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Messy and Mischievous Girl: Alicia T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired hottie Alicia Trece is bent over a footstool in her gym leggings and cropped top when she suddenly feels the urge to piss. She squats down on the floor on tiptoes and starts peeing her pants, letting her golden juices flow through the crotch of her leggings and onto the floor in a neat pee stream! Alicia looks very mischievous and sits down in her piss puddle before she starts scooping up her juices and splashing herself with them! We zoom in close on Alicia's ass as she bounces up and down in her pee, then this playful babe strips out of her leggings and fingers herself. Pausing to piss again, Alicia sprays this latest stream onto her scrunched up leggings. She strips completely naked and gets hold of a dildo which she uses on her pussy while stood up. She catches yet another pee stream into a giant glass goblet and this naughty minx pours some of the contents into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. She spits it back out again and grins at the camera with her braces on full view, then rides her dildo to finish off this pissing porno.
May 21, 2024
Golden Curves Girl: Daisy L. 4K HD Piss fans rejoice, for Daisy Lee is a world class pisser. Wetting her shorts is a sweet affair and Daisy is only just warming up... Once she exposes her lower half after pulling off her shorts, Daisy Lee demonstrates her incredible pissing capacity. Quite appropriately, she leans back on the sofa with her legs wide open ,prying herself open with a speculum. Once she gets her stream going she keeps it going for an impressive amount of time. There are some nice close ups with a clear view of her suberb tools. She takes to the floor afterwards, sweeping her hands over her freshly pissed floor. Now on the table, she gets on her knees and bends forward, drenching her white top with another lengthy pee. After some time with a blue toy, Daisy is ready to pee for us one more time. With one leg on the sofa and the other on the floor, she stands over a glass filling it and letting it overflow, focusing on getting rid of every last ounce of piss left in her body.
Jun 20, 2017
Explosive Streams Girl: Marina 4K HD + BTS Redhead hottie Marina features in our latest Wet and Pissy update and teases on the couch in sheer floral lingerie. She suddenly holds onto her crotch, looking seriously desperate to pee, so she grabs hold of a glass goblet. This naughty babe holds it beneath her and starts pussy pissing right into it through her panties! Marina dips her fingers in her golden juices and licks them before she pours some into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. This gorgeous girl drenches herself in her remaining pee and strips to finger herself. Marina rubs her pussy while pissing again, making quite a mess all over the floor, and mops up her juices. She grabs hold of a pink vibrator and bends over to pleasure her pussy. This naughty girl finishes herself off with her hands and comes to an explosive squirting orgasm!
May 30, 2023
Lost In Action Girl: Nancy HD Nancy was very excited to do the shoot; after all she was a simple girl who never imagined that someday she would be able to try modeling. She was very eager to do exactly what we wanted, but she was such a natural in front of the camera. She smiled as she showed us her tits because she knew we would just want to put those delicious looking nipples it our mouths. And when it came time to shoot the pissing scenes she pissed a nice long forceful stream of piss. And then grabbed the glass she pissed in and poured it all over her tits and nipples before raising the glass to her mouth and drinking it like she loved every minute of her piss play!
May 20, 2013
Wet Distraction Girl: Nicol L. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Nicol Love returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest scene and this babe dons her gardening belt ready to get to work. She easily gets distracted and takes out one of her tools, then rubs it against the crotch of her hotpants. Nicol leans over and suddenly starts peeing her pants! Her shorts get soaked as she lets her stream flow down onto the floor and we zoom in close on her damp, wet crotch. This naughty girl sits and rubs her ass in her pee puddle, then sits on the couch to finger her wet pussy. She squats and fires a powerful, messy stream of piss onto the floor towards the camera before rolling and diving around in it! Nicol strips off and toys herself with a yellow textured vibrator while bent over in the doggystyle position. Using a plant pot, she pauses to piss in it, then gives herself a taste of piss drinking and spitting. Once she has got herself off, Nicol pees one final time on the floor and slides across her golden juices playfully!
May 14, 2024
Rainbow Pissing Girl: Claudia M. 4K HD + BTS Stunning blonde Claudia Macc is back on Wet and Pissy for another pissing porn scene as she sits on the couch in a purple lace dressing gown and is in the mood for some fun as she pulls it open and tweaks her nipples. Sucking on her fingers, Claudia makes her finger wet before rubbing her nipples and then feels the urge to piss as she touches her crotch. As she stands up and bends over, we notice a pussy clip attached to her XXL pussy lips, then stands up and starts pissing down on the floor. Claudia takes off the pussy clip and rubs it in her pee puddle then laps up her juices to give herself a taste of piss drinking! This horny babe sits down on the couch and pulls apart her pussy lips, twisting them around and then spreads herself apart with her fingers. She pisses again down onto the floor then dives in her juices, playfully splashing around! Claudia takes off her gown and gapes her pussy apart with a speculum, pissing down on the belt of her dressing gown. Finally this sexy babe fills her pussy with a rainbow dildo, riding it until she orgasms!
Apr 30, 2019
Rebeca Kubi Girl: Rebeca K. 4K HD For Rebeca Kubi, being a Wet and Pissy girl was a breeze. Working the camera with her smile, Rebeca opens up by wetting her jeans. Seeping through her pants, her pee runs down the front of the sofa. After pleasuring herself with her soaked jeans, they come off and she bares her bottom. Now laying on her back, she lets herself relax, tucking her legs towards her body and letting her body do what we love to see so effortlessly. Once fully undressed, Rebeca kneels over a vase between her legs as she leans forward to piss into it. Her actions demonstrate again just how at ease she is. After riding a dildo on the floor, dipping her ass into the puddle on the floor as she goes up and down on it, Rebeca is ready for her crowning moment. Taking a cue from Anita Berlusconi, Rebeca gets on all fours and lifts one leg up in the air spraying a hot stream on the floor.
Feb 14, 2017
Dildo Piss Play Girl: Nuria 4K HD + BTS Brunette beauty Nuria holds onto her crotch and looks like she needs to relieve her piss desperation while sitting in the lounge. Pulling down her denim hotpants, this gorgeous girl starts pussy pissing into her denims and then slips them off to mop up her juices. She licks the wet fabric and rubs them all over her hot body before laying down on the leather couch to finger her pussy! Nuria pleasures herself and speeds up with her pussy play before she pauses and gapes her snatch wide apart to piss again. Moving onto a black dildo, Naughty Nuria fucks her pussy and then catches another golden stream of piss in a glass vase. She dips her hair into it and pours her nectar over herself and into her mouth to experiment with piss drinking. This sexy babe finishes off her hd pissing scene by riding her dildo and pissing one more time all over the tiled floor!
Jul 25, 2023
Wet Red Pants Girl: Mini M. 4K HD + BTS Curly haired brunette Mini Mitzi walks into the lounge suffering from pee desperation. She holds onto the crotch of her red pants and knows full well that she won't make it to the bathroom. With one leg lifted up on a footstool, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and lets her juices soak all the way down her leg and onto the floor! Mini Mitzi seductively rubs her hand over herself and now feeling horny, she takes off her heels and pulls down her trousers! Once they are off, Mini Mitzi uses them to mop up her pee puddle from the tiled floor and licks the wet fabric. She sits down on the foot stool and plays with her pussy, slipping a finger in, then pauses to release another pee stream down onto the tiles! Mini Mitzi dives into her wet mess and then rides a purple jelly dildo to ramp up her pussy pleasure! She soaks her sex toy in even more golden streams and once she has orgasmed, she puts back on her wet pants to finish this pissing porno!
May 7, 2024
Soaking The Bedsheets Girl: Julia P. 4K HD + BTS Julia Parker returns for her follow-up scene here at Wet and Pissy and this blonde babe doesn't disappoint! We last saw Julia back in 2018, but she hasn't changed one bit and she lays on the bed rubbing her hands over her panties and gets herself turned on! Her cameltoe looks very inviting as Julia gets intimate with herself to start this scene. She pulls up her panties then suddenly starts wetting her panties right there on the bed, soaking her bedsheets and panties at the same time! Julia looks satisfied as she relieves herself then touches her crotch before she sucks her fingers. Bending over into the doggystyle position, this hot blonde's ass is completely soaked and she pulls up part of her bed sheet to suck her own juices from the damp fabric. She takes off her panties to continue touching herself and naughty Julia lays with her ass up on her pillow to give herself the best angle for fingering her hole! She spreads her pussy lips apart then starts pussy pissing all over herself while we zoom in close on her pee stream. Feeling seriously horny now, this minx strips naked and uses a metal speculum to rub against her pussy before she gapes herself wide apart. With her pussy spread, Julia aims another piss stream into a giant glass bowl and leans back to pour her golden juices down over her naked body and over her tongue! Finishing herself off on the bed, Julia masturbates and sprays one final piss over her bed!
Sep 24, 2019
Party with Whitney Girl: Whitney C. HD Whitney Conroy walks onto the set and immediately pulls down her shorts and starts pissing all over the floor. Then she gets on her hands and knees so she can start mopping the floor with her white tank top on. Of course she wants a little taste of her piss so she plants her face on the floor and licks up some pee. But now it's time to get naked and pee some more. So Whitney grabs two wine glasses and fills them both up with piss, and then takes a couple of drinks and pours the rest all over her head and body! After that, she has nothing else to do except play with her wet toy inside her wet and pissy pussy.
Jul 5, 2013
Kitchen Pissing Girl: Puppy 4K HD + BTS Our sexy babe Puppy comes back to Wet and Pussy this week for another HD Pissing scene and is in the kitchen chopping up some vegetables. She suddenly feels the need to pee so decides to place her weighing scales down onto the ground and places a glass bowl on top. She lifts up her dress and sprays her golden piss down into the bowl with her pissing pussy while standing. Using a ladel, this naughty babe scoops out some of her piss and pours it down over her summer dress and over her tongue. She lifts up the bowl and pours the rest down herself, tasting her piss before stripping naked and sitting down on a stool to gape her pussy apart with some tongs. She uses the ends to tease her labia and as she holds her pussy lips apart, Puppy pees down onto the floor and washes the tongs with her juices! She mops up her piss with a tea towel and squeezes it out over her tits and pussy. Next, Puppy sits up on the kitchen counter and uses a jelly dildo to fuck her piss soaked pussy. She fires another stream of piss over the stool while the dildo is still teasing her pussy then sucks piss in mouth, flicking it playfully over herself. Her dildo play continues down on the floor and Puppy masturbates her clit furiously to give herself an immense squirting orgasm!
Mar 26, 2019
Soaking Her Toys Girl: Ashley 4K HD + BTS New face Ashley features in her first ever Wet and Pissy scene and this tattooed Colombian is kneeling on a leather couch while showing off her slim body. She pulls on her tiny denim hotpants and while facing the camera, this hottie starts peeing her pants! We zoom in while her golden juices flow down through her crotch and drench the fabric completely. Ashley pulls off her wet shorts and sucks on them, then sits back down to finger her pussy! Ashley gets hold of a glass vase and holds it beneath her pussy to catch another piss stream. She pours her juices into her mouth to try out piss drinking, and ends up getting drenched as it trickles down over her cropped top. She may be new, but Ashley is very enthusiastic and after she strips naked, Ashley toys her pussy with some love eggs. Pausing to piss all over her sex toy, Ashley moves onto a red dildo which she slips into her eager hole. Ashley masturbates to finish herself off in her debut scene!
Apr 30, 2024
Piss Covered Big Tits Girl: Taylee W. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Taylee Wood debuts on Wet and Pissy in our newest update and is teasing in the lounge in a hot pink miniskirt and cropped top. She lifts up her skirt and rubs her pussy through her cotton panties before she stars peeing her pants and a soaking wet patch appears on her crotch, drizzling down onto the leather couch that she is sat on. We zoom in close on the action and Taylee slips out of her panties, squeezing them over her big tits and into her mouth. This hot babe mops up her juices from the floor and then fingers her pussy while laying on her side. She catches another of her golden streams in a glass bowl and pipettes her pee over her tits which she sets free and squeezes together! Taylee pours the rest of her piss all over herself then grabs hold of an inflatable sex toy which she uses to pleasure herself then after peeing again in the bowl, this cute babe paddles her socks and then sucks them! While laying on the couch, Taylee fingers her pussy quickly and makes herself orgasm in this debut pissing porn scene!
Apr 5, 2022
Wet In Class Girl: Lina 4K HD + BTS Today we welcome Lina to Wet and Pissy and this newcomer is in the classroom looking mighty fine in her pencil skirt and deep pink blouse. She unbuttons her blouse and squats on the floor before revealing she isn't wearing any panties and this naughty babe starts pussy pissing on the floor with her legs spread open! Lina mops up her golden juices with a sponge and squeezes them back out over her clothing. She strips out of her soaking wet clothes and once naked, Lina leans on the edge of the desk. We zoom in on her juicy cherry pussy as she teases her lips and starts fingering herself right there and then! She pees again in a watering can and uses this and pours it all down herself, including over her wet pussy. Using a spiked vibrator, Lina bends over into the doggystyle position on top of the desk and slips it into herself. She pauses to stand on two chairs and enjoys a standing pee down onto the floor! She continues her sex toy play and orgasms, with time for one final pee in this hd pissing scene!
Feb 23, 2021
Seductive Streams Girl: Amelie 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Amelie makes her debut on Wet and Pissy for our latest scene and with her seductive eyes, this hottie is going to rock your world! After she rubs her hands over her hot body, we zoom in close on the crotch of her denim hotpants. Suddenly, this gorgeous girl starts peeing her pants and looks to be enjoying every second of it! Amelie touches the wet fabric and licks her fingers before she slowly strips naked. After she fingers her pussy, she leans back on the dining table and starts pussy pissing some more! Amelie splashes about in her pee puddle and slides her pussy down onto a jelly dildo. She pleasures her piss soaked pussy in a variety of positions before masturbating to orgasm. Finally, this naughty minx pees one more time and splashes her bare feet in her golden juices!
Aug 22, 2023
Sensational Squirting Orgasm Girl: Jennifer M. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Jennifer Mendes is dressed in a tiny miniskirt and cropped top, properly showing off her curves in our latest Wet and Pissy scene! This curvy cutie pulls down her top and shakes her big tits before she slips her hand down into her panties to touch herself. Jennifer starts wetting her panties while we zoom in close and capture the golden droplets flow down over her ass cheeks. She takes off her panties and sucks the damp fabric, then continues to pleasure her pussy with her fingers. This cheeky babe lays upside down and fires another stream of golden piss all over her own face, giving herself some piss in mouth action and gets absolutely drenched in her juices! She sits up with a metal speculum, slipping it into her wet hole and gapes her hole wide apart. Jennifer fires her pee into a big glass vase and pours the contents into her mouth, spitting it back out again over her tits. She finishes off with a blue dildo before masturbating to a forceful squirting orgasm!
Apr 23, 2024
Addison Dark Girl: Addison D. HD Addison Dark is a very fun loving and curious girl who is also horny for good sex. You can tell this by the way she playfully strips off her bath robe. All of these are qualities that match well together when her slutty little slit is in need and you bring a hard shaft into the picture. That is probably why she can’t help but lifting her leg into the air and testing her own pussy in the shower. When Getting hot and wet, she likes to first start by using her hands to explore all curves and crevices of her own body. She has a lovely looking pussy that is very tempting to touch and to taste. It looks even better when Getting covered with urine as it lets out a trail of hot pee onto the bathroom floor underneath her.
Apr 20, 2012
White And Wet Girl: Jessica B. 4K HD + BTS Hot brunette Jessica Bell returns to Wet and Pissy dressed in a white sheer robe. She teases and opens her legs to show off her white lace panties. Slipping her hand down inside them, Jessica touches herself and pulls her panties up between her pussy lips! she pulls them down and stands above some glass bowls before she starts pussy pissing right into them! Her piss streams spray all over the glass coffee table and Jessica sits down before she pours some of her piss in mouth, spitting it down over herself. She pours the rest down her gown and the wet fabric clings to her slim body. Jessica strips naked and uses a metal speculum first to tease her hard nipples, and secondly to gape apart her pussy. She pees again while spread apart and Jessica mops up her juices. This horny babe moves onto a rainbow dildo which she enjoys while standing up then rides it after sticking it to the coffee table! Jessica has an impressive squirting orgasm!
Sep 14, 2021
Yes I Can Girl: Noleta HD A recent experience has left Noleta doubting whether she can pee in front of a camera. Not able to go from a standing position, she then mounts a small seat with no results. After another unsuccessful attempt, she squats down to the sound of success. She pauses and turns as her doubt becomes irrelevant and she manages a lenghty pee. Later, after peeing into a wine glass, she turns once again and plants one foot on the seat to continue. As if the first pee wasn't long enough, she now has an impressive pee of almost 3 minutes. Elegantly shot, Noleta is visually stunning. Not only does she succeed in doing what she wished to do, she far exceeded it.
Nov 25, 2013
Ready, Aim, Fire Girl: Samantha C. 4K HD + BTS Colombian hottie Samantha Cruz returns to Wet and Pissy for another solo pissing scene and this gorgeous exotic babe shows off her figure in tiny pink shorts and a camo cropped top! Samantha squeezes her tits together and slips her hand down into her shorts to touch herself before she kneels down and starts peeing her pants! We zoom in close as her golden streams flow down her leg and the crotch of her shorts gets extremely drenched! Samantha takes off her shorts and sucks them, before giving her pussy some attention. She masturbates and fingers her wet hole, then catches her next stream in a pink bowl. This piss loving babe pours her golden nectar into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking and the rest of her juices flow down over her tits. Samantha bends over into the doggystyle position and toys herself with a dildo, pausing to fire another long powerful stream of pee into the bowl. She continues to get wet and pleasure her pussy to finish!
Apr 16, 2024
Busty Shione Girl: Shione HD Shione wastes no time getting down to business. Immediately she begins by peeing through the gap of her loose fitting shorts. She pulls them down momentarily in order to dispense into an empty wine bottle. Pouring the bottle down her ample bosom, it almost appears as if her camo top is water proof as her pee glides off of it. Once revealed, she presses and sploshes her busty assets against the table. The next pee starts off normal enough, with a small cup beneath Shione. She finds herself having to squat down a bit as her pee travels forward in an almost perpendicular fashion. A speculum is then used for some more peeing in a couple of different positions. Ending on a highlight, Shione bends forward with the camera behind her. Her bosom hanging is not the only focal point here, as her pussy lips form a wonderful v shape as she pees between them.
Jan 2, 2014
Pulsating Streams Girl: Ali B. 4K HD Brunette babe Ali Bordeaux is dressed in fishnet pantyhose and a tank top while teasing in the dining room. She has her trimmed pussy on show while she touches herself and really shows off her tattooed body! Ali is feeling seriously horny so she lifts up her tank top and plays with her small, but perfect tits! She takes off her top completely and lifts one leg up onto the glass table before spraying a stream of her golden piss down onto her top. Her juices drench her top and Ali squeezes it into her mouth and down over her body. After bending over and teasing her pussy with her fingers some more, Ali gets a glass goblet and kneels up on the table before she starts pussy pissing into it. There's no way she is going to fill it to the top, but Ali really tries her hardest to empty herself. She gets a pipette and squeezes some of her piss into the tube, inserts it into her pussy and gives herself a pussy wash, firing her golden piss up into her hole! She keeps squeezing her pee over her trimmed pussy and then licks up her juices from the tabletop to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Her hair gets drenched too as Ali rubs it in her pissy puddle and this horny babe lays on her side in her wet mess while fingering her pussy and sucking her fingers clean! She lays back with her legs in the air and rips her pantyhose apart, firing pulsating streams of piss down onto the table and over the edge while we zoom in close on her pissing pussy. She fills her pussy with a glass dildo and changes positions into the doggystyle position before she speeds things up and makes herself cum, finishing by enjoying a standing pee all over the floor!
Oct 30, 2018
Cynthia Girl: Cynthia HD Cynthia starts this Wet and Pissy scene by showing her long and sexy legs. She then pulls up her pretty dress and lets you see that she has plenty of pussy and ass to offer you. You will love it when she takes a seat and opens her legs to show off her cunt before sliding out of the top of her dress. Cynthia has wonderful tits that are round and puffy which she enjoys massaging with her hands. Her taco pussy is juicy and she doesn’t waste much time before she starts pussy pissing! You will want to slide your cock inside immediately after she spreads her legs wide apart and begins squirting. But before you do that she has to satisfy her thirst. Cynthia actually likes the taste of her own piss and starts piss drinking from her full glass of golden pee!
Jul 13, 2012

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