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Lena Love


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 28

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: B

Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs

Height: 169 cm / 5' 7"

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Best Of 2019 Girl: Lena L. 4K HD We know how much you love our compilations so we thought we would bring back the best of our 2019 pissing pornstars updates! First up, a naughty schoolgirl is sat in detention and lifts up her miniskirt to piss on the ground through her crotchless fishnet pantyhose! She sits down on the ground and rubs her light grey skirt in her puddle before teacher catches her in the act! Next we move into a lounge when a dark haired babe pees through the crotch of her red trousers, letting her juices stream down her legs and over her black patent heels. She takes off a heel and pours her golden nectar into her mouth! Lena Love is next in this piss compilation and she starts peeing through her bodysuit before unclipping it to really show off her stream as she starts pussy pissing. She soaks the leather chair beneath her and then rubs her hands in her pee puddle. Another brunette comes into play and fills up a glass vase as much as possible with her piss. She pours it over her tank top and sucks the wet fabric to taste her own juices. We continue with more piss catching. A brunette babe catches her pee stream in a watering can and gives herself a golden shower. We visit these girls numerous times with clips of them pissing everywhere and getting themselves off, giving you the best bits from our favourite pissing porn scenes of 2019!
Apr 14, 2020
Perfect Piss Girl: Lena L. 4K HD + BTS Lena Love returns to Wet and Pissy in today's update and is in the bathroom dressed in satin lingerie and a matching robe. She loves the feel of the shiny fabric against her skin and this turns her on immensely. Lena pulls her slip down and teases her big hard nipples then takes off her robe. She stands up and bends over the stool revealing she has no panties on whatsoever! She touches her pussy lips and gets a bowl from the sink to place on the floor. Standing facing away from the camera, Lena starts pussy pissing down into the bowl with some force, and although her stream doesn't last very long, it is very powerful! We are sure she has more than that to come! This hot blonde kneels down on the floor and squeezes her golden piss into a sponge, playfully playing with her warm pee and squeezes it down all over her slip, turning it see-through. Lena gets naked and masturbates while sitting on the stool. She fingers her wet pussy and stops to piss some more down onto the floor! Using a glass dildo, this gorgeous babe toys herself while holding onto the sink and enjoys pissing some more. She dips her long blonde hair into the bowl of pee and finishes herself off with her glass dildo! Finally to end this perfect pissing porn movie, Lena gets down on the floor and slides around in her puddle of pee!
Feb 25, 2020
Like A Fine Wine Girl: Lena L. 4K HD + BTS Member favourite Lena Love returns to Wet and Pissy today in her latest scene and looks even sexier while outside the sauna in tiny denim hotpants and a bodysuit. She rubs her hands seductively over her hot body and unzips her top to reveal her perfect tits then peels herself out of those barely there hotpants. Lena pulls the crotch of her bodysuit to one side and touches her trimmed pussy before placing it back and suddenly starts peeing through her crotch! This stunning blonde unclips her bodysuit and lets her golden juices flow down onto the leather chair and the floor with some force! She strips naked and mops up her pee puddle, squeezing her golden pee over her hot naked body before laying down. Lena starts to masturbate and sucks her fingers, then decides to gape her wet pussy wide apart with a metal speculum. She starts pussy pissing again up into the air and this kinky babe places a tall cocktail glass on the floor while she bends over and fucks her pussy with a jelly dildo. Bending over even more, Lena pisses into the glass then sucks up her pee with her squirting dildo, dropping her golden juices over herself. She pours the rest of the glass over her naked body and even tastes her piss as she licks the rim of the glass then finally to end her pissing porno this gorgeous babe finishes herself off with her dildo and enjoys a shuddering orgasm while sat on the back of the leather chair!
Apr 2, 2019
Lena Love Returns Girl: Lena L. 4K HD Some of our members may recognize Lena from several years ago on Wet and Pissy - and what a pleasure to work with her again. First and foremost, Lena still looks amazing. She has that magical quality of giving a performance that makes us feel like we are the single individual watching her. But what about the pissing? After wetting her jeans, Lena hops on to the table, does a quick little belly slide on it's surface and undresses meticulously. Now in her bare glory, we have the answer to our question about her pissing. Lena earns another top mark here, and this first shot is exceptional. Down on her knees, she starts off peeing in an almost squatted state until she pivots forward. The table top proves to be a prime location, with Lena shot in full frame as the puddle forms nicely beneath her fantastic stream. She takes a few moments to slide and twirl on the glass surface, tantalizing our senses. During some self stimulation with a rubber dildo, Lena pees for us again. This is a very raw pee, in the sense that she doesn't seem concerned about setting herself up for any particular pose, but just letting it fly as she lays back. A large goblet is the focus of her final pee as Lena gives us one more wonderful piss to remember her by.
Sep 5, 2017
Love Lena Girl: Lena L. HD Lena is a natural exhibitionist so it doesn’t take much to get her to show you her perky tits and nice hard nipples, or her almost shaven snatch. With a little encouragement she’ll even jump up on the shelving and piss in a glass. And as you edge her on she’ll pour the pee over her nice tits, soaking her t-shirt so she’ll have to take it off. By then she’ll be so hot and horny she just has to have her vibrator stuffed up her twat! Slamming in in and out from behind as she bends over the shelving she was on before. And when she’s done playing with her pussy she’ll grab the glass of piss and ask you what you want her to do next.
Apr 16, 2013

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All The Pink Toys - Wetandpuffy Girl: Lena Love Time: 23:32 Stunning blonde Lena makes her return in our latest scene and this hottie teases in a black lace outfit teamed with lace topped stockings. She bends over slightly showing off the curves of her ass then sits down on the edge of the bed rubbing her hands all over her long legs. Lena starts to strip and pulls her sheer black panties up her trimmed pussy lips. She takes off her panties and while bent over in the doggystyle position, Lena teases her puffy pussy and uses some pink tongs which she uses to pull at her lips. She sucks on some pink love eggs before popping them inside herself and we zoom in close on her juicy pussy play. Moving onto a pink dildo, Lena bends over and fucks herself sensually, speeding up as she gets closer to orgasm! She makes herself cum and finishes off for our newest Wet and Puffy update!
Mar 2, 2022
Leggy Lena - Wetandpuffy Girl: Lena Love Time: 19:55 Blonde hottie Lena Love returns to Wet and Puffy and in her newest update she teases in a denim miniskirt and tied up blouse. She climbs onto the couch and shows off her perfect ass as her skirt rides up and we catch a glimpse of her red panties. Lena strips down to her lingerie and doesn't stop there. Her bra comes off and she teases her big nipples then slides a hand down into her lace panties to touch her puffy pussy. Once her panties are pulled down, Lena fingers her hole and then uses a red speculum to gape her pussy wide apart. Moving onto a glass dildo, this sexy blonde bends over into the doggystyle position and toys her juicy puffy pussy. She changes position and kneels up on the couch to continue her dildo play and orgasms easily with her glass sex toy!
Sep 16, 2020
Lena Loves to Orgasm - Wetandpuffy Girl: Lena Love Time: 23:42 Stunning blonde babe Lena Love is back on Wet and Puffy today after her last appearance back in 2013. Wearing a sexy black bodysuit with a low cut plunge, she looks seriously sexy and we know we shouldn't have favourites here... but she is at the top of our list! She teases while posing on the leather sofa and her long legs look even longer while wearing spike heels. She strips out of her black bodysuit and left in just her lingerie, pulls her lace panties up against her crotch before pulling them to one side. She takes her panties off completely and gapes her pussy apart with her fingers, continuing to strip until she is completely naked. Using her beaded pink necklace, Lena rubs it against her puffy pussy lips, enjoying the sensation as each bead tempts her labia! She can't wait to tease her pussy even more, so bends over doggystyle and toys herself with a pink sex toy. The textures on her dildo really work Lena's juicy puffy pussy and she really wants to orgasm, so uses an Hitachi magic wand vibrator at the same time on her clit! Her orgasm is simply mesmerising to watch so we hope enjoy her return to Wet and Puffy!
Aug 30, 2017
Lena Love - Wetandpuffy Girl: Lena Love Time: 24:56 Blonde Lena Love is such a beautiful girl she is one of the top girls around. Her nice firm tits with hard little nipples make your mouth water and her tasty looking snatch makes your dick hard! And lucky for us she likes to play with them both! After spreading some lube all over pussy and sticking as many fingers as she can into her glistening pussy, she then grabs a small pussy pump. But before she sticks it on her pussy she covers one of her nipples, making the hard morsel even harder. And then she plants it firmly around her lips and makes them as wet and puffy as she can. They looked so puffy as she stuck her dildo in to finish the job!
May 23, 2013

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