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Crotchless Relief Girl: Joana 4K HD + BTS Brunette babe Joana sits seductively on the arm of the couch in a red fishnet, crotchless bodystocking. This Czech hottie is making her debut and after revealing her tits, she starts to rub her pussy. Joana looks like she might be about to burst and squats over a glass coffee table before she starts pussy pissing all over it. Once the tabletop is completely drenched, Joana licks up her juices, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She leans over on the couch and fingers her soaking wet pussy, then decides to catch another stream of her golden juices in a vase. Joana pours the contents all over her tongue and down herself before breaking out a rubber dildo. While bent over in the doggystyle position, Joana fucks her pussy and pauses to catch yet another piss stream. She changes positions to continue her sex toy play and orgasms to finish this brand new pissing porno!
Jul 16, 2024
Wet Toys for Tera Girl: Tera L. 4K HD Gorgeous babe Tera Link is back on Wet and Pissy and teasing on the sofa in her skimpy outfit and knee socks. She looks even sexier than the last time she graced our screens and we can tell she is really horny as she touches herself in a very seductive way all over her small tits and long legs! Bending over the sofa, Tera shows off her ass as it is barely encased in her tight pink ripped shorts. She stands up and starts wetting her panties, with her golden pee streaming down her leg and soaking her socks. She sits back down on the sofa and paddles in her pee puddle, having lots of fun as her feet get soaking wet in her juices. Afterwards, Tera takes off her socks and squeezes them over her head and into her mouth! She takes off her panties and tastes her own juices as she sucks her damp fabric and now Tera is even hornier and needs to pleasure herself! She finds a metal speculum and grabbing hold of a glass goblet, Tera inserts her speculum into her taco pussy, gaping herself wide apart. She fires another long pee stream into the bowl showing how perfect her aim is then stirs her golden nectar with the speculum, licking it clean! She pours the rest of her piss over her head, drenching herself in it then gets completely naked! She lies upside down on the sofa and fills her pussy with a textured dildo. Masturbating at the same time, Tera pauses her sex toy play to piss all over herself, making quite a splash as her pee hits her tits and toned stomach! She lays on her side and continues her dildo play, masturbating frantically until she orgasms! Finally, Tera catches one more stream of piss in her bowl and pours it into her mouth, piss drinking and spitting some of her juices back out again!
Aug 28, 2018
Tattooed Squirter Girl: Lina J. 4K HD + BTS Tattooed brunette Lina Jones makes her debut on Wet and Pissy in tight denim hotpants and this naughty babe suddenly starts peeing her pants! She makes a nice juicy puddle on the floor and mops up her piss once she strips from her shorts then sucks the moist fabric. Lina strips naked and rubs her wet pussy before she releases another stream of piss down onto a red foot stool. She laps up her pee to give herself a taste of piss drinking then splashes her naked body! Grabbing hold of a red dildo, Lina sits on the stool and fucks her pussy. She places a red bowl on the ground and rubs herself, catching another stream of pee into it. She lays on the ground and fucks herself frantically with her sex toy. Finishing off with her fingers, Lina masturbates to a squirting orgasm and finally dives in a puddle of her golden piss!
Aug 9, 2022
Everything Golden Girl: Daruma 4K HD + BTS Cute blonde Daruma features in our latest WetandPissy video and teases in tiny denim hotpants and a sheer fishnet cropped top! This absolute sex kitten rubs her hands over herself and then lifts up her top to give her nipples some attention. After her high heels come off, Daruma pulls down her shorts and spanks her ass. She squats on the floor with her legs wide apart and starts pussy pissing over the wood! Daruma sits in her juicy pee puddle and fingers herself before she sucks her fingers clean and follows up with another piss! She strips completely naked and gets hold of a purple dildo which she uses on herself while laying in a chair. Daruma pauses and squats back down with a giant glass goblet. She balances above it and aims another stream of golden nectar right into it, making quite a mess in the process! She pours the contents over herself and masturbates to orgasm to finish her latest hd pissing porn video!
Jul 9, 2024
Tattooed and Wet Girl: Ali B. 4K HD + BTS Ali Bordeaux is back on Wet and Pissy and today she is outside the sauna dressed in tiny denim hotpants and a sheer lace top leaving her tattoos on display! This slim hottie is ready to tease and pulls down her top to give her nipples some pleasure then turns around before she starts peeing her pants! Her golden streams flow down through her denim hotpants and onto the floor and Ali loves the sensation of wetting herself. Ali peels herself out of her wet pants and uses them to mop up the floor before bending over on the chair to tease her pussy. She uses some golden ben wa balls on her XXL pussy lips as we zoom in close on all the juicy action! Popping them in and out of her pussy while intermittently pissing on the chair, Ali's streams just keep on coming. She splashes about in her puddle and lays back to finger herself. This playful babe sprays another stream of golden piss up into the air while playing with it using her hands! This tattooed hottie stands up and bends over to toy herself with a jelly dildo and then makes herself more comfortable laying down on her side where she speeds up her sex toy play. After orgasming, this pissing pornstar pees once more and looks very pleased with herself indeed!
Mar 23, 2021
Wet Pleasure Girl: Amanda H. 4K HD + BTS Wow are we glad to have Amanda Hill back on Wet and Pissy this week. This long haired brunette has just had a shower and rushes into the living to give us a bit of a tease with her towel, dropping it to show off her perfect figure. She places it on the couch and squats up on the couch while touching her pussy. Amanda starts pussy pissing and soaks the towel, couch and floor! She bends over and squeezes the towel to play with her golden piss then sits up on the back of the couch. This hot brunette babe fingers her juicy pussy and licks her fingers clean, loving her own juices. She starts to piss again and soaks everything for the second time before squeezing the pee drenched towel over herself, sucking some of her pee too. Moving over to a glass table, Amanda finds a glass dildo and licks it then takes it over to the couch for some fun. Laying on her back, upside down, Amanda toys her pussy with the glass toy and naughtily aims her own piss stream into her mouth and all over her face! Now absolutely drenched from head to toe in her golden pee, Amanda bends over into the doggystyle position and toys her pussy some more. She masturbates at the same time and orgasms, quickly pissing once more onto the couch and over her glass dildo! She might need another shower now after finishing her pissing porno!
Sep 1, 2020
Bedroom Fun Girl: Alia S. 4K HD + BTS Tattooed brunette Alia Star is a brand new face to WetandPissy and this Czech hottie climbs onto the bed to tease in a bright green cropped top and panties. She rubs her pussy while bent over in the doggystyle position and then gives her tits some attention. Alia stands up on her bed and starts wetting her panties right over her bedsheets! She lets her golden juices flow through the crotch of her panties and we zoom in close to capture the action. Alia takes off her panties and licks them, tasting her own nectar. She lays down on her wet sheets and fingers her pussy, then gets hold of a shallow glass bowl which she places underneath herself as she squats and starts pussy pissing right into it! This kinky babe pours the contents down over her body and then uses a glass dildo to pleasure her wet pussy. Alia lays down and masturbates at the same time before enjoying one final long piss all over her drenched bed to finish off her debut pissing porno!
Jul 2, 2024
On The Clock Girl: Ali B. 4K HD + BTS Slim brunette Ali Bordeaux returns to Wet and Pissy and is in the office writing when she starts to feel piss desperation set in so sits there rubbing her crotch through her trousers. She feels more turned on as her desperation sets in and Ali stands up before she starts peeing her pants. A damp patch of piss appears streaming down her leg and once finished, this horny babe strips from her pants and sucks the wet fabric. She absolutely loves the taste of her own juices! We zoom in close on her wet pussy as this tattooed hottie gapes her pussy wide apart. She catches another stream in a glass bowl and pours her juices in her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Some of her warm pee also gets poured down her tank top, turning it see-through! Once Ali is completely naked, she bends over the desk and fucks her pussy with a glass dildo. There's plenty of time for more pissing action too. Ali finishes herself off and masturbates while pissing all over the floor!
Nov 3, 2020
Hot In The Office Girl: Antonia 4K HD + BTS Antonia Sainz is back on Wet and Pissy and this stunning redhead is feeling the heat! Sitting in the office, Antonia is waiting for a meeting and decides to try and cool herself down. The office fan isn't working and Antonia can't take it any longer so she comes up with an inventive idea to cool down. She takes off her top and miniskirt to leave herself in lace topped stockings. Antonia starts pussy pissing into a glass vase and pours her golden juices into her mouth and down over her hot body. This turns her on so much that she has to play with her pussy and uses her fingers to tease her pussy lips. Bending over the glass table, she fingers her pussy and then sits on top of it to gape apart her pussy with a metal speculum. While her pussy is stretched to the max, naughty Antonia pees again and mops up her juices with some fabric. She moves onto a big jelly dildo and lays in her piss puddle while she toys herself. This redhead hottie laps up her pee from the table and then finishes herself off with her dildo with time to piss once more over a leather office chair in this pissing porno!
Aug 25, 2020
Perfect Aim Girl: Nicolette N. 4K HD Czech brunette babe Nicolette Noir makes her appearance on Wet and Pissy today in a cropped top and tiny pink shorts. Her high heels show off her long legs and hotpants cling onto her perfect ass! Nicolette knows she is sexy and she plays on this by teasing! Kneeling on a glass table, we get a better view of her ass encased in pink denim before this naughty hottie starts to pee, letting her juices soak through her hotpants and onto the table! For the final few droplets of pee, Nicolette places her hand down onto her crotch and catches her juices, licking her fingers in the process! After she has finished, she takes off her hotpants completely and uses them to mop up her golden liquid off the table before squeezing it back into her mouth and over her cropped top. Nicolette then climbs onto the couch and lifts her leg up like a dog as she sprays another stream of piss and then proceeds to strip completely naked. She uses a red plastic speculum to slide into her pissing pussy and with her legs spread apart, she pisses through a metal hoop. Piss play makes Nicolette seriously horny so this feisty brunette decides to pleasure herself with a massive black dildo. She starts by fucking her pussy while lying down and then sticks her dildo to the glass table before riding it. It fills her pussy nicely, and when she slides herself up and off it, Nicolette pisses again onto the table, splashing her pee everywhere! To finish this perfect HD pissing scene, Nicolette catches more of her pee into a glass and pours the contents into her mouth and over her wet naked body!
Jul 18, 2017
Catching Her Piss Girl: Olivia M. 4K HD + BTS Redhead hottie Olivia Miss teases in shorts and a camo cropped top. This babe really knows how to tease and seductively rubs her hands all over her clothed body. Olivia lifts up her top to reveal her big tits and sits back on a leather chair. With her legs held high, this naughty girl starts peeing her pants, letting her golden juices soak the crotch of her shorts and drizzle down onto the floor. Olivia turns around to spank her ass and grab the pee drenched fabric then sucks her fingers clean sensually! After taking off her shorts, Olivia fingers her pussy and then gets hold of a glass jug which she places on the floor. She starts pussy pissing right into it to catch another pee stream and then pours the contents over her big tits. Olivia bends over and pleasures her pussy with a jelly dildo to continue this wet porno and pauses to piss over the floor again. She lays in her pee puddle to orgasm with her sex toy and finally catches another stream of golden nectar in the jug!
Jun 25, 2024
Pink Makes The Boys Wink Girl: Bella B. 4K HD + BTS Beautiful blonde Bella looks striking in her neon pink bikini and rubs her pussy before she squats on the leather couch. While slowly moving her hand over her crotch, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and scoops up her golden juices from the puddle of piss collected on the couch to drizzle all over her bare legs. Bella strips naked and gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape herself wide apart with. She lays down on the couch and fingers her soaking wet pussy, pausing to piss in her hands and rubs her hot naked body with her juices. This horny babe toys herself with a pink dildo and orgasms, with time to enjoy some more pussy pissing, this time laying upside down, drenching herself in warm golden pee to finish her hd pissing scene!
Sep 27, 2022
Tong Pissing Girl: Teressa B. 4K HD We have a new face for you today on Wet and Pissy in the form of pretty brunette Teressa Bizarre. She has piercing eyes that will keep you captivated, along with many other amazing features! Wearing denim jeans and a pale pink blouse, she teases for a bit by pulling open her blouse and showing off her tits. Bending over while kneeling on a coffee table, we notice a damp patch appearing in Teressa's denims. She has peed herself and the golden nectar is trickling down her legs, making her jeans soaking wet. She touches her crotch and then tastes her fingers before she takes her denims off completely and sucks more of her juices from the crotch! She uses her jeans and also her blouse which she strips out of to mop up her puddle of pee on the coffee table. Teressa then lays back on it and stretches apart her pussy lips with her fingers before spraying more of her golden piss over the table and floor. This naughty piss play loving babe licks her juices off the table then moves over to a leather sofa with some black kitchen tongs. She uses these to pull at her pussy and gape her pussy apart while relieving herself once more. Finally this hot brunette gets herself off with a green sex toy and finishes this fantastic debut scene by pissing in a giant glass and drinking her own piss, pouring the rest the its contents over her sexy naked body!
Mar 7, 2017
Tiny Tina in Pink Girl: Tiny T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Tiny Tina returns to WetandPissy for another pissing porn video and this hottie dazzles in a hot pink outfit! She leans over on a footstool and teases before kneeling up and holding onto the crotch of her silk bodysuit. Suddenly, this naughty girl starts peeing her pants, soaking the crotch of her bodysuit with her golden streams which flow down onto the footstool. Tiny Tina licks up her pee puddle and dives into her mess before she starts to strip and stands up to finger her wet pussy! Tiny Tina spreads her pussy lips apart, pausing to piss again over the footstool, then takes off her pink wrap to mop up her juices. She rubs the wet fabric up against her pussy and then moves onto a vibrator which she uses in the doggystyle position. This pee loving babe continues to piss and splash about in her piss puddle before she brings herself to a shuddering orgasm with her sex toy to finish her hd pissing scene!
Jun 18, 2024
Amusing Herself Girl: Katy R. 4K HD Stunning Katy Rose comes back to Wet and Pissy with a new look! She has gone brunette and we think that she is one of those lucky babes who looks hot no matter what her hair colour is! Katy is at the sauna dressed in ripped jogging bottoms and a tank top and is texting her friend. They can't make it and she seems so disappointed. Suddenly she feels piss desperation set in and there's no way she is going to make it to the bathroom so she climbs on top of the massage table and starts peeing her pants! The damp patch on Katy's crotch gets even bigger as golden piss pours down her legs and she looks instantly relieved! Katy touches her wet crotch and then tastes her juices as she licks her fingers. She takes off her pants and sucks her golden pee from them, using them to mop up more of her piss on the massage table. Katy lays back and opens her legs and decides to make the best of the situation by enjoying some pussy play. She starts fingering herself and then catches another stream of piss into her hands! She flicks her gushing pee over her tank top and then gets naked! This horny brunette enjoys a glass dildo which she rubs against her pussy and over her nipples and then slides it into her pussy to fuck herself! She pauses slightly to piss again and then moves herself into the doggystyle position to continue her pussy play and once she orgasms she pees one final time into a glass vase, pouring her collected pee into her mouth and over her face, giving herself a little taste of piss drinking!
Sep 11, 2018
Messy Melanie Girl: Melanie D. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Melanie Dark leaves little to the imagination as she teases in a sheer cropped top and black miniskirt. This sensual babe rubs her hands all over herself and moves down to her crotch to rub her pussy through her panties! Melanie stands next to a footstool and suddenly starts wetting her panties while we film her pee stream flow down to the floor. We zoom in as Melanie pulls her wet panties up against herself before peeling them off. She uses them to mop up her golden juices then fingers her pussy. Getting hold of a glass, Melanie rubs the rim against her lips, then holds it underneath herself, pussy pissing right into it! She pours her warm nectar into her mouth, giving herself a taste of piss drinking, as it flows back down over her cropped top, then pours the rest over her hot body, getting pee drenched in the process! Melanie pleasures her pussy with a black dildo, firstly from behind, then changes positions. She masturbates frantically, ending in a squirting orgasm!
Jun 11, 2024
Pee Soaked Clothes Girl: Ali B. 4K HD We thought it was time for a new face here on Wet and Pissy so today we introduce dark haired hottie, Ali Bordeaux. Ali is stood near the fireplace and looks sexy in skintight leggings. Climbing onto the corner sofa, Ali shows off her ass then turns around before sliding her hands down into her leggings to touch herself. Ali bends back over and rubs her hands over her ass. She pulls off her leggings and stands above them firing a stream of piss over them. Ali mops her leggings over the puddle of pee she has created and then sucks her golden juices out of them, squeezing them over her stunning trimmed pussy. She rubs her wet pussy with her fingers and tastes herself then squats over a glass vase, peeing down into it. Ali dips her long black hair into her golden pee and then sucks it. she pours the rest of her juices down over her head, soaking herself through! Once she is completely naked, Ali gapes her pussy apart with a metal speculum and fucks herself with a candle. We zoom in really close as she fires another stream of piss down onto the floor! Ali dives into her wet puddle of pee and tastes herself once more, enjoying her golden piss in mouth that she laps up off the floor. This horny babe needs to orgasm and chooses a big dildo to fill her pussy with before finally standing over a glass table, enjoying one final piss in this solo pissing porn scene!
Apr 3, 2018
Sweet Soul Pisser Girl: Paulina S. 4K HD We can't seem to get enough of Paulina Soul at the moment so the next logical step was to film her for Wet and Pissy! Dressed in ripped denim jeans and a seriously short cropped top, Paulina clearly isn't wearing a bra as her perky nipples poke through the fabric. She has a body to die for and encased in tight denim, her ass looks so inviting! While teasing us she suddenly feels the urge to pee and bends over a little uncomfortable then climbs up onto the sofa with her legs spread wide. Suddenly Paulina starts peeing her pants and a big wet patch appears in the crotch of her jeans. We zoom in close and capture her pee dripping down onto the leather sofa and Paulina touches her crotch, licking her fingers clean. Clearly getting turned on, this hot babe peels herself out of her wet clothes and then holds a class vase underneath her pussy, pissing right into it. Her golden nectar fills the tube up to the top and Paulina pours it into her mouth enjoying piss drinking! She pours the rest over her top and then after taking off her pee soaked cropped top, she fills her pussy with a red dildo. While bent over in the doggystyle position she forcefully squeezes another pee stream all over the leather sofa and kneels in her puddle of piss. She dives right into it and leaves herself just enough time for one final piss which she partially catches in a cocktail glass. Drink anyone?
Jul 10, 2018
Seductive Soaking Girl: Linda 4K HD + BTS Colombian hottie Linda returns to WetandPissy for another wet porn scene with us and strips slowly out of her dressing gown to reveal some cute pink and white lingerie. After she rubs her hands up and down her stocking clad legs, Linda holds onto her crotch, clearly desperate to pee. She stands next to her coffee table and starts pussy pissing into a giant glass goblet. She makes quite a mess as she tries to catch her stream and then this naughty babe lifts up the glass and pours her golden pee over her lingerie, turning it see through! Linda seductively lets her piss drip down herself while we zoom in close, then gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she takes mouthfuls of golden nectar, spitting it back out again! Linda masturbates and fingers her wet hole, pissing again, before she pleasures herself with a jelly dildo!
Jun 4, 2024
Soaking Wet Big Tits Girl: Chloe L. 4K HD Busty short haired babe Chloe is relaxing on her couch when she suddenly needs to piss. She wastes no time in this homemade movie and gets down off the couch and pulls her panties to one side and as the camera zooms in, Chloe starts pussy pissing down on the floor. Bending over on the floor, Chloe licks up her juices and rubs her tank top encased big tits in her pee puddle. She slips out of her top and squeezes it over herself after mopping up some more of her piss! After squeezing her top all over herself, she takes piss in mouth and then spits it all over. Chloe soon takes off her panties and once she is naked she pees again down over the floor and waves her hands in front of her pee stream to make quite a mess. She decides to enjoy some more diving and licking up her pee off the floor before she sits up on the couch and catches another stream of piss in a glass goblet. This big boobed babe pours it into her mouth and spits it down her hot, naked body then fingers herself quickly. Moving onto a purple dildo, Chloe orgasms and pees one more time to finish her pissing porn movie at home!
May 12, 2020
Hypnotic Pisser Girl: Mia T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Mia Trejsi starts to strip off and rubs her crotch while wearing denim hotpants. After standing up, we suddenly see a stream of piss flow down Mia's leg as she is caught peeing her pants! She squats down and slides her hands through her pissy puddle before taking off her wet shorts. Mia teases her pussy and licks her fingers, then once fully naked, this naughty minx rubs her labia against a curved glass vase. She squats above the vase and starts pussy pissing right into it, catching her golden stream while we film in closeup. Mia pours her golden nectar over her naked body and into her mouth, spitting it back out all over herself. Moving onto a glass dildo, Mia fucks herself from behind and pauses to piss again. She makes herself more comfortable in the armchair and enjoys an orgasm before we capture one final pee on camera in our latest pissing porno!
May 28, 2024
Pee Soaked Sheets Girl: Tera L. 4K HD Sexy Tera link features in todays update on Wet and Pissy and she wastes no time in teasing while on her bed wearing a sheer blue tank top and tiny hotpants. She runs her hands all over her slender body before sliding her hand into her shorts to touch herself. After bending over and holding onto the bed frame, naughty Tera starts peeing her pants, soaking her bed sheets below. Puddles of golden pee form where she is kneeling and Tera has lots of fun rubbing these patches with her hands and sucking her juices too! She turns over and after taking off her top, pulls her soaking wet hotpants to one side so that she can masturbate. Piss play really turns Tera on and she looks inside her drawer to find a dildo to help her get off! She rubs it against her pussy before inserting it into her hole, enjoying every single thrust she makes inside herself. Using a glass bowl, Tera bends over and pees a powerful stream into it while we zoom in close on the action. She uses a pipette to suck her juices up and squirt them all over herself in a playful manner! Pouring the rest of her warm piss in mouth and over her body, pee drenched Tera continues to fuck her dildo, changing positions and masturbating at the same time. She uses a pillow to raise the lower half of her body and pisses up into the air, letting her juices fall back down all over herself and again, over her bed sheets. Just when we thought she had no more pee to give, she sits on the edge of her bed and catches another decent stream in a vase, strategically placed on the floor! This gets tipped over her face and hair, completely soaking her!
Nov 14, 2017
Wet Distraction Girl: Nicol L. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Nicol Love returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest scene and this babe dons her gardening belt ready to get to work. She easily gets distracted and takes out one of her tools, then rubs it against the crotch of her hotpants. Nicol leans over and suddenly starts peeing her pants! Her shorts get soaked as she lets her stream flow down onto the floor and we zoom in close on her damp, wet crotch. This naughty girl sits and rubs her ass in her pee puddle, then sits on the couch to finger her wet pussy. She squats and fires a powerful, messy stream of piss onto the floor towards the camera before rolling and diving around in it! Nicol strips off and toys herself with a yellow textured vibrator while bent over in the doggystyle position. Using a plant pot, she pauses to piss in it, then gives herself a taste of piss drinking and spitting. Once she has got herself off, Nicol pees one final time on the floor and slides across her golden juices playfully!
May 14, 2024
Messy and Mischievous Girl: Alicia T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired hottie Alicia Trece is bent over a footstool in her gym leggings and cropped top when she suddenly feels the urge to piss. She squats down on the floor on tiptoes and starts peeing her pants, letting her golden juices flow through the crotch of her leggings and onto the floor in a neat pee stream! Alicia looks very mischievous and sits down in her piss puddle before she starts scooping up her juices and splashing herself with them! We zoom in close on Alicia's ass as she bounces up and down in her pee, then this playful babe strips out of her leggings and fingers herself. Pausing to piss again, Alicia sprays this latest stream onto her scrunched up leggings. She strips completely naked and gets hold of a dildo which she uses on her pussy while stood up. She catches yet another pee stream into a giant glass goblet and this naughty minx pours some of the contents into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. She spits it back out again and grins at the camera with her braces on full view, then rides her dildo to finish off this pissing porno.
May 21, 2024

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