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Leidy De Leon


Nationality: Spain

Age: 23

Breast size: C

Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs

Height: 168 cm / 5' 7"

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Army Piss Play Girl: Leidy D. 4K HD + BTS Kinky babe Leidy De Leon makes her return with a brand new look and this pink haired vixen is ready for action in a camo style outfit. She sucks on a trungeon and pulls down her cropped top to reveal her big tits then after stripping from her camo shorts, Leidy squats and starts pussy pissing all over a mirror placed on the floor! Her stream is very impressive and she soaks the reflective surface in her juices. Leidy dives down into her soaking wet puddle and laps up her juices, showing how filthy she really is! She gets her body wet too and then bends over the couch to finger herself. This hot babe rubs her pussy while peeing again and this time she bounces her ass in her golden pee! Leidy uses a glass bottle to fuck her pussy with and catches another stream of piss in it. She enjoys some piss drinking action to complete this pissing porno then drenches herself even more before fucking the trungeon to get off!
Jun 7, 2022
Splashing Streams Girl: Leidy D. 4K HD + BTS Leidy De Leon has joined us in the lounge and leaves little to the imagination in a red babydoll. Immediately she pulls down the top to reveal her big tits and rubs her hands all over them before showing off her red panties. She pulls them slightly down and facing away from the camera, Leidy bends over the sideboard. Suddenly she starts pussy pissing down, wetting her panties and the floor while holding her hand beneath her streams. Of course we zoom in on all the action! This blonde MILF takes off her panties and mops up her juices from the floor, squeezing them back into her mouth and over herself. She sucks on them too and can't get enough of her golden pee! Leidy kneels up and fingers her pussy then squats while pissing again on the tiles. Her piss puddle makes the floor nice and shiny and this hottie splashing around in her wet mess! She decides to enjoy a glass dildo and bends over the chaise longue while slipping it into her pussy, pausing to get hold of a crystal vase which she places beneath her. Leidy starts pissing into the vase and playfully pours her juices into her mouth and all down her front! She continues to pleasure herself with the glass dildo and while leaning back on the chaise, Leidy shoots a final stream of piss up into the air and all over herself to end with a messy pissing porn finale!
Mar 30, 2021
Delicious Debut Girl: Leidy D. 4K HD + BTS New blonde Leidy De Lyon makes her debut today on Wet and Pissy and this Spanish senorita is sat in the bathroom in a purple lace bodysuit. She is feeling pretty hot and ready for action and this shows as she rubs her hands all over herself and wastes no time in pleasuring her pussy. Leidy unclips her bodysuit and teases her XXL lips before she starts pussy pissing all over the glass tabletop. This hottie splashes around in her juices and now she's naked she gets to work on her pussy even more. Leidy licks her juices from her hands and we zoom in as she enjoys another piss, this time pretty forceful! She bends over and toys herself with a blue dildo then moves down onto the floor to continue her toy play. Leidy seems to be enjoying her wet porn experience and pisses on the floor one more time to finish off our latest hd pissing scene.
Dec 1, 2020

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Hot Pink MILF - Wetandpuffy Girl: Leidy De Leon Time: 21:21 Leidy De Leon returns to Wet and Puffy with pastel pink hair and walks seductively into the dining room in neon pink boots and a floral two piece. She shakes her ass towards the camera and pulls her hotpants between her cheeks to tease! Leidy squats and slides her hand down into her shorts to masturbate before licking her fingers clean then this naughty MILF starts to strip and lies down on the dining table to play with her big fake tits. Leidy continues to strip naked and bends over into the doggystyle position while teasing her pussy lips with her fingers. She gets hold of a metal speculum and uses it to slip in and out of her pussy before gaping her hole wide apart. While stretched to the max, Leidy fingers herself then moves onto a rainbow dildo which she rides on top of the dining table! We zoom in close as she lifts herself onto the shaft and lays down to enjoy an orgasm!
Jun 1, 2022
Leidy In Lace - Wetandpuffy Girl: Leidy De Leon Time: 19:24 Horny MILF Leidy De Leon returns to Wet and Puffy and teases in black lingerie and a white blouse. She leans against the wall and shows off her lace encased big tits and spike heels. Pulling down the top of her lingerie, Leidy plays with her nipples and reveals her big tits. She pulls her lingerie between her puffy pussy lips and climbs onto the bed. For all you foot lovers out there, Leidy massages her feet and leans back on the bed before slipping her lingerie to one side to get access to her XXL pussy lips. She teases and pulls them then fingers her eager hole. This hot MILF bends over in the doggystyle position and continues her fingering fun then grabs hold of a pussy pump which she enjoys using on her juicy puffy pussy. Her labia gets sucked up the tube and Leidy finishes her newest scene by orgasming with a red dildo!
Mar 17, 2021
Masturbating MILF - Wetandpuffy Girl: Leidy De Leon Time: 15:50 Leidy De Leon is a brand new face here at Wet and Puffy and this Spanish beauty is in her element as she teases on the couch and wastes no time in showing off her perfect tits. Leidy leans back on the couch and pulls her panties to one side to touch her cherry pussy lips. Once her panties come off, this horny babe fingers herself and then uses the end of a sex toy to rub against her labia. Popping some love eggs into her pussy, Leidy sucks them clean and moves onto a pink dildo. This hot MILF slips it between her tits and sucks on it, showing you how she'd look giving a tit wank and blowjob at the same time! She slides her dildo into her pussy and we zoom in close on her puffy pussy play, bending over into the doggystyle position to pleasure herself some more. Finally, sitting up on the couch this babe masturbates at the same time to orgasm intensely in her debut scene!
Nov 11, 2020

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