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Jenifer Jane


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 25

Breast size: C

Weight: 59 kg / 130 lbs

Height: 172 cm / 5' 8"

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Splashing In Her Streams Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD How excited are we to have Jenifer Jane back for our latest Wet and Pissy scene! This stunning brunette walks in high heels and tight grey denims over to the couch and immediately starts to rub her hands over her crotch, looking desperate to pee. Jenifer squats on the tiled floor and holds onto the couch behind her while she starts peeing her pants, letting her stream drizzle through her crotch and onto the floor! Her denims get a nice juicy wet patch on them and this naughty minx touches her soaked jeans and tastes her juices. Jenifer starts to strip and climbs up onto the glass dining table to masturbate. She pauses to start pussy pissing down onto the glass and Jenifer licks up her golden nectar. Now completely naked, this horny babe toys herself with a vibrator and pees again, this time on the floor. She paddles her feet in her juicy puddle and sits down in her wet mess to finish her vibrator play!
Dec 13, 2022
Jenifer Gets Wet Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD + BTS We always love it when Jenifer Jane comes to visit us so when she joined us for another Wet and Pissy scene, we knew you would be as excited as us! Napping on the leather couch, Jenifer immediately wets her beige shorts and rubs her hands along her damp crotch as the fabric turns see through. She wakes up and realises what she has done, laughing to herself then sucks her fingers clean before she continues to rub her shorts. Standing up, Jenifer takes off her tank top and shorts, revealing her perfect body. She sucks her shorts and then while still standing, fingers and masturbates her trimmed pussy. This alluring brunette babe pulls apart her pussy lips and pisses down onto the coffee table, soaking her tank top. She mops up her golden nectar and squeezes it over her big tits and pussy before getting imaginative and taking a glass vase from the window sill. She sucks it and then uses it as a sex toy as she slides it between her pussy lips, working herself quite quickly. She catches her piss, mid-stream in the vase and pours it into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. This babe moves onto a blue sex toy and bends over on the coffee table to penetrate herself. She turns over and orgasms with her fingers as she frantically masturbates and finally pees one more time over the coffee table as she continues to rub her pussy in this amazing pissing porn scene!
Jun 4, 2019
Lets Get Wet Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD Gorgeous brunette Jenifer Jane makes her return to Wet and Pissy today and we know you are going to absolutely love her latest scene! Sitting in the lounge on an entertainment unit, Jenifer is in a tight khaki minidress and stands up to slide her hands down into her panties. She takes off her dress and pulls down her panties to show off her perfect round ass. Once she is naked she continues to caress her hot naked body and gets hold of a glass jug which she holds beneath her. Jenifer starts pussy pissing into the jug, catching her golden stream then dips her hair into it, pouring the contents down over her big boobs and trimmed pussy! Stunning Jenifer gets onto the floor and sits in her wet puddle while masturbating and fingering herself when suddenly she holds her pussy lips apart and fires another stream of golden piss down onto the wooden floor! She dives into her pee and bends over to continue fingering herself. Placing a glass vase underneath her while bent over in the doggystyle position, Jenifer fills it up with more of her piss and pours some over her ass, using the remaining golden nectar to give herself a golden shower! Now drenched from head to toe, horny Jenifer wants to orgasm really badly. she gets a dildo and a hand held massager from the drawers and toys herself while sitting on the entertainment unit. She orgasms with the massager firmly placed on her clit and once she cums, Jenifer pees again over the floor, showing off quite an impressive arc of piss as she lets her juices flow in her latest pissing porn scene!
Oct 9, 2018
Christmas is Coming Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD Merry Christmas from all of us here at Wet and Pissy! Gorgeous brunette Jenifer Jane is in her bedroom and so excited for Christmas day. Her presents are wrapped and she climbs onto the bed teasing as she rubs her hands over her sexy body. Turning around, Jenifer shows off her perfect ass and then kneels up before wetting her panties! Her piss streams soak through the fabric and down onto her bedsheets as she rubs her wet pussy with her hand. This stunning brunette takes off her panties and tastes her juices before laying back on the bed and enjoying some fingering fun. This is certainly going to be one merry Christmas for Jenifer! She climbs off the bed and naughtily opens some of her presents. Inside the first is a giant glass goblet and some tongs. She places the goblet on her bed and bending over, releases another stream of piss into it, making quite a mess in the process! She pours her collected pee down over her top and then takes it off ready for even more fun. Laying back down, Jenifer plays with the red tongs and pinches her labia before gaping herself apart. This sensation sets off another pee stream and she sprinkles all over the bedsheets, drenching them further! The next present that Jenifer opens happens to be a flesh dildo. She enjoys using this on her pussy and knows that she is a very naughty girl for opening her gifts early! As she frantically fucks herself with her sex toy, she feels the urge to pee again and sprays everywhere as she masturbates with her fingers. Finally, Jenifer finishes her festive fun by pissing into the goblet once more, and pouring it all over her face and into her mouth, giving her a taste of piss drinking as she swills it around her mouth and spits it back out again!
Dec 19, 2017
Jenifer Jane Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD Jenifer Jane is another gifted girl that knows how to tantalize with her numerous charms. The chestnut haired beauty pulls you in with her alluring smile and her captivating eyes. Beginning with a jean wetting piss, Jenifer's pee works down her left leg mostly, seeping out near her ankle. With her top still on, Jenifer places a large goblet by the ottoman which she soon climbs. Dropped on her knees, Jenifer holds on to her ass as she pees into the goblet, more focused on the effectiveness of her pose than making every drop hit her target. She uses a pump to extract the her pee from the goblet, spraying it over her top which comes off shortly after. Now laying on her back with her legs open, Jenifer pees upward but mostly onto her leg. She has a bit of fun with her feet, rubbing one on the other and sliding them around in her puddle. She gets her hands on a blue toy and puts it to use in several positions. As she gets more and more intense with it, Jenifer has a squirting type piss while laying on her back again with her legs open.
May 30, 2017

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Pumping In The Bathroom - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 14:17 Hot brunette Jenifer Jane is in the bathroom in black peekaboo lingerie and looks very seductive as she rubs her hand all over her body and down her legs. This gorgeous babe pulls down her lace bra and gives her nipples some attention before she strips down to her crotchless panties. Pulling them up between her puffy pussy lips, we zoom in close on Jenifer's labia as she rubs her hands up and down over her juicy lips. She starts to masturbate and then pulls her panties off, fingering her juicy puffy pussy while stood up and bent over! Jenifer uses a pump on her snatch and makes her pussy swell up inside the suction cup. She continues to masturbate when she removes the pump and grabs hold of a glass dildo to fuck her pussy with! Jenifer toys herself and masturbates on her side to orgasm, shuddering all over the bathroom floor!
Dec 7, 2022
Intimacy - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 23:14 Stunning brunette Jenifer Jane returns to Wet and Puffy and we are so pleased to have her back as she just keeps getting sexier and sexier! Jenifer is on the bed in some pink lace lingerie and pulls down her top to give her big tits a squeeze. She tweaks her nipples and then rubs her puffy pussy through the lace of her panties. Jenifer sucks her fingers and takes off her panties to continue her pussy play. This horny babe fingers her hole and moves onto a pussy pump which she uses to make her juicy puffy pussy nice and swollen! Jenifer practices her blowjob skills on a glass dildo then slides it into her pussy while we film in closeup. Jenifer uses this dildo until she gets really close to orgasm then switches to her fingers for an explosive finale!
Dec 1, 2021
Vibrator Love - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 19:12 Jenifer Jane joins us on Wet and Puffy two years after her debut and this brunette babe just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Teasing in the office in a white buttoned shirt and tight denim hotpants, Jenifer shows off her body that we've been longing to see ever since she first appeared on our site. She unbuttons her blouse and plays with her big tits then pulls off her hotpants to allow easier access to her puffy pussy. While standing up, Jenifer slips her hand down into her pink lace panties and touches herself then pulls the lace fabric up between her lips. This horny brunette sits down and uses a little finger vibrator on her nipples and labia while her panties are pulled to one side. She sucks it clean and continues to work her juicy puffy pussy before she gets hold of a metal speculum to tease herself with. Jenifer gapes herself apart and inserts her little toy at the same time while we zoom in close on the action! She soon moves onto a bigger vibrator and enjoys this sex toy stood up and bent over to give herself a deeper penetration. Laying back on the couch this hottie masturbates at the same time and orgasms explosively!
Dec 18, 2019
Double Happy Ending - Simplyanal Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 23:00 Brunette hottie Jenifer Jane is trying her hands at massage and offering her services to her gorgeous friend, Lady Dee. She rubs oil all over Lady Dee's back and can't help herself but to slide down the towel covering her ass to get a look at her peachy bum! Jenifer pours more oil over Lady Dee's ass crack and really massages it in and when she doesn't get any complaints from the Lady herself, Jenifer slides a finger into her inviting hole, ass fingering her! She goes and gets a butt plug from the other side of the room and teases Lady Dee's ass with it before inserting it as far as it will go inbetween her butt cheeks! She lets Lady Dee lick her own ass juices from this little sex toy before getting some help from her to get undressed. Lady Dee works on Jenifer's nipples while rubbing her crotch through her white leggings and these gorgeous babes get more intimate as Lady Dee fingers and toys Jenifer's ass too! They decide to move onto something a little bigger and share a black inflatable dildo which they use on each others asses before licking their massive toy clean. A vibrator seems to be their toy of choice for orgasming with and while Jenifer is filmed ass fucking Lady Dee fast, Lady Dee masturbates at the same time to get ultimate pleasure! Of course Jenifer gets the same treatment as these lesbian anal babes climax one after another!
Sep 20, 2018
Inflate Our Asses - Simplyanal Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 25:46 Two of the hottest girls in European porn feature today on Simply Anal - Jenifer Jane and Barbara Sweet! Jenifer is on her bed rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her slightly sheer bodysuit and starts teasing herself with a little pink sex toy when Barbara enters the room. She immediately wants in on the action and starts to caress Jenifer's ass, kissing her passionately. These girls help each other to undress when naked Jenifer lays back and Barbara licks her perfect pussy. She then uses the little pink toy to slide into Jenifer's ass while Jenifer masturbates at the same time. Barbara soon gets her turn as she strips from her hotpants and bends over while Jenifer toys her ass with a bigger sex toy. We zoom in real close on this lesbian anal toying action and then the girls get hold of a black inflatable sex toy. Firstly, Jenifer gets to try it out and as Barbara inflates it, it stretches her ass that bit more. Barbara pulls it out and lets Jenifer lick her own ass juices before continuing her sex toy ass fucking. These horny girls switch places and soon, Barbara has this inflatable toy in her tight ass too! Finally these gorgeous girls want to have even more fun so take turns using vibrators to continue their lesbian ass play. They end up enjoying themselves immensely!
Mar 8, 2018
Craving Anal - Simplyanal Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 24:43 It's about time we got the stunning European babe Jenifer Jane back on Simply Anal as she is a definite member favourite! She is looking more gorgeous than ever and while laying in bed with her man, she's feeling really horny so watches some porn on her phone while toying her ass with a sex toy. Hey guy stirs and wants to know what she is doing, but instead of getting a telling off, he is stupidly turned on as Jenifer licks her sex toy clean. He turns her over and slaps her ass while anal gaping her and spits on her hole before he starts to finger both her pussy and ass! He then rims her and licks her tight little asshole clean, shoving his fingers in her mouth to get her to taste her own ass juices. Jenifer climbs on top of him and sucks his bulging crotch, taking his cock our to continue showcasing her blowjob skills. Soon after, Jenifer is on top of him, bouncing up an down while his thick dick pounds her ass. Her perfect tits bounce up and down and she rubs her pussy with her fingers at the same time as enjoying her anal fucking! Taking his dick from ass to mouth, Jenifer kneels on the floor and is deep throated, working between his shaft and balls. She bends over and gets pounded in her ass even more until her guy is ready to cum. He pulls out and she carries on licking his dick while giving him a handjob and he cums all over her seriously hot face!
Nov 2, 2017
Filled to Perfection - Weliketosuck Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 25:09 We finally have the pleasure of having the gorgeous brunette babe, Jenifer Jane make her debut appearance on We Like to Suck! Jenifer eludes sex appeal and our stud was just as excited as us when he found out he would be getting his cock sucked by this stunning Eurobabe! Jenifer starts her debut scene in a black panties and bra set and teases on the sofa to get our guy hard. She gets onto her knees and takes out his dick before licking the tip of his shaft and moving her way down to his balls to give them a quick suck! She wants her holes filled today and is horny for some fucking so rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position with her curvy ass bouncing up and down on his dick for the camera. This eager babe takes his cock from her pussy to her mouth, licking not only his rock hard shaft, but tasting her own pussy juices too! This HD hardcore scene continues, with Jenifer getting fucked as she lays down on the sofa. She touches her pussy at the same time as it is filled but doesn't quite orgasm until she is riding his dick again, between offering to continue his blowjob. After this pretty babe orgasms, she gets back on her knees and finishes our guy off with her mouth. He cums all over her stunning face and in her mouth while she plays with her messy facial cumshot!
Oct 26, 2017
Red Carpet Anal - Simplyanal Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 25:41 Blonde meets brunette in today's Simply Anal scene featuring gorgeous blonde Daisy Lee and brunette hottie Jenifer Jane! Jenifer is massaging Daisy's feet, and both girls seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. They start to kiss and help each other out of their tight little outfits when Jenifer starts to suck on Daisy's nipples and play with her big boobs. Daisy has her turn at licking Jenifer's nipples too and this gorgeous lesbian couple get more intimate! Jenifer bends Daisy over into the doggystyle position and rims her tight ass with her tongue. She starts to finger her ass and stick her tongue in her hole as far as she can! Jenifer gets hold of a curved sex toy which she uses to stretch Daisy's tight ass apart even further. This kinky brunette enjoys licking it clean before popping it back in again and really working Daisy's ass! Daisy gets to lick her little sex toy clean too and both girls love to taste her ass. Jenifer lays down and Daisy rims her, making her ass dripping wet before using her fingers and their little sex toy to give Jenifer the same treatment that she had! Daisy switches positions and while Jenifer is fucking her ass with the curved sex toy, Daisy penetrates her pussy with another toy, giving herself double the pleasure. Jenifer has a go too before this gorgeous lesbian pair get onto the red rug and enjoy some anal double penetration using a double ended dildo!
Sep 21, 2017
Red Fishnet Stockings - Wetandpuffy Girl: Jenifer Jane Time: 26:59 Today we welcome a fresh new face to Wet and Puffy in the gorgeous Jenifer Jane who is dressed to impress in a red fishnet bodystocking. This sexy outfit leaves little to the imagination and Jenifer soon starts to play with her red lace panties. She pulls them up inside her puffy pussy and then takes them off so that she can play with her pussy through her crotchless bodystocking using her fingers. Jenifer can't wait to get properly started on her pussy so she gets hold of a purple sex toy and licks it to lube it up a bit before rubbing it against her labia. Once she has enjoyed her toy play she starts to peel herself out of her bodystocking and using a little pump she sucks both her nipples and wet juicy pussy into the tube. Now it's time for some serious sex toy play and Jenifer uses a big dildo to slide into her pussy which she uses on herself until she cums while masturbating at the same time! We think this is the perfect debut scene from this stunning brunette babe!
Jun 21, 2017

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