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June Rain Girl: Samantha J. 4K HD SD Sexy babe Samantha poses in the walk-in shower in a blue thong and a pink t-shirt. Sitting in a glass chair, she pees through her panties and leaves them soaking wet. Not long after she pulls her panties to one side and fires a stream of piss onto the shower floor. Samantha even collects some of her juices in a bottle before licking them up and soaking her t-shirt, turning it see-through! This stunning babe loves to take pee into her mouth and enjoys every mouthful before she uses a blue sex toy on her piss drenched pussy. Pissing all over her sex toy, she seems to be really enjoying her experimental pee play!
Jun 9, 2015
Wendy Moon Girl: Wendy HD SD Wendy is a cute brunette with alabaster white skin and no tan lines. She looks like an innocent sorority girl but as soon as her scene starts, you can tell she's got a naughty side to her. We meet Wendy in the shower and when she takes of her bikini bottoms, you will notice her clit hood is pierced three times. Wendy immediately pisses into a watering can for you to see. She is super full of pee so there is a lot for her to work with after. Wendy uses the can to water her body down with her own urine, tasting herself as it falls. After slapping her vagina around a bit she works up even more pee to push out for you. Wendy knows how to control her stream by pulling her pussy lips tight and directing her urethra. She also likes to open her pussy wide so you can see it coming slowly out as she plays with every drop.
Nov 22, 2012
Gaby Girl: Gaby HD SD There is just something about a girl with dark brown hair and hungry looking eyes that is very exciting, especially when she is horny and naked. No man can resist such a sight when he has it right before his eyes. That is the very reason why you should give Gaby some of your undivided attention. She is a very thin and lovely young thing that loves to spray piss and one that you won’t mind making the effort for. She has fair skin and a good pair of tits. But the best feature is probably her juicy pussy lips. You will love watching how wet they get when she is unleashing her pee all over the bathroom and shower floor.
Jun 15, 2012
Keithy Girl: Keithy HD SD Keithy is a blonde girl that loves to wear pink clothes wherever she walks and she doesn’t have any problem in wetting her underwear. If other models use all kind of sex toys, this one prefers to use her fingers for getting pleasure. I was surprised to see that Keithy started sucking a banana, but when I’ve seen how she knows to used, I completely understood why she brought that. If seeing her while she pees won’t arouse you, when you’ll take a look at her fingering and masturbating using the banana, you’ll instantly cum. This is one of the nastiest girls you’ll ever see in the porn movies and she loves to act this way.
Apr 5, 2012

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