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Bianca Ferrero


Nationality: Belgium

Age: 26

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: C

Weight: 62 kg / 136 lbs

Height: 173 cm / 5' 9"

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Drenched in Golden Pee Girl: Bianca F. 4K HD SD Bianca Ferrera first made her debut on Wet and Pissy back in 2013 and so much has changed since then! Now with long hair, this stunning babe is even sexier and teases in the shower room in tight denim jeans. She climbs on top of the massage table and holds onto her crotch as the feeling of pee desperation sets in and Bianca starts to pee through her denims. We notice a moist patch appear on her crotch and this gets bigger and bigger as her golden piss continues to soak down her legs too! She touches herself through her jeans and with her wet fingers, drips little droplets of her piss into her mouth! Bianca certainly hasn't lost her love of piss play and this stunning blonde pulls down her denims and spreads her ass cheeks apart! She gets hold of a giant glass goblet and places it on a glass table while bending over and catching her piss into it. She plays with her nectar, dripping it into her mouth and then pouring it over her short tee. Since it is soaked through, when Bianca takes it off she wrings it into her mouth before suddenly lifting her leg up while bending over in doggystyle position and pisses all over the massage bed and glass table. Naughty Bianca laps up her juices from the table and really loves the taste of her own golden piss! Afterwards, Bianca lays on the massage table and fucks her pussy hard with a black dildo, enjoying every single time she slides it inside her eager hole! Once she has orgasmed, Bianca aims a final piss stream into the glass to finish this fantastic comeback scene!
Sep 12, 2017
Golden Pleasure Girl: Bianca F. HD SD Sitting with her legs spread on a chair, Bianca Ferrero watches as she pisses just enough to wet the small crotch area of her panties. Then she takes them off and licks the spot loving the taste of her own piss. She of course hasn’t had enough, so she pees in a large glass and grabs her big cock and balls dildo so she can play with them both. First she pours a little pee on her ass, and then squats down stuffing her wet and pissy pussy with the toy. Then she pours some piss on the fake dick and some in her mouth as she sucks on the cock savoring the taste of her pussy juice and pee mixture!
Apr 26, 2013

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Bianca Ferrero - Wetandpuffy Girl: Bianca Ferrero Time: 24:32 Watching Bianca Ferrera slowly strip out of her black lingerie was really hot, but then she likes to take things a bit farther. So she grabs her pussy pump and works her pussy over only to take a break and piss into a glass jar, and I thought she was going to pour it all over her sexy body. But she decides to play with her pussy some more and grabs some toys. I tell her to stick one of them up her ass and she decides to stick one after another up her ass! Bianca Ferrera is one super-hot blonde and you can tell she loves pissing and playing with her shaven pussy and tight little ass, and I like to watch her!
Apr 3, 2013

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