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Wet Colombian Girl: Breiny Z. 4K HD + BTS Colombian hottie Breiny Zoe makes her piss play debut in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this stunning babe teases in tiny denim hotpants and a bright yellow bodysuit. Breiny wastes no time in starting to strip and unclips her bodysuit before rubbing her shaved pussy. She squats down on the wooden floor and starts pussy pissing over it! This tattooed babe sits down in her pee puddle and rubs her bare ass over her golden juices. She gets completely naked to continue her fun and stands up to finger her wet pussy! Breiny holds herself on a clear chair and starts to pee again, this time while we film from underneath! Watch as her piss stream shoots down towards the camera. Breiny gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she laps up her juices and pours the rest over her naked body. She lays on the floor and toys herself with a popsicle shaped dildo before getting dressed in her piss soaked hotpants!
Sep 26, 2023
Stacy's Streams Girl: Stacy S. 4K HD Gorgeous blonde Stacy Saint makes her first appearance here on Wet and Pissy and is on the bed in a sheer pink gown that barely covers her perfect body. She opens it slightly and teases her tits, cupping them and turning herself on then slides her hands down into her panties to touch her puffy pussy. Stacy bends over on the bed and with her ass in the air, a wet patch appears on her panties as she starts peeing her pants and letting her golden juices flow down onto the bed. She touches her wet crotch and licks her fingers before she plays about in her pee puddle and sucks the bedsheets. Laying back on the bed, this horny blonde teases her pussy with her fingers and then gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape her pussy apart as she sits on the headboard. With her pussy stretched apart, she pisses again this time down over her pillows with her powerful pee stream. Next this stunning blonde babe uses a glass vase which she rubs against her shaved pussy and slides inside herself as a sex toy. She holds her pussy with her fingers and catches another piss stream in the vase. Feeling kinky, Stacy pours it over her face and down her hot body. She takes off her robe and lays down to continue her pussy play and then reverts to her fingers which she uses to pleasure herself with. Finally she places a bigger vase on the floor and continues to masturbate while sitting on the edge of the bed. Eager to orgasm, this hot babe fingers herself frantically and pees into the vase. Giving herself a taste of piss drinking, Stacy pours her juices into her mouth and swallows some of them, spitting the rest back out playfully before giving herself a final golden shower!
Feb 19, 2019
Perfect Aim Girl: Nicolette N. 4K HD Czech brunette babe Nicolette Noir makes her appearance on Wet and Pissy today in a cropped top and tiny pink shorts. Her high heels show off her long legs and hotpants cling onto her perfect ass! Nicolette knows she is sexy and she plays on this by teasing! Kneeling on a glass table, we get a better view of her ass encased in pink denim before this naughty hottie starts to pee, letting her juices soak through her hotpants and onto the table! For the final few droplets of pee, Nicolette places her hand down onto her crotch and catches her juices, licking her fingers in the process! After she has finished, she takes off her hotpants completely and uses them to mop up her golden liquid off the table before squeezing it back into her mouth and over her cropped top. Nicolette then climbs onto the couch and lifts her leg up like a dog as she sprays another stream of piss and then proceeds to strip completely naked. She uses a red plastic speculum to slide into her pissing pussy and with her legs spread apart, she pisses through a metal hoop. Piss play makes Nicolette seriously horny so this feisty brunette decides to pleasure herself with a massive black dildo. She starts by fucking her pussy while lying down and then sticks her dildo to the glass table before riding it. It fills her pussy nicely, and when she slides herself up and off it, Nicolette pisses again onto the table, splashing her pee everywhere! To finish this perfect HD pissing scene, Nicolette catches more of her pee into a glass and pours the contents into her mouth and over her wet naked body!
Jul 18, 2017
Best Of 2018 Girl: Oprah 4K HD Hello 2019! Wow! What a year we have had on Wet and Pissy! Amanda Estela, Ashley Ocean, Claudia Macc and big titted Oprah are just some of the hot girls that we have brought back for this pissing compilation to celebrate the best of 2018! These pissing pornstars can't get enough of their solo pee play and piss drinking. Watch them peeing their pants and getting turned on as they splash about and play with their golden juices. Whether you love blondes or brunettes there is something for everyone in this piss filled compilation! Some of these babes love to piss on their clothes, some like to toy their pussies with dildos and anything else they can get their hands on. They say variety is the spice of life and now you can see it all happen here in one full length scene!
Jan 1, 2019
Soaking Samantha Girl: Samantha C. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous babe Samantha Cruz makes her debut on Wet and Pissy this week and this hottie has curves in all the right places. She teases in the dining room while wearing tight red pants and a cropped zip up top! Samantha unzips her top and climbs up onto the dining table where she starts peeing her pants! Her golden piss streams flow down through her crotch and leaves an impressive puddle on the tabletop. She looks very pleased with herself and dives into her wet mess, soaking her clothes even more! Samantha starts to strip and squats on the floor while fingering her pussy. She catches another of her pee streams in a bowl and laps up her juices to give herself a taste of piss drinking. This experimental babe pours the rest down her naked body and then slides her pussy down onto a jelly dildo. Samantha pauses to give it a suck and finishes her first pissing porno by drenching herself from head to toe in more golden streams!
Sep 19, 2023
Yellow Girl: Lindsey 4K HD Sexy blonde Lindsay sits in the lounge in a peach tank top and panties with a denim miniskirt that barely covers her panties! She sits on the floor and lifts up her skirt while drizzling piss through the crotch of her panties. Needing to relieve herself some more, Lindsay pulls her panties to one side and lets us zoom in close as her golden juices spray from her delicious looking pussy. As she sits in her puddle of pee, Lindsay's clothes are drenched and she starts to strip, sucking the liquid from her miniskirt. Inserting a metal speculum, she spreads her pussy wide apart as she catches another stream of piss in a glass bowl - ready to taste her own juices. She completely soaks herself before toying her pussy with a vibrator and enjoying yet another pee to finish this amazing piss play scene.
Jul 20, 2015
Bailey Girl: Bailey HD Bailey is the kind of girl you can’t take your eyes off. With her dark hair, tanned skin and big breasts she looks perfect. I like that she has no restraints and lets her hands slide all over her body, squeezing her boobs and rubbing her pussy. Her butt looks spectacular in those tight shorts and I can’t stop watching her swinging her hips and caressing herself. But, the best moment is the one when she starts peeing and piss is slowly dripping on her long sexy legs. It is so hot! Then she starts masturbating like her life depends on this and she does it with one of her favorite sex toys straight on the bathroom floor. This babe knows what she wants and she doesn’t stop till she reaches extreme pleasure.
Apr 7, 2012
Nasty Dusty Girl: Dusty S. HD Gorgeous brunette Dusty is reading as she relaxes on the sofa and has a certain element of seductiveness about her. She runs her hands over her tight ass and shows off her spike heels before holding a goblet underneath her panties and filling it up with golden piss. Pouring her juices over her panties and tasting them, she peels her pee soaked panties from her pussy and licks them. Dusty has a very hairy pussy and she lays back to spray piss all over her toned body. Toying her pussy with a dildo, she enjoys the sensation as it slides inside her moist pussy then this naughty babe inserts a speculum and spreads herself wide. By this time, Dusty is soaked in pee and slides a pole inside her tight ass, before releasing more piss over the sofa which she sits in and soaks her hairy bush with.
May 13, 2015
Kitchen Piss Play Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the kitchen ready for some fun in our latest pissing porno and looks seriously sexy in some tiny hotpants and a plaid shirt. She pulls her shorts up between her ass cheeks before climbing onto the glass kitchen table. Naughty Emily gives her pussy a rub through the fabric then starts peeing her pants, soaking her crotch with golden juices. We zoom in closeup as her hotpants get soaked and the glass table is covered in a puddle of pee! Emily splashing around in her wet mess and rubs her ass in it before she starts pussy pissing across two glass bowls. This playful babe finds a rainbow dildo in a kitchen cupboard and leans over the table to pleasure her pussy. She soaks her naked body in more collected pee and rides her dildo, masturbating to a squirting orgasm!
Sep 12, 2023
Slow Motions 14 Girl: Slow M. HD Sit down, relax, put your headphones on and discover the most intimate dimension of pee with 2 pure beauties. Nika and Candy.
Nov 10, 2013
Jenifer Jane Girl: Jenifer J. 4K HD Jenifer Jane is another gifted girl that knows how to tantalize with her numerous charms. The chestnut haired beauty pulls you in with her alluring smile and her captivating eyes. Beginning with a jean wetting piss, Jenifer's pee works down her left leg mostly, seeping out near her ankle. With her top still on, Jenifer places a large goblet by the ottoman which she soon climbs. Dropped on her knees, Jenifer holds on to her ass as she pees into the goblet, more focused on the effectiveness of her pose than making every drop hit her target. She uses a pump to extract the her pee from the goblet, spraying it over her top which comes off shortly after. Now laying on her back with her legs open, Jenifer pees upward but mostly onto her leg. She has a bit of fun with her feet, rubbing one on the other and sliding them around in her puddle. She gets her hands on a blue toy and puts it to use in several positions. As she gets more and more intense with it, Jenifer has a squirting type piss while laying on her back again with her legs open.
May 30, 2017
Sexy Lady Girl: Miky L. 4K HD Hey Miky, you're so fine! Today on Wet and Pissy we feature newcomer miky who looks stunning in knee high socks and a tanned short playsuit! Her long legs go on for miles as she poses on a foot stool. She gets hold of a giant cocktail glass and places it on the floor as she pees through her crotch and fills it with her juices. She lifts it up and tastes her own piss, pouring it into her mouth then all over her tits! She strips out of her playsuit and sucks her crotch, enjoying even more of her golden pee. Bending over, Miky catches another stream of piss in her glass, then dips her sock clad toes in then. Her feet become piss soaked and she lifts them up so that she can suck her toes! After pouring the contents of the glass over her naked body, Miky enjoys using a purple sex toy inside her pussy and bending over doggystyle, she pees all over it. Finally, this naughty brunette enjoys releasing another piss onto the floor before she dives into her puddle and gets completely soaked!
Nov 1, 2016
Glass Slippers Girl: Antonia 4K HD + BTS Brunette babe Antonia Sainz shows off her sexy spike heels and electric blue lingerie as she teases in our latest Wet and Pissy scene. She rubs her pussy through her panties and stands up, pulling them down to her knees. Suddenly this naughty babe starts pussy pissing all over the glass coffee table and strips from her panties to mop up her golden juices. Antonia licks the wet fabric and continues to strip before she bends over and fingers her pussy. She holds one of her shoes beneath her crotch and catches another stream of piss into it, pouring her warm nectar into her mouth and down her big tits! Antonia slips some love eggs into her wet pussy and pleasures herself while we zoom in close. She sprays a short burst of pee onto the coffee table and this piss loving hottie finishes her latest pissing porno by toying herself with a glass dildo!
Sep 5, 2023
Summer Heat Girl: Laura B. HD Laura is enjoying this summer sun and we caught her in the backyard sitting in an empty paddling pool looking really delicious in denim hotpants. We soon found out that Laura had peed her hotpants and her warm pee drizzled through her crotch. This girl loves piss play and stood up for us, took off her shorts and pissed some more letting us get some awesome closeups! Massive jets of piss stream from her pee hole and she drinks and drizzles it over herself before fucking a pink dildo. Sitting in a pool filled with her own piss she looked very satisfied.
Aug 5, 2013
Wetting Her Panties Girl: Isabel D. 4K HD Seriously hot babe Isabel Dark makes her debut on Wet and Pissy today and teases in a tight top and boyshorts. She starts her scene like any naughty piss loving babe should and climbs on top of a glass table before wetting her panties! Her pee drips down onto the table and Isabel takes off her panties, squeezing more of her golden juices over herself while sitting in a puddle of her own pee! Using a purple plastic speculum, Isabel lays back on the table and gapes her pussy apart while firing another piss stream into the air. After diving and rolling around in her piss, her top is now soaked through so she takes it off and again squeezes it over her mouth! Isabel heads over to the sideboard and takes a large blue bowl from it before placing it on the floor. She takes aim and pisses into it through a funnel to make sure she doesn't waste any of her nectar. After placing the bowl back on the table, Isabel dips her sock covered feet into it and once they are soaked too, pours the rest of the contents all over her naked body! Horny Isabel is feeling the need to orgasm, so she toys her pee soaked pussy with a purple textured sex toy. She enjoys every single thrust into her pussy and once finished, licks her toy clean! Finally, this stunning babe catches one final stream of piss in a smaller vase and pours the contents into her mouth to give her a taste of piss drinking!
Nov 7, 2017
Red Oprah Girl: Oprah HD We love Oprah and we know you will too because her piss play show is extra naughty. Oprah is a hot blonde with all natural D cup tits and a love for pissing for sexual pleasure. Get to know her small but puffy pussy as she plays with it for you, gently rubbing her pierced clit hood to get herself excited. Oprah was almost bursting when we started filming so it doesn't take long for her to fill a bowl with hot, fresh pee. See her pour it back over her soaking wet pussy ans watch it flow down her thighs and between her ass cheeks. Playing in her own warmth gets Oprah turned on enough to want penetration. She grabs a set of kitchen tongs so that she can easily gape her hole open for you to see deep inside. Before this scene is over, Oprah is soaked in her own pee and getting off in high definition!
Feb 28, 2013
Piss Soaked Curves Girl: Aleya S. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Aleya Sun makes her Wet and Pissy Debut in some tiny denim hotpants and a tied up shirt. This curvy cutie squeezes her big tits together before pulling down her hotpants to her knees. She starts pussy pissing all over the floor while standing and makes a juicy pee puddle in the process! Aleya strips out of her shorts and mops up her golden nectar before she tastes the damp fabric. Now feeling really horny, Aleya lays back on the bed and fingers her pussy frantically. She places a bowl underneath her while kneeling up on the bed and with her shaved pussy lips spread apart, pees again, this time into the bowl! This naughty babe licks up her juices with her tongue to try piss drinking for the first time and innocently gags. She pours the whole bowl over her hair, giving herself a golden shower, then fucks herself with a dildo! After Aleya soaks her bedsheets, she bends over in the doggystyle position and toys herself some more!
Aug 29, 2023
Playful Lola Girl: Lola T. 4K HD Sexy blonde Lola Taylor makes a comeback on Puffy Network and this time she films a scene for Wet and Pissy. We've been eager to get her soaking wet so we are extremely excited about this one! Dressed in a skimpy pink boob tube and panties, Lola poses in the bathroom and spreads her legs, aiming her piss towards a wine glass. Her aim is a little off, so this sexy blonde bends over, showing us her curvy ass while trickles of her golden liquid drip into the glass below. Once it is full, she pours it over her sexy body and tastes her juices. Lola continues to sip on her piss while toying her pussy and gapes herself open with a speculum. All of this has been in preparation for a massive dildo which she uses to bring herself off!
Mar 25, 2015
Katy Sky Girl: Katy S. 4K HD Blonde is on the menu tonight and Katy Sky serves up a fiery display of piss proficiency. Before slipping down her faded denim shorts, Katy's ass is already revealing itself as she preps to piss through them. As she finishes up, she takes a real interest in licking and sucking on the shorts and then begins rubbing them back and forth against her crotch. She's satisfied herself enough to move on to a red pussy gaping toy, plunging it into herself. It succumbs to her tight body, bending to the will of it's superior force. She's ready to pee again, and the toy is pulled out for maximum effectiveness. Impressive is the word that comes to mind here as Katy pushes at a lengthy and solid stream, launching it into the air. It's start off gently but soon she is pushing it higher and past the surface of the bed. After she spends some time with a striped rubber dildo, she sets up for her next piss. Bent over forward with one hand on her ass, Katy provides us with another visual stunner as the action takes place. After one more encounter with the striped toy Katy simulates a squirting scenario before she finishes off filling up a goblet. She dips her tongue and hand into the glass and dumps it over her body in the end.
May 2, 2017
Busty And Wet Girl: Sofia L. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Sofia Lee is back on Wet and Pissy and in her latest scene she has come back from the gym and is wearing a cropped tank top and tiny hotpants. How anyone can concentrate when she is there is beyond us! She teases in her skintight outfit and climbs onto the back of the couch as she rubs her crotch and suddenly starts peeing her pants! Her warm piss stream trickles down onto the leather couch and leaves her hotpants damp. Sofia kneels and bends over to lick up her pee from the leather and then takes off her hotpants to mop up her juices. Laying back on the couch, Sofia fingers her wet pussy and licks her fingers. She places a glass bowl on the couch and kneels above it pissing right into the vessel. She fills it well and pours it into her mouth, spitting it back down over her tank top until she is absolutely drenched! This big titted brunette takes off her top and sets her boobs free, squeezing her pee out over her hot, naked body! Using a black dildo, Sofia pleasures herself and pauses briefly to pee over her sex toy. She changes positions and orgasms, finishing her latest pee play movie by filling a goblet to the top with one more stream which she pours into her mouth and tries piss drinking!
Jan 14, 2020
Seductive Streams Girl: Amelie 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Amelie makes her debut on Wet and Pissy for our latest scene and with her seductive eyes, this hottie is going to rock your world! After she rubs her hands over her hot body, we zoom in close on the crotch of her denim hotpants. Suddenly, this gorgeous girl starts peeing her pants and looks to be enjoying every second of it! Amelie touches the wet fabric and licks her fingers before she slowly strips naked. After she fingers her pussy, she leans back on the dining table and starts pussy pissing some more! Amelie splashes about in her pee puddle and slides her pussy down onto a jelly dildo. She pleasures her piss soaked pussy in a variety of positions before masturbating to orgasm. Finally, this naughty minx pees one more time and splashes her bare feet in her golden juices!
Aug 22, 2023
Powerful Streams Girl: Amanda E. 4K HD Amanda Estela stands before us in a one piece outfit and some shorts and a sexy pair of red stilettos. Her one piece outfit beneath her shorts gives her quick access to everything she will need. With the snap of a button, Amanda lays back on the table throwing her legs up into the air while spreading them apart. One of our favorite poses is a hit with Amanda as the view stays locked in closely, titling the angle for the most coverage. She does a great job, with her stream shooting cleanly and forcefully into the air with extreme clarity. It's definitely a moment that begs to be played over and over. Amanda covers a lot more diverse acts, soaking up the table top with her green one piece and squirting out some nice pissing a couple of times paired with some dildo action to name a few. She wraps things up with an excellent standing piss into a bottle with a funnel on top. She has remarkable accuracy. Without looking down for the bottle, Amanda nets it into the funnel easily until her stream slows down to a hot little trickle. She bathes herself with the bottle's contents for her last pissy act.
Aug 8, 2017
Diving Girl: Domini 4K HD Beautiful brunette Domini makes her appearance on Wet and Pissy and this has been eagerly awaited! Dressed in a cute tank top and panties, she peels her panties from her juicy pussy and laying back, spreads her pussy lips apart before spraying a stream of golden piss over herself. Leaving a nice wet patch on the bed, Domini takes off her soaking tank top and sucks her golden juices. Using a speculum this cute babe stretches herself while peeing once more and teases herself with a vibrator. Using a glass bowl Domini catches more of her juices and drinks it before returning to her trusty dildo!
Aug 31, 2015
Lapping And Splashing Girl: Nella B. 4K HD + BTS Czech hottie Nella Brown is next to the sauna feeling rather horny. She stands up and lifts her plaid miniskirt up before playfully spanking her ass and then sits on a leather dining chair before she unbuttons her shirt and opens her legs. Suddenly this naughty Czech babe starts wetting her panties and a straight pee stream flows through the fabric and down onto the floor. Nella makes quite a puddle on the tiled floor and uses her panties to mop up her juices, rubbing them over herself. Nella strips naked and bends over the chair to finger her soaking wet pussy, then holds a glass vase beneath her to catch another pee stream in. This time she pours her piss in mouth and surprises us in her debut scene by piss drinking too! She breaks out a vibrator and stands to pleasure her pussy then pauses to pee on the table top before she splashes herself and laps up her juices! This brunette beauty moves back to vibrator play and while laying on her side on the glass table top, she fucks her pussy and then masturbates to a squirting orgasm!
Jul 12, 2022

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