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Pee Soaked Joggers Girl: Lexi D. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Lexi Dona returns to Wet and Pissy for another messy scene! Dressed in her comfy clothes, Lexi immediately squats down on the floor and is caught peeing her pants. Her jogging bottoms get absolutely drenched as she rubs her ass in her pee puddle and Lexi peels herself out of them to lick the wet fabric. After she rubs her trimmed pussy, Lexi pees again, this time all over the floor. She dips her socks in her juices and then dives into the wet mess, mopping it up. Once she is naked, Lexi lays on the floor and teases her pussy with a vibrator, pausing only to piss again. She laps up her golden pee before continuing to pleasure her soaking wet pussy, masturbating to a squirting orgasm to finish her latest pissing porn movie!
Apr 9, 2024
Perfect Premiere Girl: Jessika 4K HD + BTS Jessika is another new face here on Wet and Pissy and this brunette babe is dusting in the dining room. Dressed in denim hotpants and a plaid shirt, Jessika suddenly needs to pee. She looks around and decides to relieve herself right there and then. This naughty babe squats on the floor and a wet patch appears in the crotch of her denims. Her golden juices flow down and drip onto the floor and capture it all in closeup! Jessika splashes about in her pee puddle with her feet then strips out of her hotpants to get to work on her pussy. Stood up with one leg on the dining table, Jessika fingers her pussy and pees at the same time! She holds her lips apart and sprays a stronger stream of piss onto the tabletop then dives into her wet mess, using the feather duster to mop up more of her juices. Using a glass dildo, this horny hottie toys her perfect pussy and slides her dildo in and out quickly. She holds a jar beneath her and pisses into it before enjoying some piss drinking without any hesitation! She pours the rest of her warm pee down her hot naked body and brings herself to orgasm on the floor! Jessika enjoys one final piss on the floor and splashes it over herself playfully to finish her debut pissing porno.
May 18, 2021
Classy Sabrina Girl: Sabrina M. HD Sabrina arrives in some very nice packaging - nice denim shorts, black pantyhose, elegant stilettos, and a white knotted top. Variety is one of Sabrina's strengths, as she mixes it up heavily in the first part of her video. She pees twice still in her shorts in two different poses. Things start getting more primal as she slides off her shorts. Sabrina backs up onto the table on her knees as we take a closer look from behind as she pees through her pantyhose. She escalates things further as she tears a hole in her pantyhose, liberating herself, as she spreads her legs apart like a bird's wings and pees again. Although there's never a massive outburst from Sabrina like her shoot for Wet and Puffy, there's an impressive amount of positions that she pees from. The abundance of poses coupled with her great looks were well worth our time.
Aug 14, 2014
Bonny Girl: Bonny HD Bonny is a total babe. She has a look of perfect innocence that will fool you. Her sweet smile is genuine no doubt, but the reason behind the smile might not be what you would always expect. That’s because sometimes it is to let you know that there are naughty thoughts inside her mind and that she is ready and willing to play out her fantasies. When squeezing her hard little nipples, she is Gitting horny and wet and wants to bring the dreams to life by having a meat stick pumped deep into her pussy. She uses her favorite dildo to satisfy her cunt’s urges and moans out loud when she begins to shoot an arch or warm piss out of her cunt and into the air.
Apr 10, 2012
Piss Premiere Girl: Little C. 4K HD + BTS Cute redhead Little Chloe is a new addition to WetandPissy and in her debut scene she is in the bathroom in the tiniest hotpants we've come across! Chloe pulls them up between her ass cheeks and peels herself out of her bra before she squats on the bathroom floor. Suddenly, Chloe starts peeing her pants and soaks the crotch of her shorts, letting her juices stream down and make a puddle on the tiles. She sits down in her wet mess and rubs her ass in it, then splashes herself even more. Little Chloe strips off and fingers her wet pussy while we film in closeup. She pees again, this time directly onto the tiles and then laps up her pee, trying out some piss tasting. Chloe gets a rainbow dildo and sticks it to the floor to ride it. She lifts herself up and starts pussy pissing again, turning around to continue her sex toy play. Chloe catches another stream in a big glass bowl and laps up even more of her golden juices to finish her first time pissing porno.
Apr 2, 2024
Wet And Playful Girl: Nicol L. 4K HD + BTS It's always a pleasure when playful Nicol Love comes in to see us for some pissing porn and as she stands in the lounge in tiny pink shorts and a bra, she unclips her bra to show off her tits and then leans back on a leather chair when she suddenly starts peeing her pants! The crotch of her shorts gets very wet and messy as Nicol lifts up her ass repeatedly, letting her piss trickle down onto the leather beneath her. Naughty Nicol sits down in her pee puddle and moves it around with her hands. Taking off her shorts, she mops up her juices and squeezes them back out over her naked body. Nicol even sucks the wet fabric, spitting her pee back out again! Standing up with one leg on the chair, Nicol fingers her pussy then pulls apart her XXL lips to piss again on the leather chair. She makes quite a mess and then lays upside down to continue fingering her soaking wet hole. Pissing again, Nicol ends up peeing in her own mouth and all over her face and this is one of the reasons why we love her so much! Nicol bends over into the doggystyle position and we zoom in close as she enjoys more fingering and pussy pissing fun before finally scooping up her piss and drizzling it all over herself!
Apr 7, 2020
Katty Girl: Katty HD Some guys just prefer a real professional when they are looking for someone who can make them hot and horny. A girl has to have some skills and she must be talented. That way she can get the job done and satisfy your ever need by fulfilling the fantasies that go on in your mind. A girl like that really knows how to treat a cock right and is she perfectly capable of finishing the job that she starts. And if this is the type of whore that you are looking for, then come and let Katty have a shot at hardening your cock. That is why you will find her in the bathroom spreading her legs and caressing her body before putting her fingers inside her pussy to give herself a good fuck. Katty likes to end her fuck sessions by taking a long piss while holding her little snatch wide open—Getting her fingers all salty and wet.
Apr 16, 2012
Kim Davon Girl: Davon K. 4K HD Gorgeous Asian babe Davon is dressed in a cute blank tank top and pink shorts. She spreads her legs and pees through her crotch, turning the pink fabric darker as her pee saturates through. Taking off her shorts, Davon now shows off her pussy as she releases another stream of piss onto the floor. She sucks her juices out of her shorts then uses a metal speculum to stretch herself apart before spraying more golden pee onto the tabletop. She licks it clean and dives into her puddle and then catches even more of her juices in a glass. This feisty Asian pours it over herself and enjoys using a sex toy on her piss soaked pussy! She really gets into her watersports play!
Sep 28, 2015
Spraying Her Streams Girl: Lola D. 4K HD Raven haired Lola Dangerous makes her debut in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and is bent over on the couch in her gym gear. This sexy babe shows off her body encased in her tight outfit and bends over to grab hold of her ass. Suddenly, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and then peels herself out of her wet bottoms. She lays back on the leather couch and fingers her wet pussy, spraying another decent stream of piss down onto the floor. After she mops up her juices, Lola squeezes the droplets over herself and then gets hold of a glass jug and dildo. She slides her sex toy into her pussy and masturbates at the same time. Lola squats above the jug and starts pussy pissing right into it. This kinky hottie gives herself a taste of piss drinking by pouring the contents into her mouth and catches another pee stream. She gets drenched in her juices and while playing with her dildo some more, Lola enjoys a squirting orgasm!
Mar 26, 2024
Piss Galore Girl: Domi HD Newcomer Domi works her way through her first time peeing on camera. Her first pee soaks through her long white underwear, revealing her pussy before they come off. Her second pee is considerably longer. She stands on the glass table and pees into a glass watering vase. Her feet get pretty wet as some pee trickles off of her leg and some splashes from the table. Her mood then becomes more enjoyable as she waters herself with the vase. Her last pee is the longest and most appealing. Positioned on all fours on the table, Domi leans forward, elevating her ass in the air for a lengthy release. Momentarily shot from under the glass intensifies the view even more. She only pauses to switch to a resting position on the side of her left leg. A pump captures the last of her fluid.
Jan 14, 2014
Rainbow Fishnet Girl: Daruma 4K HD + BTS Russian blonde Daruma makes her Wet and Pissy debut and wows in a colourful fishnet minidress, leaving little to the imagination. This slim babe teases on a leather chair and takes off her panties. She squats over them and takes her time before she starts pussy pissing, spraying her golden stream down onto her panties. After she mops up her juices, this cutie squeezes the wet fabric into her mouth, enjoying her first taste of piss drinking. Daruma strips naked and pleasures her wet pussy, fingering herself too. She holds a glass jug beneath her pussy and catches her next stream of piss into it while we zoom in closeup. Daruma gets pee drenched and moves onto a glass dildo to slide inside her pussy. She orgasms with her glass toy with enough time to enjoy some more solo pissing.
Mar 12, 2024
Not So Innocent Girl: Teana 4K HD Gorgeous brunette Teana makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and this hottie looks tantilising in denim hotpants and a tank top. She teases by pulling down her top to give a peek at her cleavage and her innocence is such a turn on. We know this cute babe has a naughty streak and she won't be afraid to show it! Climbing up onto the dining table, Teana slips her hand down into her hotpants and touches her pussy and after taking them off she starts pussy pissing all over the denim fabric and glass tabletop! This horny babe mops up her juices and fingers her wet pussy quickly before catching another stream of her golden piss in a vase. There's no stopping this babe as she pours it into her mouth and over her hair, giving herself a golden shower! Needing some more pleasure, Teana rides a rainbow dildo on the table and stops to piss all over it and change positions before she orgasms in her debut pissing porn scene.
Jul 7, 2020
Soaked Satin Girl: Ryana 4K HD + BTS Long haired beauty Ryana features in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this babe wows in a long red satin dress. She walks over to the dining table and sits on top of it, revealing her red lace panties when she playfully pulls them up and starts wetting her panties! We zoom in as the tabletop gets completely drenched in her golden juices and Ryana strips off to mop them up. She bends over the table and touches her pussy before releasing another piss stream, this time all over the floor. This piss loving hottie breaks out a glass dildo and toys herself, slipping it into her juicy hole, pausing only to fire another pee stream across the wooden table! Ryana laps up her golden juices to take some piss in mouth action and finishes herself off with her exquisite sex toy!
Mar 19, 2024
Kitty Girl: Kitty S. 4K HD Kitty stands tall with her super short, exposed-pocket shorts. She's of average height, but her slender body coupled with her short shorts makes her appear taller than she is. Kitty opens up with a double dose of wetting. Her first is with her shorts still on and then through her panties after she sheds them. Once she is down to her bare body, Kitty gives us a brief piss sitting on the chair with her knees up in the air - but she is not done here. She stands up and turns around, bending forward while spreading herself over the chair, effectively extending the duration of her overall piss. She makes the most out of the puddle left on the chair, first dipping her hair in it, licking the chair, and then riding into it with her ass. She takes a difficult pose, standing on one leg while raising the other on top of the fireplace. With a corn style toy, she appeases to her desires before sitting sideways and pissing a nice series of streams. Kitty returns to the leg on the fireplace pose one more time, pissing quiet nicely in the daring position.
May 16, 2016
Closeup Streams Girl: Betzz 4K HD + BTS Czech hottie Bettz makes her Wet and Pissy debut today in our latest scene and this lingerie clad babe struts her stuff as she walks over to a leather chair and bends over to show off her perfect ass. Betzz grabs hold of her bum and then takes off her bra. This playful brunette pulls her panties to one side and as we zoom in closeup, she starts pussy pissing over the glass table. She makes quite a mess in the process and strips down to her fishnet stockings to give her pussy some attention. This horny newcomer fingers herself sensually and holds her pussy lips apart to piss again, not only soaking the tabletop but her panties too! She uses a blue dildo to toy her wet pussy with and catches yet another golden stream in a glass bowl. This time, Betzz pours her golden nectar into her mouth and all over her body. She continues to fuck herself with the dildo and fits in one more pee too to finish this hd pissing video!
Oct 24, 2023
Pulsating Streams Girl: Ali B. 4K HD Brunette babe Ali Bordeaux is dressed in fishnet pantyhose and a tank top while teasing in the dining room. She has her trimmed pussy on show while she touches herself and really shows off her tattooed body! Ali is feeling seriously horny so she lifts up her tank top and plays with her small, but perfect tits! She takes off her top completely and lifts one leg up onto the glass table before spraying a stream of her golden piss down onto her top. Her juices drench her top and Ali squeezes it into her mouth and down over her body. After bending over and teasing her pussy with her fingers some more, Ali gets a glass goblet and kneels up on the table before she starts pussy pissing into it. There's no way she is going to fill it to the top, but Ali really tries her hardest to empty herself. She gets a pipette and squeezes some of her piss into the tube, inserts it into her pussy and gives herself a pussy wash, firing her golden piss up into her hole! She keeps squeezing her pee over her trimmed pussy and then licks up her juices from the tabletop to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Her hair gets drenched too as Ali rubs it in her pissy puddle and this horny babe lays on her side in her wet mess while fingering her pussy and sucking her fingers clean! She lays back with her legs in the air and rips her pantyhose apart, firing pulsating streams of piss down onto the table and over the edge while we zoom in close on her pissing pussy. She fills her pussy with a glass dildo and changes positions into the doggystyle position before she speeds things up and makes herself cum, finishing by enjoying a standing pee all over the floor!
Oct 30, 2018
Wet Jeans Girl: Yenna 4K HD Today we welcome back gorgeous brunette Yenna on Wet and Pissy and she is wearing tight denims and a tied up shirt. Immediately you we can see that she pees herself as her crotch turns to a darker blue and it starts to dribble down her legs. She takes off her denims and sucks her juices from them before laying down and firing a stream of piss towards her face! Yenna stetches her pussy with a metal speculum and as we zoom in close, she fires another stream of piss, this time onto the bed! Afterwards, this horny brunette fills her pussy with a flesh like dildo, and as she gets off she sprays even more golden pee over the bed. To finish this horny watersports scene, Yenna pees into a glass and drinks her juices, letting it pour all over her sexy body too!
Aug 23, 2016
Travellers Piss Pants Girl: Viktoria T. 4K HD The weekend isn't the only thing that Viktoria likes. She's really into trying new things, and this is what we love about her. It's one of those things that's plain to see, especially with her captivating moans of gratification. When Viktoria pees, you know that she's fully engaged as you can hear her savoring the moment. Viktoria's jeans get a taste of her pee and she bites and licks them before moving on to a bare bottom piss. Again her moangasms fill the air as she fills up a glass with her yellowy piss. She pours it over her Friday shirt and proceeds to picking up a tong like toy, spreading herself with it as she launches a nice stream down to the couch and her jeans. She fiddles around with another toy before making her jeans once more the target of her peeing as she sits above them on the sofa. She gets back into biting into them, but with more gusto than the first time.
Feb 21, 2017
Veneziana Girl: Amy HD Veneziana also known as Amy loves to play with her piss. She gets great sexual satisfaction out of making herself hold in her pee until it hurts. Veneziana says letting that piss out is one of the greatest sexual feelings in the world. In this video, Veneziana is ready to burst. But to make herself more sexually excited, she puts on a slow striptease, allowing you to enjoy every inch of her body. See her pull her wet pussy lips apart so you can get an unobstructed view of her piss as she pushes it out. Veneziana has great control so she can start and stop her pissing at will. But Veneziana has a special treat in store for you today. Watch as she pisses into a funnel so that she can collect her warm urine in a bottle. She then uses that same funnel to pour her piss back into her pussy hole. Veneziana thinks of this as her way of cumming inside of her own pussy. Very hot and not to be missed. This gets Veneziana so hot that she finishes out this scene with her vibrator.
Feb 19, 2013
Closeup Cutie Girl: Megan L. 4K HD + BTS Blonde hottie Megan Love makes her first ever appearance here on Wet and Pissy and teases on the couch in red spike heels which match perfectly with her cropped top. She lays down on the couch and pulls off her panties before she squats and holds the fabric of her miniskirt over her ass. Suddenly, a wet patch appears and Megan soaks herself while we zoom in and capture her golden droplets flowing down onto the leather couch. Megan takes off her skirt and sits on a glass coffee table to masturbate. She fingers herself before pussy pissing all over the tabletop, making a nice juicy pee puddle. This eager blonde dives into her wet mess and strips completely naked to ride a rubber dildo! Megan finishes up her debut pissing porno with one final piss which we film in closeup before she sucks her wet fingers clean!
Mar 5, 2024
Ravishing In Red Girl: Megan V. 4K HD Stunning raven haired Megan Venturi joins us for a pissing porno in the lounge while wearing some sexy red lingerie showing off her slim figure when she moves over to the couch and starts to pull at her garter and pull down her lace bra top. Megan plays with her tiny tits and starts to rub her pussy through her panties with her fingers. Once her panties are off, this gorgeous babe fingers her pussy and holds a wine glass beneath her and starts pussy pissing right into it! She pours it into her mouth and spits it back out over herself and trickles some over her shaved pussy. Getting hold of a vibrator, Megan lays back on the couch and pleasures herself then holds her pussy while pissing again all over the couch. She laps up her juices from the couch and continues her vibrator play! After aiming her pissing pussy towards a giant goblet, Megan tastes her pee some more and we zoom in on her sex toy action while she is soaked in her own golden piss!
Jan 4, 2022
Creative Closeups Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Hot blonde Erika is feeling rather playful in our latest Wet and Pissy update. Kneeling up this naughty babe starts wetting her panties and lets her golden juices flow through the crotch of her cotton pants. We zoom in closeup to catch the detail in her stream then Erika splashes about in her piss puddle to soak her perfect ass in her juices! She takes off her panties and mops up her pee to rub and squeeze all over her legs and bare pussy, then licks her fingers clean! Erika fingers herself and dives into the rest of her piss puddle, soaking her top in the process. She gets naked and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy, riding it at first as it sticks to the coffee table. She catches another piss stream in a glass bowl and gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she licks up her nectar with her pierced tongue! Erika brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy with time for one more pee, all over the floor!
Jan 9, 2024
Ravishing Redhead Girl: Sweet A. 4K HD + BTS Sweet Angelina makes her debut today on Wet and Pissy and this gorgeous redhead is desperate to pee as she returns home. She won't make it to the bathroom so she lifts one leg up onto a footstool and suddenly a wet patch appears on her red denims and down her leg! Angelina rubs her crotch with her hands and then sucks her fingers clean, clearly getting turned on from this experience. She pulls off her pants and sits down on the footstool to lick the wet fabric then bends over in the doggystyle position to finger her juicy pussy. Angelina continues her fingering fun while sitting on the sideboard and catches another stream in a glass goblet. Pouring the contents into her mouth and spitting it back down over herself, we can see that she's never done this before as she looks like she might gag. This naughty redhead tips the rest over her shirt and her shaved pussy! Once she is completely naked, Angelina finds a dildo in one of the drawers and uses it to pleasure herself. She pauses and starts pussy pissing down onto the footstool then moves onto the floor to orgasm with her sex toy. There's time for one final piss on the floor before this babe splashes about in her pee puddle! Not bad for a pissing porn debut!
Mar 16, 2021
Drenched Denims Girl: Sweet A. 4K HD Redhead babe Sweet Angelina returns to Wet and Pissy for another fun update and this hottie starts things off in tight denim jeans. After teasing and showing off her figure, Angelina sits on the desk with her legs spread wide. She starts peeing her pants and a huge wet patch appears in her crotch! Feeling wet and naughty, Angelina strips from her wet denims and sucks on the fabric. She fingers her wet pussy while bent over the desk and pees again on the floor. This time Angelina mops up her pee puddle with her cropped top and continues her latest movie completely naked! Angelina rides a black dildo after slipping her pussy onto its shaft then pauses to lean back and spray another piss stream all over her sex toy! Angelina continues to pleasure her pussy and orgasms before she enjoys pussy pissing one final time to finish!
Feb 27, 2024

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