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Erika S


Nationality: Ukraine

Age: 28

Breast size: A

Weight: 53 kg / 116 lbs

Height: 169 cm / 5' 7"

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Creative Closeups Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Hot blonde Erika is feeling rather playful in our latest Wet and Pissy update. Kneeling up this naughty babe starts wetting her panties and lets her golden juices flow through the crotch of her cotton pants. We zoom in closeup to catch the detail in her stream then Erika splashes about in her piss puddle to soak her perfect ass in her juices! She takes off her panties and mops up her pee to rub and squeeze all over her legs and bare pussy, then licks her fingers clean! Erika fingers herself and dives into the rest of her piss puddle, soaking her top in the process. She gets naked and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy, riding it at first as it sticks to the coffee table. She catches another piss stream in a glass bowl and gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she licks up her nectar with her pierced tongue! Erika brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy with time for one more pee, all over the floor!
Jan 9, 2024
Drenched Panties Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous babe Erika is relaxing on the couch while rubbing a vibrator against her grey cotton panties. She enjoys the sensation so much but realises she needs to pee, so she pulls her panties slightly down before kneeling. This naughty babe takes some time before she starts pussy pissing, with her golden streams flowing and soaking her panties! Erika strips out of them and starts sucking her absolutely drenched panties while looking seductively towards the camera! This piss loving hottie rubs her pussy and fingers herself before she places a glass goblet beneath her to catch another stream of her golden nectar. Erika pours her juices into her mouth, giving herself a taste of piss drinking then soaks her top with the rest! After she strips completely naked, this stunning vixen mops up her pee and lays down on the couch to pleasure herself with a glass dildo. She pauses to spray another stream of piss up into the air with force and orgasms while using her dildo and vibrator at the same time! Of course, there's just enough time to finish off her pissing porno by spraying her final stream over the edge of the couch and onto the floor!
May 23, 2023
Diving In Golden Piss Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Striking babe Erika is another new face brought to you on Wet and Pissy and this hottie knows how to tease in denim hotpants and a white blouse. She unbuttons her blouse to reveal her small, but perfect tits and then strips down to her crotchless pantyhose! This naughty babe sits up on the dining table and starts pussy pissing all over it, enjoying some powerful but short bursts of pee! Erika rubs her ass in her piss puddle and fingers her soaking wet pussy before she releases another stream of piss onto the tabletop. After diving into her mess, Erika licks up her juices and shows off her blowjob skills as she sucks on a black dildo. She places it on the table and rides it, lifting off to soak her toy in golden showers, then continues to pleasure herself in numerous positions! Finally, this horny minx shows off her ass as she pees one more time and makes a definite impression in her debut pissing porno!
Feb 28, 2023

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Excited Erika - Wetandpuffy Girl: Erika S Time: 19:48 Blonde babe Erika is teasing in a peach minidress when she decides to spice things up! She lifts up her dress to reveal that she isn't wearing any panties and squeezes her ass cheeks before stripping naked to tease her nipples. Erika leans back on the couch and starts to rub her puffy pussy, sliding her fingers in to enjoy even more pussy pleasure. This gorgeous girl sucks her fingers clean and moves onto a little sex toy which she uses on her juicy puffy pussy. Erika bends over into the doggystyle position to continue her toy play and then uses a shiny purple vibrator to rub against her labia. Erika fucks her pussy with this new toy and orgasms while frantically masturbating!
Jan 24, 2024
Deep Dildo - Wetandpuffy Girl: Erika S Time: 19:13 Seductive babe Erika can't keep her hands off herself as she rubs her small tits through her bright yellow top and makes her way down to her denim hotpants. Erika bends over and gives her ass cheeks a squeeze before she starts to strip and teases her nipples. This gorgeous girl uses her straps to rub against her puffy pussy lips and then lays down on the leather couch to rub her clit. We zoom in closeup on her pussy play and Erika slides a finger inside her pussy to ramp up her pleasure. Afterward, Erika bends over and toys herself with a pink dildo and brings herself to a shuddering orgasm on film!
May 10, 2023
Irresistible Blonde - Wetandpuffy Girl: Erika S Time: 20:36 Sexy blonde Erika is a brand new face to Wet and Puffy and boy, did she impress in her debut! As she lays down on a rug in white lingerie, Erika slides her hands sensually all over her body and pulls down her bra to make her nipples nice and perky! As she kneels up, this seductive babe slips her hand down into her panties and rubs her puffy pussy, licking her fingers with her pierced tongue! Erika strips off and continues pleasuring herself as we zoom in close on her juicy puffy pussy. She fingers herself and uses a pussy pump to suck her labia. She loves the feeling of her lips swell up inside the glass tube and Erika moves onto a red jelly dildo. She toys herself in the doggystyle position before laying on her back and masturbates at the same time to orgasm on camera!
Feb 22, 2023

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