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Glass Goblet Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the bathroom in a sheer robe and satin lingerie for our latest WetandPissy scene and this absolute babe knows how to tease. Emily slowly starts to perform a striptease and bends over the dressing table to admire her reflection. She takes off her bra and panties, then sits down on a chair to masturbate. This horny hottie holds a glass goblet beneath her while pussy pissing into it! We film her in closeup as she catches her golden stream and then Emily pours the contents into her mouth, enjoying some piss drinking and spitting fun! This kinky babe continues to pleasure her pussy while bent over and fingers herself before catching another piss stream. She moves onto a dildo which she uses to slide inside her wet pussy and Emily pees over the tiled floor and dives into her wet mess! Once Emily brings herself to orgasm, she has time for one last piss to finish off her pissing porno!
Feb 20, 2024
Tasting her Golden Nectar Girl: Julia P. 4K HD Sexy blonde Julia Parker is in the lounge in her debut scene on Wet and Pissy. She takes off her skirt and starts to grab hold of her crotch where pee desperation is setting in. Pulling her panties up against her pussy, Julia starts to piss over the floor while one leg is lifted up onto the coffee table, wetting her panties through as her pee stream flows down messily onto the floor. Julia lays back on the coffee table once she has finished and touches her wet panties and licking her fingers. She takes them off and sucks her golden pee from the fabric before she starts to finger and tease her pussy. This piss loving blonde gets a glass bowl and places it on the coffee table and as she lays back on the sofa, she sprays another pee stream right into the bowl with near perfect aim! Once she has collected enough of her golden nectar, Julia pours her juices all over her head, soaking herself all over. She takes off her top and mops up her pee then decides to pleasure herself with a glass dildo. She kneels up on the sofa and as she bends over, Julia slides her dildo into her wet pussy. She takes a quick break to piss a powerful stream of piss down onto the sofa then gets a little more comfortable to continue her toy play and masturbation. Finally Julia playfully catches one final stream of pee in a glass jug and fills two wine glasses which she uses to pour into her mouth, spitting her pee back out towards the camera!
Mar 27, 2018
Susan Ayn Girl: Susan A. 4K HD It has been a couple of years since we last saw Sexy brunette Susan Ayn and we are so glad she has come back to us. The year shave been kind and this beautiful babe looks sexy as ever! Dressed in a fishnet top and hotpants, she teases on a glass chair before sitting on it and lifting her legs before peeing her shorts! This naughty babe touches her crotch and licks her fingers then strips so that she can stretch her pussy with a metal speculum. Bending over, she releases another stream of piss onto the chair and tastes her juices before pouring the rest over her body. She gets hold of a stick-on flesh dildo and after sticking it to the chair, pisses all over it before inserting it into her eager hole! Finally this pee play babe catches more of her golden juices into a bowl, drinks it and pours it down her slender body to finish this watersports scene!
Sep 20, 2016
Splashing Over Glass Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Rebecca Volpetti makes her return to Wet and Pissy and in this scene, Rebecca dazzles in a sequin miniskirt and cropped top. She teases by revealing her tits and ass before taking off her miniskirt, showing that she isn't wearing any panties. This seductive European stands over glass table and while holding her pussy apart, Rebecca starts pussy pissing all over it! She makes quite a mess as her golden juices flow over the edge of the table and her pee stream just keeps on coming! Rebecca dips her fingers in her pee puddle and licks them to give herself a taste of her nectar. After she strips down to her stockings, Rebecca masturbates and fingers her wet pussy. She lets another stream of golden piss flow down all over the velvet couch and manages to fire it as far as the glass table! This piss play hottie bends over and toys her pussy with a glass dildo, pausing to release her juices again and finishes herself off in her latest pissing porn movie!
Feb 13, 2024
In The Mood Girl: Victoria P. 4K HD + BTS Blonde Victoria Pure is back on Wet and Pissy and dressed in a floral minidress, Victoria knows she looks hot. She teases in front of her dressing table and then bends over on a footstool to show off her pink panties and patent heels. Her ass looks perfect as we zoom in close and suddenly, Victoria starts wetting her panties, letting her juices flow through the crotch of her panties. She gets down onto the floor and licks up her wet patch from the footstool and starts to strip from her minidress, looking rather horny indeed. Once this blonde hottie takes off her panties, she licks and sucks the damp fabric then gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape herself wide apart with. While she is laying down and spread, Victoria starts pussy pissing and we capture this stream in closeup. She toys herself with a silver vibrator and pauses to hold her ass apart and squats to piss in a giant glass goblet. This naughty babe pours her pee in mouth and spits it back out again before finishing herself off with her sex toy, gushing one last time into her goblet!
Dec 31, 2019
Busty And Wet Girl: Sofia L. 4K HD + BTS Busty brunette Sofia Lee is back on Wet and Pissy and in her latest scene she has come back from the gym and is wearing a cropped tank top and tiny hotpants. How anyone can concentrate when she is there is beyond us! She teases in her skintight outfit and climbs onto the back of the couch as she rubs her crotch and suddenly starts peeing her pants! Her warm piss stream trickles down onto the leather couch and leaves her hotpants damp. Sofia kneels and bends over to lick up her pee from the leather and then takes off her hotpants to mop up her juices. Laying back on the couch, Sofia fingers her wet pussy and licks her fingers. She places a glass bowl on the couch and kneels above it pissing right into the vessel. She fills it well and pours it into her mouth, spitting it back down over her tank top until she is absolutely drenched! This big titted brunette takes off her top and sets her boobs free, squeezing her pee out over her hot, naked body! Using a black dildo, Sofia pleasures herself and pauses briefly to pee over her sex toy. She changes positions and orgasms, finishing her latest pee play movie by filling a goblet to the top with one more stream which she pours into her mouth and tries piss drinking!
Jan 14, 2020
Soaked Sheets Girl: Lady D. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Lady Dee is on her bed rubbing her pussy through her white lace panties. She feels so horny that she wastes no time in getting started in our latest Wet and Pissy scene. After bending over to show off her ass, Lady Dee squats on her bed and starts wetting her panties, squirting bursts of golden piss down over her bedsheets! She scoops her juices up and splashes them over herself before ripping her panties apart and pees again, this time over her hands! Lady Dee bends over and sucks her bedsheets, tasting her own golden nectar, then fingers herself. She sprays a powerful stream of piss up into the air and once naked, toys herself with a black vibrator. This insatiable babe bends over to fuck her pussy from behind and after catching another pee stream in a glass bowl, gets more comfortable to pleasure her pissing pussy even more!
Feb 6, 2024
Eileen Girl: Eileen HD If you like having a little fun with the innocent looking types who have an open mind and are willing to explore new types of action, then maybe you should have a look at Eileen. That way you can find out if she has what you have been looking for. She just might be exactly what you require. Her black hair make Eileen look both dangerous and seductively sexy at the same time. Even though she looks like the sexy girl that you tend to see every day and would love to fuck, she is no ordinary neighborhood whore. She loves spreading her pussy open wide for a piss. You can see her get her pussy warm and wet while sitting in a puddle of her own urine before taking a taste of the salty substance.
May 8, 2012
Filling The Goblet Girl: Valentina B. 4K HD + BTS Stunning raven haired Valentina Bianco returns to Wet and Pissy and this time she is in a red lace minidress which leaves little to the imagination. She holds onto her crotch clearly needing to pee. Climbing onto the couch, Valentina gets hold of a giant goblet which will be perfect for later use. She bends over and shows off her bubble butt, pulls down her panties and stands above the goblet as she starts pussy pissing down into it. We zoom in really close and she makes quite a mess as she fills up the glass. This dark haired babe picks up the flass and pours her warm golden pee down over herself and into her mouth. She pops her panties in the last remaining pee and then squeezes her wet panties into her mouth. Leaning back on the couch, Valentina fingers her pussy frantically and then sits up as she pees again into the goblet. This time she is wearing nothing but red fishnet stockings and gives herself a golden shower, pouring it all over her hair! She fucks herself with a glass bottle while masturbating and pauses to try and piss in the funnel. This pissing pornstar splashes her nectar all over herself and then fingers herself until she enjoys a squirting orgasm!
Oct 20, 2020
Soaking The Tiles Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD Brunette beauty Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest update and this hottie kneels up on a velvet couch, rubbing her hands all over her body! She pulls open her top and teases her nipples, making them nice and hard before lifting up her miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Serenya squats against the edge of the couch and rubs her pussy before she starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She soaks the tiles beneath her with some impressive streams and takes off her shoes to paddle in her golden pee puddle! Serenya rubs her juices over her bare legs and sits back on the couch to finger her pussy. She squats over a red glass bowl to catch her next pee stream and makes a mess as it shoots over the edge! This piss loving babe pours the contents all down herself and toys a dildo. Serenya lays on her side to orgasm with her sex toy before spraying one final messy piss all over the floor to finish her newest pissing porn scene!
Jan 30, 2024
Piss And Play Girl: Elina D. 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Elina De Leon shows off her long legs while sitting on a wooden dining table and can't wait to reveal even more! This hot brunette stands and lifts up her dress before we zoom in close on her perfect ass. While perching on the edge of the table, Elina holds apart her pussy lips and starts pussy pissing onto the tiled floor. She kneels, plays with her pee puddle, and climbs onto the dining table to pleasure herself. Elina rubs her pussy lips and fingers her juicy snatch before she sprays another piss stream, this time while we film her in closeup! This horny hottie strips naked and mops up her juices, then bends over in the doggystyle position to toy a blue vibrator. Elina pauses to piss again ad sucks up her pee, giving herself a taste of piss drinking! She continues to toy herself until she orgasms with her fingers to finish off this hd pissing scene!
Jun 20, 2023
Debra Dee Loves To Pee Girl: Debra D. 4K HD + BTS If you love to watch a teen pissing, stay tuned for raven haired 19 year old Debra Dee. This tattooed cutie is in the dining room in yoga pants and a cropped top that barely contains her hard nipples. Debra teases and rubs her hands over her top then moves down to her crotch before she climbs up onto the dining table and start peeing her pants! The crotch of her yoga pants gets saturated in piss and her juices pour down through the fabric and onto the table top. Once she has finished, this playful babe turns over and sits in her pee puddle, showing off her soaking wet yoga pants in closeup. She strips out of them and fingers her juicy pussy before we zoom in close on another piss stream that she fires all over the table. Debra Dee dives into her puddle and after drenching her cropped top, she takes it off and squeezes the golden liquid over her naked body. Using a flesh like dildo, Debra rides it and stretches her tight teen pussy. Pausing to piss all over her sex toy, she licks it clean and changes positions to continue pleasuring her pussy. Debra orgasms with her fingers and spreads apart her pussy lips to piss one final time in her pissing porn debut!
Mar 3, 2020
The Passion Girl: Silvia L. HD Fresh off of her momentum from our first monthly cam girl feature, Silvia Luca makes her appearance on Wet and Pissy. Silvia is a very focused individual, acknowledging the camera as filming begins, and then almost forgetting that it is there as she begins to pee. She lets us back into her world as there is a break in the action. Every time that Silvia pees or masturbates, she drifts back into her more private self. Her peeing abilities are phenomenal, at least in form factor. On her knees and with a vase below her, her concentration is at it's peak as she aims for it's neck. Later, with one leg on the table as she leans forward, she pumps out some piss as she masturbates with a toy. We get to see her smile as she tries to pee into a martini glass - missing for the most part. She laughs at her futile attempts and shakes her head in disbelief before deciding to hold the glass directly in front of her. Pleased with her presentation, Silvia's smile is reserved for the final seconds of filming, as if to bid her audience a fond farewell.
May 23, 2014
Drenching Her Desk Girl: Eva B. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Eva Brown is in the office for our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this seductive babe is dressed in a skintight dress which she pulls down to reveal her cleavage. Eva bends over the desk and holds her ass while wetting her panties! She licks up her golden juices and splashes about in her pee puddle before stripping out of her dress. Eva gets completely naked and masturbates while laying on the desk, then gets hold of a glass goblet which she places underneath herself to piss into! We zoom in close on her pissing pussy and Eva pours her juices all over her naked body! She uses a metal speculum to gape apart her snatch and pees again, this time spraying a more powerful, thick stream of piss over the desk. This horny hottie enjoys a squirting dildo from behind and uses it to suck up one final pee which she squirts into her mouth and all over her tongue!
Jan 23, 2024
Dildo Piss Play Girl: Nuria 4K HD + BTS Brunette beauty Nuria holds onto her crotch and looks like she needs to relieve her piss desperation while sitting in the lounge. Pulling down her denim hotpants, this gorgeous girl starts pussy pissing into her denims and then slips them off to mop up her juices. She licks the wet fabric and rubs them all over her hot body before laying down on the leather couch to finger her pussy! Nuria pleasures herself and speeds up with her pussy play before she pauses and gapes her snatch wide apart to piss again. Moving onto a black dildo, Naughty Nuria fucks her pussy and then catches another golden stream of piss in a glass vase. She dips her hair into it and pours her nectar over herself and into her mouth to experiment with piss drinking. This sexy babe finishes off her hd pissing scene by riding her dildo and pissing one more time all over the tiled floor!
Jul 25, 2023
Primed To Piss Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning brunette Rebecca Volpetti makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and starts teasing as soon as the camera gets rolling. This hottie knows how sexy she is and shows off her perfect figure in pink hotpants and a cropped top. Rebecca holds herself above a leather chair and suddenly starts peeing her pants. The crotch of her denims gets darker as her pee stream flows down onto the leather. This playful babe looks very pleased with herself and touches her crotch before licking her fingers. Rebecca peels herself out of her wet shorts and sucks on them, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She lays upside down on the chair to finger herself, pausing to piss over her head and in her mouth! Once fully naked, Rebecca toys herself with a rainbow dildo and catches another piss stream in a glass bowl. She pours her golden juices over her naked body and into her mouth, letting them trickle back out again. Rebecca orgasms and sprays one final stream of piss all over the tiled floor!
Jan 16, 2024
Double Orgasm Girl: Julia P. 4K HD Today we join brunette babe Julia Parker at home in our latest homemade video. Dressed in tiny denim hotpants and a strappy tank top, Julia sits down in her leather chair and feels super horny. She rubs her hands over her body and opens her legs which leaves little to the imagination in those tiny hotpants! Taking them off, Julia is left in white cotton panties and it isn't long before she starts wetting her panties, letting her golden juices flow through her crotch and drip down the edge of her chair. Once she strips out of them, she sucks them briefly then rubs her pussy with her fingers. She orgasms so quickly and starts pussy pissing, catching another piss stream in a glass vase which she places on the floor. Pouring her juices all over her naked body, Julia is soaked and after catching another stream, she pours it into her mouth and spits it all down herself. Ready for some more fun, this horny brunette fingers her soaking wet pussy. After masturbating she enjoys another orgasm to finish her latest pissing porn movie!
May 19, 2020
Seductive And Soaked Girl: Yana R. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous babe Yana Rose walks seductively into the lounge in peach lingerie and white lace-topped stockings in our latest WetandPissy hd pissing scene. She knows exactly what she is doing as she starts to peel herself out of her sheer dressing gown and rubs her hands all over herself. She takes off her basque and stands above a bright red stool, pussy pissing into the seat! Yana dips her pearl necklace into her pee puddle and licks them before she gets hold of some love eggs which this horny hottie uses to pop inside her piss-drenched pussy! Yana pulls them out and pees all over them then gets hold of a glass goblet which she uses to catch another piss stream in. She pours her golden nectar into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking and then pours the rest all over herself. Yana moves down onto the rug and masturbates until she orgasms!
Mar 7, 2023
Creative Closeups Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Hot blonde Erika is feeling rather playful in our latest Wet and Pissy update. Kneeling up this naughty babe starts wetting her panties and lets her golden juices flow through the crotch of her cotton pants. We zoom in closeup to catch the detail in her stream then Erika splashes about in her piss puddle to soak her perfect ass in her juices! She takes off her panties and mops up her pee to rub and squeeze all over her legs and bare pussy, then licks her fingers clean! Erika fingers herself and dives into the rest of her piss puddle, soaking her top in the process. She gets naked and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy, riding it at first as it sticks to the coffee table. She catches another piss stream in a glass bowl and gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she licks up her nectar with her pierced tongue! Erika brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy with time for one more pee, all over the floor!
Jan 9, 2024
Naughty Nympho Girl: Nancy S. 4K HD + BTS College cutie Nancy Smile is waiting in the classroom for her teacher and gets bored pretty easily. When she realises he isn't coming yet, Nancy decides to take matters into her own hands to ease her boredom. She gives her ass a cheeky spank with a ruler and this naughty nympho climbs up onto her teachers desk and lifts up her plaid miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Nancy starts pussy pissing all over the desk and aims her juices towards a yellow sponge. She mops up her juices with the sponge and squeezes it out all over her cropped top and bare pussy! Nancy strips down to her frilly white socks and bends over into the doggystyle position to pleasure herself. She pees again, this time paddling her feet in her piss puddle. This horny coed toys her piss soaked pussy with a beaded sex toy and masturbates frantically before pausing to enjoy another pee while we film in closeup. Nancy licks up her golden nectar, taking her piss in mouth and finishes herself off right there in her classroom for our wet porn scene!
May 16, 2023
Cherry Kiss Girl: Cherry K. HD Cherry Kiss is a professional cockteaser who knows the right way to flirt in front of the camera. You just know in an instant that this cunt has all the right goods to make your dick rock hard. Biting her lips, the camera zooms to show her perky tits that long to get sucked. She undresses and sits on a glass chair as if she is fucking it. She knows that you are crazy about her pinkish twat that’s why she lifts her legs up and spread her pussy for you to get a better view. You will see how she loves getting the floor wet with her own pee , the hornier this chick gets the more piss she will squirt from her amazing pussy
Aug 30, 2012
Eager Newbie Girl: Bellinda 4K HD + BTS Czech brunette Bellinda makes her Wet and Pissy debut in tiny denim hotpants and this slim girl sits on the back of a leather chair before she rubs her crotch through the fabric. Eager to try out piss play, Bellinda pulls down her hotpants and starts pussy pissing straight into them! Her stream flows down onto the ground but not before soaking her shorts at the same time! Bellinda mops up her pee puddle and licks the wet fabric, then fingers her soaking wet pussy. She gets hold of a glass bowl and places it on the floor before catching another stream of her golden juices. We zoom in close focussing on the action before Bellinda lifts up the bowl and splashes herself with pee. Pouring some of the contents into her mouth, Bellinda tries piss drinking and then gets to work on her pussy with a vibrator! She pees again, this time all over the chair and after lapping some of it up, Bellinda finishes herself off with her little sex toy!
Jan 2, 2024
Pee Soaked Sheets Girl: Tera L. 4K HD Sexy Tera link features in todays update on Wet and Pissy and she wastes no time in teasing while on her bed wearing a sheer blue tank top and tiny hotpants. She runs her hands all over her slender body before sliding her hand into her shorts to touch herself. After bending over and holding onto the bed frame, naughty Tera starts peeing her pants, soaking her bed sheets below. Puddles of golden pee form where she is kneeling and Tera has lots of fun rubbing these patches with her hands and sucking her juices too! She turns over and after taking off her top, pulls her soaking wet hotpants to one side so that she can masturbate. Piss play really turns Tera on and she looks inside her drawer to find a dildo to help her get off! She rubs it against her pussy before inserting it into her hole, enjoying every single thrust she makes inside herself. Using a glass bowl, Tera bends over and pees a powerful stream into it while we zoom in close on the action. She uses a pipette to suck her juices up and squirt them all over herself in a playful manner! Pouring the rest of her warm piss in mouth and over her body, pee drenched Tera continues to fuck her dildo, changing positions and masturbating at the same time. She uses a pillow to raise the lower half of her body and pisses up into the air, letting her juices fall back down all over herself and again, over her bed sheets. Just when we thought she had no more pee to give, she sits on the edge of her bed and catches another decent stream in a vase, strategically placed on the floor! This gets tipped over her face and hair, completely soaking her!
Nov 14, 2017
Finnish Vodka Girl: Evelina HD Naughty Evelina is from Finland and she wants to show you how good she is at water play. Evelina loves to bathe in her warm piss so she made this scene in her bathtub. She said she had prepared all day for this, drinking lots of water and holding it in so she would have so much to give you. See Evelina wet her panties then rub her piss all over her swollen clit. She shows off how wet they are against her backside, teasing you sexily as she does. Evelina enjoys anal play so she makes sure to give you a good look at her tight asshole to entice you in. Evelina turns herself on so much with piss play that she needs to masturbate and finger herself to get off. The sexual built up is incredible as she teases herself, pisses and teases herself more until she cums.
Jan 20, 2013

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