Beata in Balsamic Bath

Rating: 4.59/5
It's the Holiday season and Beata wants to be your present. Look how hot she looks in front of the fireplace in her mesh tank top with her nipples showing. We bet you'd like her to piss on herself as your Christmas present! Lucky for you, that is exactly what she does. Beata wets herself slowly and sensually, allowing you to see the wet spot in her panties grow. As she releases more out, you will see it drip to the floor, making a pool of her sweet urine. Beata plays with her clit the whole time, saying it increases her sexual enjoyment when she pisses. As the floor gets soaked with her pee, Beata bathes in it for your viewing pleasure. The panties come off and she sucks them dry as she lounges in the warm afterglow of her pee. The show really starts when Beata plays with herself as she spreads her legs wide open and we are sure you will be more than satisfied by what you see!