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Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 21

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: B

Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs

Height: 170 cm / 5' 7"

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Explosive Results Girl: Cayla 4K HD Horny blonde Cayla is back on Wet and Pissy this week and she is dressed to thrill in a red bodysuit! She knows how to tease the camera and rubs her hands down over her crotch before pulling down the straps on her bodysuit. She beckons us closer and climbs over the coach with her ass in the air, spanking it playfully! Unclipping her bodysuit, this naughty blonde turns around and we zoom in close on her pussy as she touches it with her fingers. She slips her fingers inside herself and stands up with one leg on the couch to catch her golden piss in a glass bowl and goblet. She pours her pee in mouth and enjoys some brief piss drinking, pouring the rest over her perfect tits and tongue before moving down to her shaved pussy! Cayla toys and gapes her pussy with a metal speculum and enjoys another piss while spread wide apart. She toys herself with a jelly dildo and starts pussy pissing again into her bowl when we realise that her dildo is in fact one that squirts! She sprays her pee into her mouth and over her tits again and this blonde babe makes herself orgasm with some explosive results!
Sep 29, 2020
Piss Loving Blonde Girl: Cayla 4K HD + BTS Hot blonde Cayla has only previously featured on Wet and Pissy in a lesbian scene with her girlfriend Loreen, and that was many years ago so we thought we'd get her back to see how much she has changed and if she is even filthier with her piss play. Looking a lot less innocent than before, Cayla teases in a tropical print cropped top and short grey skirt and rubs her hands all over herself. She lays back on the couch and pulls the fabric of her skirt towards her when she starts wetting her panties and soaking the fabric over her crotch. This naughty blonde takes off her skirt and licks the wet fabric then masturbates. Placing a glass bowl on the floor, Cayla gapes apart her trimmed pussy with a purple speculum and then fills the bowl beneath her. She pours the contents into her mouth and over her perfect tits then since she feels seriously horny, Cayla bends over into the doggystyle position and toys her soaking wet pussy with a dildo! She stops to pee in the bowl again and squeezes her piss into the dildo, squirting it back out all over her bare pussy. Getting closer to climax, Cayla masturbates until she orgasms and finishes this pissing porn scene by peeing once more!
Nov 12, 2019
Bowling Girls Girl: Cayla HD Loreen and Cayla want to play a game together, so set up a game of skittles. They both come up with a much more fun way to play it and that's to try to knock the pins over by pissing on them! Loreen goes first and lifts up her skirt before firing her piss at the skittles pins. Next up, it's Cayla's turn. She pulls off her denim hotpants, crouches down and pees multiple spurts over the pins. None of the pins move, so Cayla knocks them over with her hands! Both girls strip naked and have another shot at this new game before rolling around in both of their pissy puddles! Cayla teases Loreens pussy before inserting it into her hole and Loreen enjoys it so much that she squirts over Cayla! She returns the favour to Cayla by fucking her tight pussy with a skittle as Cayla rubs her clit to get herself off.
May 9, 2014

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Playful In The Office - Wetandpuffy Girl: Cayla Time: 16:33 Gorgeous blonde Cayla is back on Wet and Puffy and she is in the office looking for anything other than her work to do! She stands near the filing cabinet and lifts up her dress to give herself a cheeky slap on her ass cheeks then walks in front of the desk as she unbuttons her dress and reveals some sexy white lace lingerie. Cayla pulls out her perfect tits and then slips her hand down into her panties to masturbate while leaning on the desk. She takes off her panties and climbs onto the desk, using a little pink dildo to slide into her puffy pussy! Moving over to a chair, this blonde vixen uses a pussy pump on her trimmed pussy while the dildo is still inserted and sucks it out with the tube! She is so playful and once she has finished with her pump, she sucks a glass dildo ready to pleasure herself with this bigger sex toy. Cayla bends over in the doggystyle position while fucking her latest sex toy and quickly changes positions to finish herself off and enjoy a cheeky orgasm in the office!
May 5, 2021
Cayla - Wetandpuffy Girl: Cayla Time: 20:00 Stunning blonde Cayla is back on Wet and Puffy and feeling really hot and horny in sheer white lingerie. She walks over to the couch and climbs on, rubbing her hands over her sexy body then as she sits on the back of the couch, Cayla pulls down her lingerie and teases her nipples with her wet fingers. She slides her hands down into her panties and touches her puffy pussy and then pulls her panties up against her juicy cherry pussy. This seductive blonde starts to strip and masturbates before licking and sliding a metal speculum into her pussy. After gaping herself wide apart, Cayla toys herself with a purple dildo while bent over the couch in the doggystyle position. She lays down and continues her sex toy play and masturbates after pulling out her toy to orgasm with some serious excitement!
Apr 17, 2019
Cute Cayla - Wetandpuffy Girl: Cayla Time: 25:01 Cute blonde Cayla Lyons first appeared on Wet and Puffy in 2014 and now makes her comeback looking more sexier and alluring than cute! We aren't complaining of course as Cayla teases in tight hotpants and a halterneck bodysuit. She pulls down her top and plays with her boobs making her nipples nice an perky then pulls off her hotpants leaving her sexy peach lace bodysuit. The gusset barely covers her pussy so gorgeous Cayla pulls at her pussy lips and wraps them around her crotch! This stunning blonde teases her pussy lips some more before stripping right down to her socks then she uses a pussy pump on herself, sucking her juicy cherry pussy right up inside the glass tube. She really enjoys making her puffy pussy even more swollen and once finished she uses a glass dildo on her hole. We get some amazing close-ups of Cayla's juicy puffy pussy as she changes positions while toying herself then she masturbates with her fingers at the same to get herself off. Yet another enjoyable orgasm for this beautiful blonde Czech babe who made quite an impression here at Wet and Puffy!
Jun 26, 2017
Cayla Lyons - Weliketosuck Girl: Cayla Time: 27:24 Beautiful blonde Cayla is in the shower room dressed in a pink robe. She starts to strip for our guy seductively as she shows off her tight body and oils up her perky breasts. Using her hands and mouth, this not-so-innocent blonde sucks on our guys balls and teases his shaft. Pushing her tits together, Cayla rubs his cock between her cleavage before getting on her knees to suck cock in point of view. Taking a cumshot over her mouth and chin, Cayla plays with it and shows how much she loves the taste!
Jun 27, 2015
A Comb Misuse - Wetandpuffy Girl: Cayla Time: 28:41 Cayla is in the lounge in a tight pink top, miniskirt and cute knee socks. She is already horny and rubs her hands over her pussy that is covered in a white lace g-string. This sexy blonde pulls down her top and rubs her petite tits, before bending over and using her fingers to pleasure her pussy lips. She pulls her g-string to one side and tugs at her juicy cherry lips before trying out a pump. They suck right up inside the pump and Cayla enjoys every minute of it so much that she pees right inside it. She then grabs a hair brush and uses it to tease herself, rubbing it faster and faster along her clit. She fucks the handle and brings herself off to one incredible orgasm!
Mar 12, 2014

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