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Serenya Gomez


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 21

Breast size: C

Weight: 56 kg / 123 lbs

Height: 160 cm / 5' 3"

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Soaking The Tiles Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD Brunette beauty Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest update and this hottie kneels up on a velvet couch, rubbing her hands all over her body! She pulls open her top and teases her nipples, making them nice and hard before lifting up her miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Serenya squats against the edge of the couch and rubs her pussy before she starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She soaks the tiles beneath her with some impressive streams and takes off her shoes to paddle in her golden pee puddle! Serenya rubs her juices over her bare legs and sits back on the couch to finger her pussy. She squats over a red glass bowl to catch her next pee stream and makes a mess as it shoots over the edge! This piss loving babe pours the contents all down herself and toys a dildo. Serenya lays on her side to orgasm with her sex toy before spraying one final messy piss all over the floor to finish her newest pissing porn scene!
Jan 30, 2024
Piss Soaked Panties Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy in our latest pissing porn update and this stunning babe is admiring herself in the mirror and starts to feel really horny. She takes off her top and lifts up her miniskirt to reveal a purple g-string before she suddenly feels the urge to piss. She takes off her panties and squatting slightly above her glass coffee table, this naughty babe starts pussy pissing over them! She soaks both her underwear and the glass tabletop then mops up her golden juices. Serenya squeezes her piss-soaked panties into her mouth and all over her hot body before diving into her wet mess. She strips completely naked and leans back on her couch to pleasure her pussy. Serenya fingers herself and masturbates then gets hold of a purple glass bottle which she holds beneath her to catch another stream of her pee! She shakes it all over herself and then uses it as a sex toy, inserting it into her juicy snatch! Serenya moves onto a huge flesh-like dildo and slides it inside herself while bent over. She changes positions and then moves back to her fingers, masturbating while peeing until she orgasms hard!
Nov 29, 2022
Sex Toy Streams Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Serenya Gomez makes a return to Wet and Pissy and this temptress teases in a floral summer dress. She sits on a wooden bench and pulls down the top of her dress to give her nipples some attention. Lifting up her dress, Serenya pulls her panties to one side and starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She makes quite an impressive arc of golden pee then sits down in her puddle, rubbing her ass and feet all over it. This hot babe mops up her pee with her dress and squeezes it all over herself then Serenya strips naked and fingers her pussy while sitting back on the bench. Using a red bowl, Serenya catches another of her pee streams and this time she licks up her piss to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Some of her golden nectar is swallowed and some she spits back out! This horny hottie uses some love eggs on herself and even pees all over them, sucking them clean before she releases even more piss spurts over her sex toy! Serenya finishes herself off with a pink dildo and rolls around in the soaking wet floor once she has pleasured herself!
May 3, 2022
Soaked Serenya Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Serenya Gomez features in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this stunning brunette is dressed in skintight pink denims and a tee. She sits on the desk and rubs her hand up and down her leg before taking off her leopard print high heels. Suddenly Serenya feels the need to pee and squats on top of the desk while pulling down her denims. She starts pussy pissing all over the top of the desk, letting her juices trickle over the edge and down onto the ground as she lets loose! Serenya takes off her denims and splashes about in her pee puddle, licking her fingers clean. She moves over to the sideboard and fingers her wet pussy then catches another stream of piss in a glass jar. This naughty babe pours it into her mouth and all over her tee! Our pissing porno continues with Serenya stripping naked and this hottie uses a metal speculum to gape herself wide apart while peeing again! She sprays like a sprinkler all over the rug and then gives herself an orgasm with a vibrator while bent over her leather coated chair. Of course there's time for one final pee as she soaks the chair and the camera in the process!
Feb 16, 2021

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Oiled And Toyed - Wetandpuffy Girl: Serenya Gomez Time: 23:47 Brunette hottie Serenya Gomez sits on the edge of the dining table in tight denim hotpants and red spike heels. She shows off her legs and stands up to slip her hand down into the shorts before turning around to pull them up, revealing her perfect ass cheeks. It doesn't take long for Serenya to pull off her hotpants and strip out of her top, ready to oil herself up! She pours oil over her nipples and down her toned stomach, letting it drip down onto her pussy. She rubs herself all over and lays down on the dining table to use the glass bottle as a sex toy! She fucks her juicy puffy pussy with it and then moves onto some black tongs which she uses to pinch her pussy lips together. Turning them around, Serenya gapes her pussy wide apart and masturbates at the same time. Using a pink vibrator, this horny babe bends over into the doggystyle position and pleasures her pussy some more. She lays down and with her ass still in the air gives herself a shuddering orgasm!
Aug 3, 2022
Fishnet Filly - Wetandpuffy Girl: Serenya Gomez Time: 23:58 Stunning brunette Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Puffy today and is dressed to impress in white fishnet stockings and a slightly sheer blouse. She rubs her hands over herself and we can see her big nipples through the fabric of her top. Serenya teases with her crotchless lace panties and then uses the ties from her pussybow blouse to pull against her big taco puffy pussy lips. She takes off her blouse and rubs her nipples then gets hold of a little pink plug which she uses to slip inside herself. Once this hot babe is completely naked she enjoys using a pussy pump to suck up her labia with. Her juicy puffy pussy gets all red and swollen and Serenya loves the sensation it gives her! Switching positions to the doggystyle pose, Serenya continues her pussy pumping before standing up to enjoy a red dildo. She toys herself in a couple of positions and leans back on the couch to fuck herself senseless until she orgasms!
Jun 2, 2021
A Sweeter Place - Wetandpuffy Girl: Serenya Gomez Time: 16:55 Serenya Gomez joins us for her second scene here at Wet and Puffy and this brunette beauty wears a leopard print bodysuit that clings to every curve! She kneels down on the floor and pushes her tits together to show off her cleavage before unclipping her bodysuit to tease her puffy pussy. Sitting on the arm of her couch, Serenya fingers herself and tastes her juices, pulling up her bodysuit even more to set her big tits free. Once she is naked, this hot babe teases her nipples with some love eggs and moves down to her juicy puffy pussy. She pops them inside herself while we zoom in on the action then she decides to move onto a yellow vibrator. Serenya bends over the couch and toys herself in the doggystyle position, then gets more comfy as she brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy!
Jan 27, 2021
Good For You - Wetandpuffy Girl: Serenya Gomez Time: 16:22 A sexy brunette makes her debut today on Wet and Puffy and this cute babe is made for porn! Teasing on the floor with her curvy ass, Serenya Gomez writhes around and lifts up her miniskirt to show off her panties. Pulling up her top she teases her nipples and makes them hard before she lays down on the couch and starts to touch her puffy pussy through her panties. Pulling them against her lips, this little minx is getting seriously turned on in front of our cameras and she takes off her panties ready for some fun. We zoom in close as she fingers her pussy and then she gets to enjoy a pussy pump for the very first time. She loves the way it feels as her juicy puffy pussy gets swollen and then Serenya decides to fuck herself with a dildo. Bending over into the doggystyle position, she works herself quickly and masturbates at the same time to give herself an orgasm on film!
Jul 8, 2020

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