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Glass Goblet Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the bathroom in a sheer robe and satin lingerie for our latest WetandPissy scene and this absolute babe knows how to tease. Emily slowly starts to perform a striptease and bends over the dressing table to admire her reflection. She takes off her bra and panties, then sits down on a chair to masturbate. This horny hottie holds a glass goblet beneath her while pussy pissing into it! We film her in closeup as she catches her golden stream and then Emily pours the contents into her mouth, enjoying some piss drinking and spitting fun! This kinky babe continues to pleasure her pussy while bent over and fingers herself before catching another piss stream. She moves onto a dildo which she uses to slide inside her wet pussy and Emily pees over the tiled floor and dives into her wet mess! Once Emily brings herself to orgasm, she has time for one last piss to finish off her pissing porno!
Feb 20, 2024
Yukiko Girl: Yukiko HD Yukiko is a sexy Japanese model that loves piss play and having an audience. She starts this scene out by pulling her pussy lips open so she can shoot a major stream onto a clear chair. She is a powerful pisser and you can hear how hard her urine hits the chair. Yukiko can't resist the opportunity to sit her naked ass and pussy on the chair, and we bring you amazing views from below of her ass and pussy covered and sitting in her urine. This is an excellent piss play scene starring the beautiful Yukiko. When she stands back up, she slaps her ass so hard you can hear the sting. After pouring the remainder of her piss onto her tits, Yukiko is set to use her pussy pump on her wet vagina, inflating and pulling her lips out to maximum capacity.
Nov 15, 2012
Drinking Golden Nectar Girl: Vinna R. 4K HD Vinna Reed debuts on Wet and Pissy after appearing on Wet and Puffy a couple of years ago. Her character portrayal is that of the 'hot girl' letting you watch, and it suits her well, but we do get some glimpses of real enjoyment as she flings some flirtatious smiles towards the camera and looks straight into the camera. Her shorts are about as short as they can get and they are especially revealing in her sweet spot. She pees wearing her shorts - her stream running down the sofa and and briefly pushing through them. She frolics in the wet floor after she drops them. Soon Vinna is on the sofa leaning back and using a speculum for a brazen piss. She changes her mind about the speculum and takes a more natural approach using only her hands. This is a lengthy piss with a great viewing angle. Her beautiful stream gushes out as the view tilts and tightens on her body. There's still more pissing from Vinna with an excellent pose on her knees while on top of the sofa. She has a brief piss on the sofa and then another into a clear cylinder.
Jul 25, 2017
Candy Love Girl: Candy L. HD If you want to get your mouth watering for a tasty little treat, then you should come get a sample of Candy Love. The fun starts when Candy Love takes off her top and gives you a view of her little tits with dark little nipples that look so suckable. After dropping her panties to the floor, your cock will harden and rise at the site of her sexy ass and pretty little pussy. It is always wet and juicy for a hard cock to come inside. One of the best things about Candy Love is that she is just now learning how to piss. You will see this when she goes from being seductive and then strains hard to pee into a plastic container.
Jul 3, 2012
Splashing Over Glass Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Rebecca Volpetti makes her return to Wet and Pissy and in this scene, Rebecca dazzles in a sequin miniskirt and cropped top. She teases by revealing her tits and ass before taking off her miniskirt, showing that she isn't wearing any panties. This seductive European stands over glass table and while holding her pussy apart, Rebecca starts pussy pissing all over it! She makes quite a mess as her golden juices flow over the edge of the table and her pee stream just keeps on coming! Rebecca dips her fingers in her pee puddle and licks them to give herself a taste of her nectar. After she strips down to her stockings, Rebecca masturbates and fingers her wet pussy. She lets another stream of golden piss flow down all over the velvet couch and manages to fire it as far as the glass table! This piss play hottie bends over and toys her pussy with a glass dildo, pausing to release her juices again and finishes herself off in her latest pissing porn movie!
Feb 13, 2024
Golden Pleasure Girl: Bianca F. HD Sitting with her legs spread on a chair, Bianca Ferrero watches as she pisses just enough to wet the small crotch area of her panties. Then she takes them off and licks the spot loving the taste of her own piss. She of course hasn’t had enough, so she pees in a large glass and grabs her big cock and balls dildo so she can play with them both. First she pours a little pee on her ass, and then squats down stuffing her wet and pissy pussy with the toy. Then she pours some piss on the fake dick and some in her mouth as she sucks on the cock savoring the taste of her pussy juice and pee mixture!
Apr 26, 2013
Big Boobed Blonde Girl: Lily J. 4K HD What could be better than a brand new big boobed blonde? One that loves piss play, that's what! Lily Joy joins us for her debut scene here on Wet and Pissy and this busty babe shows off her figure in denim jeans and a yellow cropped top. She sits down on a black chair and unzips her denims before she squats to piss, peeing her pants and we zoom in close as her crotch turns very wet and dark. Lily takes off her jeans and sucks the wet fabric while seductively looking into the camera. This babe loves the taste of her own juices and strips naked to tease both her pussy and big boobs! She sits up on the back of the chair and fingers herself, pausing to piss again down onto her clothes, this time soaking her top too. Lily dives into her puddle of pee and licks it up with her tongue! She bends over and toys a vibrator then decides to get hold of a pink glass vase which she uses to catch another stream of piss in. Pouring it all over her tits and enjoying pee in mouth action, Lily gets soaking wet and finishes herself off, enjoying her first ever hd pissing scene with us!
Sep 22, 2020
Try hard Girl: Abby HD One thing that a guy might like about Abby C is that she loves being sexy. That is the very reason why she tends to wear tight and small lingerie outfits. It’s all done for your amusement and pleasure. But this is only the beginning of what she has to offer. The real fun is when she starts to take it off. And, fortunately for you, she is always ready and willing to do just that. That means you won’t have any problem at all getting Abby C out of her clothes. She loves to moan out loud while fucking her own pussy with a dildo and gets a lot of pleasure from wetting her pussy with piss while spraying into her kitchen sink.
Apr 1, 2012
Soaked Sheets Girl: Lady D. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Lady Dee is on her bed rubbing her pussy through her white lace panties. She feels so horny that she wastes no time in getting started in our latest Wet and Pissy scene. After bending over to show off her ass, Lady Dee squats on her bed and starts wetting her panties, squirting bursts of golden piss down over her bedsheets! She scoops her juices up and splashes them over herself before ripping her panties apart and pees again, this time over her hands! Lady Dee bends over and sucks her bedsheets, tasting her own golden nectar, then fingers herself. She sprays a powerful stream of piss up into the air and once naked, toys herself with a black vibrator. This insatiable babe bends over to fuck her pussy from behind and after catching another pee stream in a glass bowl, gets more comfortable to pleasure her pissing pussy even more!
Feb 6, 2024
Splashing In Her Streams Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD How excited are we to have Jenifer Jane back for our latest Wet and Pissy scene! This stunning brunette walks in high heels and tight grey denims over to the couch and immediately starts to rub her hands over her crotch, looking desperate to pee. Jenifer squats on the tiled floor and holds onto the couch behind her while she starts peeing her pants, letting her stream drizzle through her crotch and onto the floor! Her denims get a nice juicy wet patch on them and this naughty minx touches her soaked jeans and tastes her juices. Jenifer starts to strip and climbs up onto the glass dining table to masturbate. She pauses to start pussy pissing down onto the glass and Jenifer licks up her golden nectar. Now completely naked, this horny babe toys herself with a vibrator and pees again, this time on the floor. She paddles her feet in her juicy puddle and sits down in her wet mess to finish her vibrator play!
Dec 13, 2022
Oprah Girl: Oprah 4K HD It is with great pleasure that we welcome back Oprah for another round of pissing pleasure. She's back as uninhibited as ever, flaunting her sexy eye contact with a benevolent smile. She's fairly modest at first, taking her time to pee with her jeans on. As she tosses them on the floor she happily pisses on them. Oprah opens up to more intense pissing, peeing into a large bowl and dumping it over her head. She later dips her feet into the same bowl before proceeding to piss on them. As Oprah gets wetter she also enjoys some anal fingering, sucking the piss off of her fingers, flexing her feet to suck on her toes, and shooting some into the air with her mouth. There is no shortage of pissing from Oprah, and she has some particularly excellent moments towards the final third of the video with some nice close ups of the action.
Dec 28, 2015
Busty Gabriela Girl: Gabriela D. HD Gabriela is a curvy teen and loves to play with her pussy. She went down a treat when she appeared on Wet and Puffy so we talked her into coming back and filming a scene for Wet and Pissy. She started to strip from her white lingerie immediately and used her fingers to rub her twat. Laying down, Gabriela pissed all over her pretty face and long brunette hair before lapping it up from the puddle on the chair. Stripping completely naked, this gorgeous teen rubs her big tits against her warm golden juices. Inserting a speculum, Gabriela stretches her pissy pussy apart while releasing another massive stream of pee. She is so turned on by piss play that she fucks a vibrator in both her pussy and her ass before releasing one final piss!
Aug 28, 2014
Soaking The Tiles Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD Brunette beauty Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest update and this hottie kneels up on a velvet couch, rubbing her hands all over her body! She pulls open her top and teases her nipples, making them nice and hard before lifting up her miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Serenya squats against the edge of the couch and rubs her pussy before she starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She soaks the tiles beneath her with some impressive streams and takes off her shoes to paddle in her golden pee puddle! Serenya rubs her juices over her bare legs and sits back on the couch to finger her pussy. She squats over a red glass bowl to catch her next pee stream and makes a mess as it shoots over the edge! This piss loving babe pours the contents all down herself and toys a dildo. Serenya lays on her side to orgasm with her sex toy before spraying one final messy piss all over the floor to finish her newest pissing porn scene!
Jan 30, 2024
Back for More Girl: Hally T. HD Hally is back for more and she's naughtier than ever. This is a must see scene for anyone that is a fan of naughty piss play. Hally doesn't hold back in this performance. She came to the set horny and ready to turn her fans on. See her show off that sweet little pussy of hers as she gets herself in the mood to fuck. Hally stretches her lips wide open so you can get a good look at how yummy her hole is. After filling a sink up with her warm urine, Hally plays with it as she fills a siphon up and proceeds to shoot it out of the cock she has stuck to the side of the tub. Hally bathes in this piss cum as she pretends to suck the cock and make it cum. Her body literally gets soaked with her own urine as she shoots it out of her large dildo. Of course this gets Hally in the mood to fill her pussy up with cock so she does!
Feb 24, 2013
Clair Brooks Girl: Clair HD Clair Brooks shamelessly pees through her panties. She pulls them aside, wiggling around as she continues to pee. She appears to be done, but is pleasantly surprised as she exerts herself a little more, dancing joyfully as she empties herself for the moment. After a pantie sponge bath, she lines up some martini glasses on the floor. She sits on the chair and pries herself open with some tongs, aiming for the glasses. After an extensive frolicking on the wet floor, she finishes off strong as she positions herself directly over the chair. Facing the wall, she unloads her final piss onto the back of the chair.
Mar 19, 2014
Glamour Puss Pissing Girl: Laura 4K HD + BTS Today on Wet and Pissy we feature raven haired hottie, Laura who is in the lounge teasing in a tiny miniskirt and cropped top. This glamourous babe wastes no time in pulling down her top to tease her nipples and cup her big fake titties then lifts up her skirt to reveal her thigh and ass tattoo! She quickly strips from her skirt and squats while holding a glass vase beneath her when she starts pussy pissing right into it! After catching her streams, Laura pours it all down herself and takes off her soaking wet cropped top. She moves over to the couch and fingers her wet pussy, slapping herself while squirting across the room with force! She fingers herself and with plenty more squirting fun, this naughty babe fucks herself senseless with a pink dildo! After she finishes herself off, Laura pees into the vase once more and tries some piss drinking before enjoying a golden shower!
Oct 5, 2021
Drenching Her Desk Girl: Eva B. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Eva Brown is in the office for our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this seductive babe is dressed in a skintight dress which she pulls down to reveal her cleavage. Eva bends over the desk and holds her ass while wetting her panties! She licks up her golden juices and splashes about in her pee puddle before stripping out of her dress. Eva gets completely naked and masturbates while laying on the desk, then gets hold of a glass goblet which she places underneath herself to piss into! We zoom in close on her pissing pussy and Eva pours her juices all over her naked body! She uses a metal speculum to gape apart her snatch and pees again, this time spraying a more powerful, thick stream of piss over the desk. This horny hottie enjoys a squirting dildo from behind and uses it to suck up one final pee which she squirts into her mouth and all over her tongue!
Jan 23, 2024
Pissing in the Kitchen Girl: Isabella L. 4K HD We have a new face today on Wet and Pissy with stunning redhead Isabella Lui. Dressed in a peach wrap over blouse and denim hotpants, Isabella is in the kitchen and shows off her gorgeous figure before sitting on a clear chair, pissing through her hotpants. Her wet panties become darker as her golden pee seeps through the crotch on her denims. Isabella feels very playful and as she takes off her hotpants she sucks the crotch to give herself a brief taste of her pee! Using a metal speculum, Isabella sits on top of the kitchen counter and stretches her pussy wide apart before firing her piss towards a glass bowl, situated on a table. Her aim is a little off, so she takes off her peach panties and uses them to wipe up her spillage. Soon Isabella is completely naked and does something we certainly weren't expecting! She climbs onto the glass table and starts to fuck her tight ass with a glass dildo while pissing some more all over the tabletop. Not wanting to leave her pussy left unfilled, she rides a big black dildo and once more pisses into her glass bowl before tipping the contents all over herself! Finally, this feisty redhead gets herself off with her monster black toy and proves herself to be a naughty little piss loving babe!
Jul 4, 2017
Pleasure In The Bathroom Girl: Ashley O. 4K HD + BTS Dark haired babe Ashley Ocean last graced our screens in 2018 here on Wet and Pissy so today we decided to bring her back and this hottie is in the bathroom wearing coral coloured lingerie. She slips her hand into her bra and touches her small tits before moving on down to her panties when we get a glimpse of her lace topped tanned stockings. Ashley opens her legs and starts wetting her panties there on the leather chair, letting her golden -juices stream through the fabric of her crotch and soaks herself in the process. Taking off her panties, Ashley tastes her juices and then strips down to her stockings to reveal even more of her slim body. This raven haired hottie fingers her pussy and spreads her pussy lips before enjoying another pee on the chair and over a grey towel. Ashley bends over and licks the towel, then squeezes it out over her tits. She leans to the side and slides a purple sex toy into her pussy. She pauses to finger herself and while we zoom in close she lets more golden piss trickle out of her pussy and soaks her stocking tops. Squeezing more of her juices into her mouth, this naughty babe spits it back out over herself again and then gets hold of a purple dildo which she uses on her nipples and pussy. She bends over and toys herself in doggystyle before one final piss to finish her latest pissing porn scene.
Oct 8, 2019
Anal High Girl: Tracy HD With facial features like that of an angel, you’ll be surprised that this angelic babe by the name of Tracy can make your bed hot as hell. She starts things by posing sexily in her black lingerie. Once she sets the mood for some hot fuck session, she slides her panties down and reaches for her wet clit. You’ll gasp for air and drool as she exposes her mouthwatering vagina. You can see by the way she moans that she just loves what she is doing and you know this is just the beginning of a wild wet experience. She is never shy at all to reveal to the world how deep her tunnel of love is. You know just by watching this video that her gorgeous pussy looks amazing as she pisses everywhere.
Aug 26, 2012
Primed To Piss Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning brunette Rebecca Volpetti makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and starts teasing as soon as the camera gets rolling. This hottie knows how sexy she is and shows off her perfect figure in pink hotpants and a cropped top. Rebecca holds herself above a leather chair and suddenly starts peeing her pants. The crotch of her denims gets darker as her pee stream flows down onto the leather. This playful babe looks very pleased with herself and touches her crotch before licking her fingers. Rebecca peels herself out of her wet shorts and sucks on them, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She lays upside down on the chair to finger herself, pausing to piss over her head and in her mouth! Once fully naked, Rebecca toys herself with a rainbow dildo and catches another piss stream in a glass bowl. She pours her golden juices over her naked body and into her mouth, letting them trickle back out again. Rebecca orgasms and sprays one final stream of piss all over the tiled floor!
Jan 16, 2024
Piss Filled Heels Girl: Katty W. 4K HD + BTS Russian babe Katty West makes her debut on Wet and Pissy in our latest update and this cutie teases in a short summer dress. She lifts up her dress to reveal some satin panties then holds onto her crotch as she feels pee desperation setting in. Katty heads over to a leather chair and sits on the back before a wet patch appears on her panties and Katty starts wetting her panties with her pee stream flowing down onto the chair. She takes off her panties and mops up her juices then strips from her dress to get completely naked. This brunette babe fingers her wet pussy and catches her next pee stream in her high heel. Katty pours piss in mouth and spits it back out again like a fountain then gets absolutely soaked in her own golden nectar. She uses a pink dildo to pleasure her pussy with and pauses to piss over the couch again. Katty finishes herself off with her dildo and then dives around in her pissy puddle!
Aug 23, 2022
Kitchen Piss Play Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the kitchen ready for some fun in our latest pissing porno and looks seriously sexy in some tiny hotpants and a plaid shirt. She pulls her shorts up between her ass cheeks before climbing onto the glass kitchen table. Naughty Emily gives her pussy a rub through the fabric then starts peeing her pants, soaking her crotch with golden juices. We zoom in closeup as her hotpants get soaked and the glass table is covered in a puddle of pee! Emily splashing around in her wet mess and rubs her ass in it before she starts pussy pissing across two glass bowls. This playful babe finds a rainbow dildo in a kitchen cupboard and leans over the table to pleasure her pussy. She soaks her naked body in more collected pee and rides her dildo, masturbating to a squirting orgasm!
Sep 12, 2023
Soaking Wet Sheets Girl: Nuria 4K HD + BTS Raven haired hottie Nuria returns to WetandPissy for our latest update and teases in electric blue lingerie and a silk robe. This gorgeous babe peels herself out of her robe and climbs onto the bed, leaning over to show off her perfect ass. She shakes and twerks it before kneeling up when she starts wetting her panties, straight down onto the bedsheets! Naughty Nuria scoops up her golden juices and drizzles it over her legs then licks the soaking wet patch off her sheets! This piss loving minx continues to strip and masturbates, slowly slipping her fingers into her wet pussy. Nuria enjoys pussy pissing again, drenching her sheets even more and dips her feet into the wet fabric. She soaks herself playfully and leans over to enjoy a little vibrator! Nuria continues to piss and play to bring herself to a shuddering orgasm in this pissing porn scene!
Oct 31, 2023

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