and while her pussy is still filled, we zoom in close as she enjoys another pee, this babe seems to have unlimited streams! Amaris dives into her pissy puddle on the couch and decides to stand up while enjoying another sex toy. She pees on the glass coffee table and splashing about in her streams, lapping them up with her tongue too! She leans back on the couch and continues her sex toy play while mastrurbating to orgasm and theres just enough time to piss all over herself while laying on her back to finish her pissing porno!
Apr 6, 2021
Drenching Her Desk Girl: Eva B. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Eva Brown is in the office for our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this seductive babe is dressed in a skintight dress which she pulls down to reveal her cleavage. Eva bends over the desk and holds her ass while wetting her panties! She licks up her golden juices and splashes about in her pee puddle before stripping out of her dress. Eva gets completely naked and masturbates while laying on the desk, then gets hold of a glass goblet which she places underneath herself to piss into! We zoom in close on her pissing pussy and Eva pours her juices all over her naked body! She uses a metal speculum to gape apart her snatch and pees again, this time spraying a more powerful, thick stream of piss over the desk. This horny hottie enjoys a squirting dildo from behind and uses it to suck up one final pee which she squirts into her mouth and all over her tongue!
Jan 23, 2024
Skintight and Soaked Girl: Katy R. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Katy Rose comes back to Wet and Pissy today and looks divine in a skintight red minidress. She walks towards the camera and bends over while swaying her perfect ass from side to side. Naughty Katy isn't wearing any panties and she pulls her dress up to reveal more of her most intimate parts! With both her tits and pussy on show, this horny babe leans on one side and toys hersel with a little pink vibrator. She rubs it against her pussy lips then suddenly needs to pee! With no time to get to the bathroom, Katy grabs hold of a glass and fills it right to the top, with her excess juices spilling over the side and hitting the floor! She gets a straw and blows bubbles in her piss, then sucks it right up into her mouth before spitting it back down over herself. Stripping naked, Katy uses a red speculum which she slips into her pussy and gapes herself wide apart. We zoom in close and Katy starts pussy pissing right up into the air, making quite a mess! She sits up on her dressing table and continues to pleasure herself but this time with a bigger dildo. She places a glass bowl on the foot stool and pees right into it, enjoys a bit o piss spitting then bends over in the doggystyle position to fill her hole even more! Time for one more pee to finish this pissing porno? We think so!
Feb 9, 2021
Soaking the Sofa Girl: Natalie R. 4K HD Natalie Ross, the sexy girl with hot bangs finds her way to a Wet and Pissy event. This hot blond loves spending time with herself and peeing her pants or her shorts. She spends a few minutes rubbing her wet ass and licking her shorts. She latches on to a pussy pump filling it with pee and dumping it over her thin pink top. Moving on, Natalie rests on the sofa in an inverted position prying her pussy open with some orange tongs. With her pussy in an elevated position, she tries her best for a piss facial as her own natural design hinders the effort. Now it is time for Natalie to meet the girl in the mirror. Her reflected image makes for an interesting view as she butt bumps herself on a horizontally mounted dildo. When she walks away from that, she pees one more time and takes a few licks of the wet floor.
Nov 21, 2017
Primed To Piss Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning brunette Rebecca Volpetti makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and starts teasing as soon as the camera gets rolling. This hottie knows how sexy she is and shows off her perfect figure in pink hotpants and a cropped top. Rebecca holds herself above a leather chair and suddenly starts peeing her pants. The crotch of her denims gets darker as her pee stream flows down onto the leather. This playful babe looks very pleased with herself and touches her crotch before licking her fingers. Rebecca peels herself out of her wet shorts and sucks on them, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She lays upside down on the chair to finger herself, pausing to piss over her head and in her mouth! Once fully naked, Rebecca toys herself with a rainbow dildo and catches another piss stream in a glass bowl. She pours her golden juices over her naked body and into her mouth, letting them trickle back out again. Rebecca orgasms and sprays one final stream of piss all over the tiled floor!
Jan 16, 2024
Popsicle Girl: Sofia L. 4K HD + BTS Busty babe Sofia Lee returns to Wet and Pissy this week and this stunning raven haired babe teases in a mustard yellow cropped top and miniskirt, rubbing her hands all over herself. She lifts up her skirt and touches her puffy pussy through her fishnet pantyhose and then moves over to the couch to reveal the underboob of her big tits. Sofia slips out of her high heels and squats up on the couch before she starts pussy pissing through her pantyhose while we zoom in close on her streams! Sofia splashes about in her golden pee and scoops up her pee to soak her fishnet covered legs and feet! She sucks her fingers and starts to strip, taking off her miniskirt first, closely followed by her fishnets. This busty babe sucks her toes and feeling super horny leans back on the couch to masturbate and finger her pussy! After orgasming, Sofia fills a glass bottle with another stream of her golden piss and sucks it up through a straw, spitting it back down over her big tits! She pours the rest down herself and then using a popsicle shaped dildo, ramps up her pussy play to get off again! She fucks and sucks her novelty sex toy, pausing to fill up the bottle with more piss then gets off for a second time! She finishes by spraying one more stream of piss up into the air and looks seriously satisfied with her latest pissing porn movie!
Apr 13, 2021
Eager Newbie Girl: Bellinda 4K HD + BTS Czech brunette Bellinda makes her Wet and Pissy debut in tiny denim hotpants and this slim girl sits on the back of a leather chair before she rubs her crotch through the fabric. Eager to try out piss play, Bellinda pulls down her hotpants and starts pussy pissing straight into them! Her stream flows down onto the ground but not before soaking her shorts at the same time! Bellinda mops up her pee puddle and licks the wet fabric, then fingers her soaking wet pussy. She gets hold of a glass bowl and places it on the floor before catching another stream of her golden juices. We zoom in close focussing on the action before Bellinda lifts up the bowl and splashes herself with pee. Pouring some of the contents into her mouth, Bellinda tries piss drinking and then gets to work on her pussy with a vibrator! She pees again, this time all over the chair and after lapping some of it up, Bellinda finishes herself off with her little sex toy!
Jan 2, 2024
Pissy Dildo Play Girl: Naomi B. 4K HD Today on Wet and Pissy, Naomi Bennet is in the bathroom feeling really horny. She pulls down her tank top and teases her nipples, pushing her boobs together while admiring her reflection in the mirror. She makes her way over to a glass chair and as she sits down, a soaking wet patch appears in her crotch, with her pee stream squirting through the damp fabric of her leggings. Naomi stands up and pulls down her wet leggings, revealing her curvy but firm ass at the same time. She uses her leggings to mop up her piss puddle left on the chair and sucks her golden juices out of the fabric, rubbing them all over her hot body. Next naughty Naomi uses a metal speculum on herself by teasing her lips before gaping her pussy wide apart. She masturbates with her fingers at the same time and fucks her pussy with her sex toy then starts pussy pissing down onto the floor. Naomi dives into her puddle of piss on the floor and this piss drenched hottie moves onto her next sex toy to pleasure herself with. Using a flesh like dildo, Naomi stands up and slides it into her pussy, then sticks it to the toilet seat while pissing all over it. She licks up her pee from the lid and then starts to suck her dildo, treating it like a huge cock. This horny babe rides her dildo hard before releasing one final pee stream over it to finish her debut pissing porn scene with us!
Jul 17, 2018
Peeing Beauty Girl: Katy R. 4K HD Ex-blonde gone redhead, Katy Rose is back for seconds on Wet and Pissy. She's wearing a set of green shorts and top with light colored pantyhose. Katy's short pissing is a real wet one with her piss pouring out of her shorts onto the bed and other times running down her legs. Once she is out of her shorts, Katie sucks on them and the wet bed sheet. Getting ready to pee again, she lays back on the bed still wearing her pantyhose and spreads with her knees up and outward. Her new wet spot on the bed gets some attention after stripping to pantyhose only. Once Katy is fully nude, she pees doggie style onto a rubber dildo. Katy, having enjoyed herself peeing through her shorts and pantyhose, looks like she feels even sexier in this moment. Getting some use out of her toy doesn't stop there as Katy gains a little momentum with it and pees one more time smiling with sheer delight and tilting her head back in ecstasy. Finally after peeing into a plastic bag Katy punctures it with her teeth flushing it into her mouth and onto her body. She blows a sweet little kiss at everyone for the conclusion.
Aug 1, 2017
Kitty Jane Shots Girl: Kitty J. HD We call this video Kitty Jane shots for a very specific reason. When you start watching, you will be treated to a private striptease featuring Kitty. She is prepared to put on an erotic pissing show for you and wants to make sure you are in a sexually charged mood when she starts to pee. Her tits are perfect and you can still see her sun kissed tan lines as she exposes them. Her dark nipples stand at attention and her ass makes you want to bury your face in it. But the real show starts when Kitty fills a series of shot glasses with the droplets of her urine. They are lines up on a mirror and by pulling her pussy this way and that, Kitty streams her golden nectar into each and every one. You can see her pushing as she attempts to stream further out for your viewing pleasure. Mouth watering scene.
Nov 1, 2012
Katy Sky Girl: Katy S. 4K HD Blonde is on the menu tonight and Katy Sky serves up a fiery display of piss proficiency. Before slipping down her faded denim shorts, Katy's ass is already revealing itself as she preps to piss through them. As she finishes up, she takes a real interest in licking and sucking on the shorts and then begins rubbing them back and forth against her crotch. She's satisfied herself enough to move on to a red pussy gaping toy, plunging it into herself. It succumbs to her tight body, bending to the will of it's superior force. She's ready to pee again, and the toy is pulled out for maximum effectiveness. Impressive is the word that comes to mind here as Katy pushes at a lengthy and solid stream, launching it into the air. It's start off gently but soon she is pushing it higher and past the surface of the bed. After she spends some time with a striped rubber dildo, she sets up for her next piss. Bent over forward with one hand on her ass, Katy provides us with another visual stunner as the action takes place. After one more encounter with the striped toy Katy simulates a squirting scenario before she finishes off filling up a goblet. She dips her tongue and hand into the glass and dumps it over her body in the end.
May 2, 2017
Wet Blue Jeans Girl: Daphne HD After pissing in her jeans, Daphne wants to play with her pussy. So she strips out of her piss soaked jeans, sits down with her legs spread open and lets out a nice long stream of pee all over the floor. Of course that only makes her want to play with her pussy that much more, so she grabs her long pink vibrator and shove it into her pussy from behind as she kneels on the piss on floor with her face laying right in the middle of the puddle! After several minutes of stuffing the dildo up her snatch, she grabs a glass bottle and puts in inside her slit and starts to fill it with piss. And then pours it in her mouth so she can spray her naked body with the warm pee.
Apr 29, 2013
Camouflaged Pisser Girl: Olivia M. 4K HD + BTS Redhead hottie Olivia Miss is dressed in camouflage hotpants and a cropped top, armed with a big black dildo. She licks the tip seductively before starting to strip off and once her shorts come off, her khaki panties are pulled down. This naughty babe starts pussy pissing down onto the crotch of her panties and all over the floor. In the process, Olivia loves wetting her panties. She slips out of her pee drenched panties and sucks them, enjoying the taste of her golden juices. Olivia sits on a footstool and masturbates, then fingers herself frantically. Grabbing hold of a glass jug, Olivia pees again, this time catching her messy stream and pours it down over her big tits. She kneels on the footstool, bent over and fucks herself with her dildo in the doggystyle position, pausing to piss again, all over the floor. Olivia finishes her latest pissing porno by toying her wet pussy and masturbates to a squirting orgasm!
Dec 12, 2023
Busty Babe Gushes Girl: Josephine J. 4K HD + BTS Busty babe Josephine Jackon is outside the sauna in a tight cropped top and bright pink hotpants and she's in the mood for some serious fun. She squeezes her big tits together through her top and looks right into the camera with a naughty glint in her eye as she flashes! This wet and pissy hottie takes off her hotpants then is suddenly crippled with piss desperation so lifts one leg up onto a chair as she lets a powerful stream of piss spray all over the glass table top. Josephine dips her top into her pee puddle and then takes it off to mop up her juices. After she mops the floor with her top, this seductive babe sucks her cropped top. She strips naked and climbs up onto the table to finger her juicy wet pussy and pees again suddenly all over the place. Josephine splashes herself with her pee puddle then bends over to enjoy a black dildo which she uses on herself! She stands and starts pussy pissing with her ass facing the camera then this playful big titted babe finishes herself while laying on the floor and gushes one more time before shaking her big natural tits in her pee puddle to get plenty of pee on tits.
Feb 4, 2020
Soaking Her Panties Girl: Anita B. 4K HD Hot blonde Anita Blanche is at home and teases in her shower in some khaki panties and a cropped top. This playful blonde starts wetting her panties and a damp patch of pee appears on her crotch. She pulls her panties off and reveals her shaved pussy and sexy body then leans back against the wall before touching her wet pussy. Sitting down in the bath, Anita masturbates and starts pussy pissing again into the tub. There is plenty of pissing in her bathroom in this homemade movie and this horny blonde rubs babyoil into her naked body. The camera zooms in close on her XXL pussy lips as she rubs them and pees some more then Anita gets out of the bath and sits on the floor, playing with her wet panties. She toys herself with a vibrator until she orgasms, and catches some very yellow piss in a wine glass! She pours her juices over her feet and then bends over to drizzle it on her ass in this self filmed pissing porn movie.
Jun 16, 2020
Crotchless Pissing Girl: Lucy M. 4K HD + BTS Stunning brunette Lucy Mendes is in the studio for our newest Wet And Pissy scene and bends over to reveal her crotchless panties as she rubs herself. Lucy starts to strip and suddenly starts pussy pissing through the open crotch! She soaks the leather footstool beneath her, letting her golden streams splash about all over the place. This gorgeous girl splashes about in her stream, dripping her warm juices over her sexy body. Lucy takes off her panties and mops up her pee before she lays down and fingers herself. She stops and spreads her pussy lips apart before pissing again, this time all over herself and the footstool. Lucy gets hold of a giant glass goblet and dildo, sliding her toy into her eager hole. She catches another messy stream in the glass and enjoys some playful piss spitting. This seductive babe gives herself a golden shower and finishes herself off with her dildo, masturbating right at the end of this pissing porn scene to orgasm!
Nov 21, 2023
Playful Pisser Girl: Kristina G. 4K HD + BTS Playful brunette Kristina Grace is in the kitchen in our newest WetandPissy scene and this gorgeous girl sits up on the kitchen counter in lilac stretch jeans when she realises she needs to relieve her piss desperation. There's no way she is going to make it to the bathroom so this naughty girl lifts one leg up and starts peeing her pants, letting her crotch get drenched with her golden juices. Kristina strips out of her wet pants and tastes her pee as she sucks on the fabric. She sits down and starts to masturbate, then catches her next pee stream in a glass while we zoom in closeup. Kristina tries piss drinking as she sucks her golden nectar up a straw and spits some of her warm juices down over her bare pussy. Getting hold of a pink dildo, Kristina pleasures her pussy and pauses to piss again, this time all over the floor. She lays down and brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy to finish her pissing porn scene!
Nov 14, 2023
Rebeca Kubi Girl: Rebeca K. 4K HD For Rebeca Kubi, being a Wet and Pissy girl was a breeze. Working the camera with her smile, Rebeca opens up by wetting her jeans. Seeping through her pants, her pee runs down the front of the sofa. After pleasuring herself with her soaked jeans, they come off and she bares her bottom. Now laying on her back, she lets herself relax, tucking her legs towards her body and letting her body do what we love to see so effortlessly. Once fully undressed, Rebeca kneels over a vase between her legs as she leans forward to piss into it. Her actions demonstrate again just how at ease she is. After riding a dildo on the floor, dipping her ass into the puddle on the floor as she goes up and down on it, Rebeca is ready for her crowning moment. Taking a cue from Anita Berlusconi, Rebeca gets on all fours and lifts one leg up in the air spraying a hot stream on the floor.
Feb 14, 2017
Wet In Class Girl: Lina 4K HD + BTS Today we welcome Lina to Wet and Pissy and this newcomer is in the classroom looking mighty fine in her pencil skirt and deep pink blouse. She unbuttons her blouse and squats on the floor before revealing she isn't wearing any panties and this naughty babe starts pussy pissing on the floor with her legs spread open! Lina mops up her golden juices with a sponge and squeezes them back out over her clothing. She strips out of her soaking wet clothes and once naked, Lina leans on the edge of the desk. We zoom in on her juicy cherry pussy as she teases her lips and starts fingering herself right there and then! She pees again in a watering can and uses this and pours it all down herself, including over her wet pussy. Using a spiked vibrator, Lina bends over into the doggystyle position on top of the desk and slips it into herself. She pauses to stand on two chairs and enjoys a standing pee down onto the floor! She continues her sex toy play and orgasms, with time for one final pee in this hd pissing scene!
Feb 23, 2021

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