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Julia Parker


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 23

Breast size: B

Weight: 58 kg / 127 lbs

Height: 170 cm / 5' 7"

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Wet Cotton Panties Girl: Julia P. 4K HD + BTS Dark haired Julia Parker is back to impress us on Wet and Pissy and this hottie is wearing a skintight mini dress which comes off the shoulder. She bends over on a foot stool and shows off some seriously sexy high heels then sits up to slide her hands down into her cotton panties. Suddenly Julia starts wetting her panties and the fabric turns see through as her pee streams flow down onto the ground. She rubs her crotch then licks her fingers before she takes them off and mops up her golden nectar. Once she is naked, Julia rubs her pussy while we film her in closeup and she starts to finger her wet hole. She enjoys pussy pissing again and makes a mess on the floor then mops it all up with her now sodden dress! Using a flesh like dildo, this horny babe strokes and licks the shaft. She bends over into the doggystyle position and fucks herself, pausing to pee. Moving down onto the ground, Julia rides her dildo and masturbates then pees again, this time soaking her toy!
Oct 27, 2020
Double Orgasm Girl: Julia P. 4K HD Today we join brunette babe Julia Parker at home in our latest homemade video. Dressed in tiny denim hotpants and a strappy tank top, Julia sits down in her leather chair and feels super horny. She rubs her hands over her body and opens her legs which leaves little to the imagination in those tiny hotpants! Taking them off, Julia is left in white cotton panties and it isn't long before she starts wetting her panties, letting her golden juices flow through her crotch and drip down the edge of her chair. Once she strips out of them, she sucks them briefly then rubs her pussy with her fingers. She orgasms so quickly and starts pussy pissing, catching another piss stream in a glass vase which she places on the floor. Pouring her juices all over her naked body, Julia is soaked and after catching another stream, she pours it into her mouth and spits it all down herself. Ready for some more fun, this horny brunette fingers her soaking wet pussy. After masturbating she enjoys another orgasm to finish her latest pissing porn movie!
May 19, 2020
Soaking The Bedsheets Girl: Julia P. 4K HD + BTS Julia Parker returns for her follow-up scene here at Wet and Pissy and this blonde babe doesn't disappoint! We last saw Julia back in 2018, but she hasn't changed one bit and she lays on the bed rubbing her hands over her panties and gets herself turned on! Her cameltoe looks very inviting as Julia gets intimate with herself to start this scene. She pulls up her panties then suddenly starts wetting her panties right there on the bed, soaking her bedsheets and panties at the same time! Julia looks satisfied as she relieves herself then touches her crotch before she sucks her fingers. Bending over into the doggystyle position, this hot blonde's ass is completely soaked and she pulls up part of her bed sheet to suck her own juices from the damp fabric. She takes off her panties to continue touching herself and naughty Julia lays with her ass up on her pillow to give herself the best angle for fingering her hole! She spreads her pussy lips apart then starts pussy pissing all over herself while we zoom in close on her pee stream. Feeling seriously horny now, this minx strips naked and uses a metal speculum to rub against her pussy before she gapes herself wide apart. With her pussy spread, Julia aims another piss stream into a giant glass bowl and leans back to pour her golden juices down over her naked body and over her tongue! Finishing herself off on the bed, Julia masturbates and sprays one final piss over her bed!
Sep 24, 2019
Tasting her Golden Nectar Girl: Julia P. 4K HD Sexy blonde Julia Parker is in the lounge in her debut scene on Wet and Pissy. She takes off her skirt and starts to grab hold of her crotch where pee desperation is setting in. Pulling her panties up against her pussy, Julia starts to piss over the floor while one leg is lifted up onto the coffee table, wetting her panties through as her pee stream flows down messily onto the floor. Julia lays back on the coffee table once she has finished and touches her wet panties and licking her fingers. She takes them off and sucks her golden pee from the fabric before she starts to finger and tease her pussy. This piss loving blonde gets a glass bowl and places it on the coffee table and as she lays back on the sofa, she sprays another pee stream right into the bowl with near perfect aim! Once she has collected enough of her golden nectar, Julia pours her juices all over her head, soaking herself all over. She takes off her top and mops up her pee then decides to pleasure herself with a glass dildo. She kneels up on the sofa and as she bends over, Julia slides her dildo into her wet pussy. She takes a quick break to piss a powerful stream of piss down onto the sofa then gets a little more comfortable to continue her toy play and masturbation. Finally Julia playfully catches one final stream of pee in a glass jug and fills two wine glasses which she uses to pour into her mouth, spitting her pee back out towards the camera!
Mar 27, 2018

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Penetrating The Peach - Wetandpuffy Girl: Julia Parker Time: 22:16 Sexy blonde Julia Parker returns to Wet and Puffy after over a year and is sitting on the edge of the couch rubbing her hands up and down her legs. She looks hotter than ever in tight white hotpants and a cropped top and this hot babe is feeling horny. She rubs her hands against the crotch of her hotpants and then lifts up her top to play with her small, but perfect tits. She teases her nipples then takes off her top to give herself easier access. Sliding her hands down into her hotpants, Julia teases her puffy pussy and sucks her fingers then gets completely naked to give her pussy some more attention. She spreads her lips apart and lays on her side fingering herself before sliding a little blue sex toy into her juicy puffy pussy! She sucks it clean then moved onto a pink dildo which she licks and sucks, then starts toying herself in the doggystyle position. Julia turns over and speeds up the pace as she orgasms with her dildo!
Jun 26, 2019
Orgasm In A Bottle - Wetandpuffy Girl: Julia Parker Time: 21:56 Hot blonde Julia Parker makes her debut here on Wet and Puffy today and already dressed in black lingerie, looks like she might be a bit of a handful! She rubs her hands all over her hot European body then sits down on the white leather sofa with her stocking clad legs spread wide apart. Julia pushes her puffy pussy lips together with her black bodysuit rubbing up against them and starts to undress. Firstly, her high heels and stockings come off and Julia wastes no time in taking off her black lace bodysuit too! She loves the feeling of being naked and now kneeling on the sofa, Julia really gets to show off her fit body. Taking off her black beaded necklace, Julia uses it to rub against her clit before she decides to use a red speculum to spread her juicy puffy pussy lips apart. She takes a little break, sipping a drink then decides to continue her masturbation with a little ingenuity! Using the empty glass bottle, Julia licks it then slides it right up inside her twat! This is one method of recycling we fully support! This horny blonde bends over and gets herself into the doggystyle position before orgasming rather quickly, and intensely using her glass bottle as her insertion of choice!
Apr 20, 2018

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