Wet and Puffy Model Jennifer Mendes
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Jennifer Mendes


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 19

Breast size: C

Weight: 63 kg / 138 lbs

Height: 158 cm / 5' 3"

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Sensational Squirting Orgasm Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Jennifer Mendes is dressed in a tiny miniskirt and cropped top, properly showing off her curves in our latest Wet and Pissy scene! This curvy cutie pulls down her top and shakes her big tits before she slips her hand down into her panties to touch herself. Jennifer starts wetting her panties while we zoom in close and capture the golden droplets flow down over her ass cheeks. She takes off her panties and sucks the damp fabric, then continues to pleasure her pussy with her fingers. This cheeky babe lays upside down and fires another stream of golden piss all over her own face, giving herself some piss in mouth action and gets absolutely drenched in her juices! She sits up with a metal speculum, slipping it into her wet hole and gapes her hole wide apart. Jennifer fires her pee into a big glass vase and pours the contents into her mouth, spitting it back out again over her tits. She finishes off with a blue dildo before masturbating to a forceful squirting orgasm!
Apr 23, 2024
Gaped To Piss Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD + BTS Busty Jennifer Mendes returns to Wet and Pissy and this gorgeous brunette is laying on the bed and lifts up her cropped top to give her big tits a squeeze. She licks her finger and teases her nipple, turning herself on. Jennifer suddenly starts wetting her panties and her bedsheets get soaked with her streams. Jennifer takes off her wet panties and sucks her pee from them, spitting it back out over herself! This naughty babe fingers her trimmed pussy and holds a glass bowl beneath her while pussy pissing a messy stream of piss into it. She licks up her juices and pours them over herself before she gapes herself wide apart with a metal speculum. Jennifer pees again and decides to toy herself with a rainbow dildo. She gets herself off and catches one final stream of piss in her bowl, sipping it and spitting it playfully towards the camera!
Jul 20, 2021
Tantilising Teen Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD + BTS Our curvy teen Jennifer Mendes is back on Wet and Pissy in our latest scene and she is dressed in gym gear which hugs her curves perfectly. This raven haired beauty shows off her curvy ass in the tight fabric and suddenly feels piss desperation setting in. She holds onto her crotch and stands with one leg up on a leather chair when a massive damp patch appears on her crotch and piss trickles down onto the floor. Jennifer gets on the floor and splashes about in her puddle and takes off her yoga pants to suck her juices from them. This horny teen fingers her trimmed pussy and then pisses like a fountain all over the floor. She dives onto the floor and once she's naked, she inserts a red speculum into her pussy and gapes herself wide apart. While she is gaped open, she enjoys another pee, pussy pissing on the floor again and then continues to finger herself and masturbate. Once she makes herself orgasm, Jennifer holds a glass underneath her and fills it with one final stream before pouring the contents into her mouth and down over her big tits! You need to see this gorgeous teen pissing!
Nov 19, 2019
Laundry Day Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD + BTS Hot teen Jennifer Mendes is back on Wet and Pissy for some more teen pissing fun and she is sat on the washing machine feeling a little bored. She takes out a red throw and places it on the floor when she suddenly feels desperate to pee. Jennifer holds onto her crotch and pulls down her panties quickly before sitting down on the throw and starts pissing all over it, gushing from her pissing pussy quickly. She holds her panties to her pee stream and gets them drenched, tasting the wet fabric then rubs her pussy as she gets turned on from her piss desperation experience! Jennifer stands and lifts her leg up onto the washing machine and starts to masturbate and finger her tight pussy. Placing a plastic bucket underneath her, this busty babe pisses down into it and gets some of her clean washing and dips it down into her collected piss, squeezing it down over her big tits and pussy. Jennifer uses a purple vibrator on her pussy as she lays down on the floor and pees again, splashing herself with her puddle. Moving back to the washing machine, this horny babe bends over and continues to toy her pussy until she orgasms then pours her remaining pee over her head, giving herself an impressive golden shower!
May 14, 2019
Perfect Curves Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD Raven haired hottie Jeniffer Mendes has curves in all the right places so she seemed like the obvious choice for our latest Wet and Pissy Scene! Dressed in tight hotpants and a tank top, Jeniffer's body is encased and her booty looks extremely inviting as she bends over and slaps it! This naughty Czech may be a newcomer to our site, but she oozes sex appeal! While teasing she suddenly feels the urge to pee and holds onto her crotch as pee desperation really sets in. This doesn't phase her and she sits down before peeing her pants, letting her wet hotpants form a cameltoe while she rubs her damp crotch with her hands! Jeniffer takes off her tank top and uses it to mop up her puddle of pee she has created on the floor then squeezes her juices over her big boobs. She stays on the floor and rubs her pussy through her wet panties before taking them off and masturbating. This piss play loving babe decides to pee again and this time she pees while standing and aims her stream over a glass chair. Jeniffer laps up her golden piss and spits if back down over her nipples then tips the remaining pee all over her naked body! Feeling really horny now, Jeniffer toys a golden vibrator then pees again over her clothes, putting her tank top back on before enjoying one final piss stream which she catches in a watering can, pouring the contents all over her head and wet tank top!
Jun 19, 2018

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Glow Up - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jennifer Mendes Time: 18:57 Brunette beauty Jennifer Mendes returns to Wet and Puffy with a brand new look! Her big tits are barely contained as the fabric is stretched across them and horny Jennifer slides her hand down to her pearl panties to give it a quick rub. She takes off her dress and oils up her big tits and pussy, pulling the pearls up between her pussy lips then fingers herself! Taking off her panties, this hottie uses some love eggs, popping them in and out of her pussy while we zoom in on her pussy closeup and all the action. She continues her sex toy play in the doggystyle position and masturbates at the same time to enjoy even more pleasure. Jennifer moves onto a glass dildo and switches positions until she orgasms on the rug!
Jul 21, 2021
Pumping Teen Pussy - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jennifer Mendes Time: 21:24 Raven haired hottie Jennifer Mendes is back on Wet and Puffy this week and she teases in a tied up shirt and black lingerie. She undoes her shirt and rubs her hands over her curvy body, bending over on the couch and shows off her perfect booty! Jennifer takes off her bra and plays with her tits, cupping them and teasing her nipples then sits on the arm of the couch, grinding up against it while her ass jiggles up and down. Jennifer pulls off her panties and climbs up onto the couch, stretching her cherry pussy lips apart. After sucking her fingers, Jennifer gets hold of a pussy pump and licks it before pumping her teen pussy up into the tube. She then starts to masturbate her puffy pussy and finger herself while kneeling up on the couch. Using a glass dildo, Jennifer rubs it between her tits and then slides it into her juicy puffy pussy. She bends over on the couch into the doggystyle position and masturbates while filling her pussy with her dildo until she orgasms!
Feb 13, 2019
Curvy Teen Toying - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jennifer Mendes Time: 23:29 Raven haired hottie Jennifer Mendes is sat at her desk and rubs her hands all over her hot body. Her skirt lifts up and reveals her fishnet stockings and striped panties and Jennifer stands up to lift her skirt, showing off her big ass! After taking off her skirt, Jennifer finds some lollipops and starts to provocatively suck one while undoing her tied up blouse. Her big boobs are let loose and Jennifer rubs her lollipop across her nipples! She strips down to her stockings and with her legs spread wide apart, uses her lollipop to rub up against her puffy pussy lips. Jennifer is feeling seriously horny and gets hold of a suction pump which she uses to suck her labia up into the tube. Jennifer has one of the sexiest pussies we have seen and she squeezes her XXL cherry pussy lips between some red tongs before moving over to the desk and gaping herself wide apart! Now that she is more comfortable, Jennifer enjoys using the pump a bit more on her pussy and starts to finger herself. All this masturbation makes Jennifer's pussy wet and juicy but Jennifer needs something bigger to stuff her hole with so uses one of the glass vases from the desktop to fuck her pussy with while bending over into the doggystyle position. She turns over and continues to fuck herself while masturbating and gives herself a slow and steady orgasm!
Aug 29, 2018

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