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Glass Goblet Girl: Emily P. 4K HD + BTS Brunette hottie Emily Pink is in the bathroom in a sheer robe and satin lingerie for our latest WetandPissy scene and this absolute babe knows how to tease. Emily slowly starts to perform a striptease and bends over the dressing table to admire her reflection. She takes off her bra and panties, then sits down on a chair to masturbate. This horny hottie holds a glass goblet beneath her while pussy pissing into it! We film her in closeup as she catches her golden stream and then Emily pours the contents into her mouth, enjoying some piss drinking and spitting fun! This kinky babe continues to pleasure her pussy while bent over and fingers herself before catching another piss stream. She moves onto a dildo which she uses to slide inside her wet pussy and Emily pees over the tiled floor and dives into her wet mess! Once Emily brings herself to orgasm, she has time for one last piss to finish off her pissing porno!
Feb 20, 2024
Taking A Golden Shower Girl: Rebeca 4K HD + BTS Cute European babe Rebeca appears in our latest scene on Wet and Pissy and this slim babe shows off her figure in tight grey leggings and a red cropped top. Rebeca bends over the dining table and suddenly starts peeing her pants as we zoom in on the piss stream, trickling down her legs. She touches herself and sucks her fingers then strips out of her leggings to suck them. Rebeca sits down on the table and masturbates, fingering her wet pussy. Once she is completely naked, this blonde hottie places her cropped top on the table and releases another stream all over her outift. She mops up her pee and squeezes it down over her naked body then bends over again to toy her pussy with a fist dildo. Rebeca places it on the table and fires a powerful pee stream over it before getting hold of a glass vase which she places on the ground, filling it up as much as she can with her golden streams. She pours it into her mouth and spits it down over her small tits then gives herself a nice warm golden shower to finish her pissing porn video!
Dec 10, 2019
Sex Toy Streams Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Serenya Gomez makes a return to Wet and Pissy and this temptress teases in a floral summer dress. She sits on a wooden bench and pulls down the top of her dress to give her nipples some attention. Lifting up her dress, Serenya pulls her panties to one side and starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She makes quite an impressive arc of golden pee then sits down in her puddle, rubbing her ass and feet all over it. This hot babe mops up her pee with her dress and squeezes it all over herself then Serenya strips naked and fingers her pussy while sitting back on the bench. Using a red bowl, Serenya catches another of her pee streams and this time she licks up her piss to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Some of her golden nectar is swallowed and some she spits back out! This horny hottie uses some love eggs on herself and even pees all over them, sucking them clean before she releases even more piss spurts over her sex toy! Serenya finishes herself off with a pink dildo and rolls around in the soaking wet floor once she has pleasured herself!
May 3, 2022
Splashing Over Glass Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Rebecca Volpetti makes her return to Wet and Pissy and in this scene, Rebecca dazzles in a sequin miniskirt and cropped top. She teases by revealing her tits and ass before taking off her miniskirt, showing that she isn't wearing any panties. This seductive European stands over glass table and while holding her pussy apart, Rebecca starts pussy pissing all over it! She makes quite a mess as her golden juices flow over the edge of the table and her pee stream just keeps on coming! Rebecca dips her fingers in her pee puddle and licks them to give herself a taste of her nectar. After she strips down to her stockings, Rebecca masturbates and fingers her wet pussy. She lets another stream of golden piss flow down all over the velvet couch and manages to fire it as far as the glass table! This piss play hottie bends over and toys her pussy with a glass dildo, pausing to release her juices again and finishes herself off in her latest pissing porn movie!
Feb 13, 2024
Wet Panties Play Girl: Valentina L. 4K HD + BTS Stunning babe Valentina Love teases on the couch in a leather miniskirt and black blouse. She can't keep her hands off herself and stands up to show off her perfect ass encased in leather. Valentina lifts up her skirt and starts wetting her panties while revealing them on camera! This playful pisser takes off her panties and uses them to mop up some of her golden juices on the tiled floor. She holds the pee drenched fabric above her mouth and takes droplets of her own piss in mouth! Valentina holds her pussy lips apart and starts to pee again, this time into a giant glass goblet. She pours some of her golden nectar into her mouth and lets it drizzle back out, over her chin. Valentina strips completely naked and toys herself with a glass dildo which she enjoys in the doggystyle position then lays down to continue her toy play. She fires one more piss stream high up into the air to finish her sensual pissing porno!
Oct 3, 2023
Gushing Debut Girl: Sasha S. 4K HD + BTS Dark haired Sasha Sparrow makes her debut on Wet and Pissy today and is dressed in a sexy bodysuit that clings to her slim figure. She is leaning against a wall and enjoys rubbing her hands all over her body when she turns around and pulls her bodysuit up into her ass. She spanks herself and stretches her legs before she sits on the floor of the shower room and rubs her pussy through her bodysuit. Soon, Sasha looks very relieved as she lets her golden piss flow, wetting her panties. She rubs her hands in her pee puddle and strips out of her body, sucking her juices from it then mops the floor. Sasha stands above the toilet and touches her trimmed pussy while we zoom in close. She sprays another stream of piss down onto the lid, letting it splash everywhere and licks it up like a naughty girl! Using an egg toy, Sasha sits back on the toilet and rubs her pussy before inserting it into her wet hole. She stands up and bends over, enjoying the sensation as she pees again, letting her warm nectar flow over her hands. This babe surprises us with her love of piss play and moves over to the bathroom floor. She fingers her pussy and masturbates and finally she starts pissing while standing with one leg lifted up onto the sink, overflowing a glass to catch her golden streams. Sasha plays about with her pee then pours it over her face and into her mouth, spitting it down onto her small tits to finish this hd pissing scene!
Nov 12, 2018
Claudia in The Kitchen Girl: Claudia M. 4K HD Claudia Macc invites you into her kitchen as part of our stay home, stay safe collection in this homemade movie. Drinking a glass of water in the kitchen, Claudia looks hot in tight blue denims and a hot pink blouse. She slips her hand down into her denims and as she starts unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down, Claudia starts peeing her pants. She makes quite a mess as the denim fabric gets soaked in her juices then Claudia bends over and stretches her pussy lips wide apart as she points her ass towards the camera. Climbing up onto the kitchen counter, this fiesty blonde masturbates and licks her piss soaked fingers before she starts to finger herself and playfully smiles. Taking off her denims, Claudia sucks on the fabric and then gets a glass bowl from the side, placing it on the floor. She holds her pussy lips apart and starts pussy pissing, trying to aim her pee stream down into the glass beneath her. Getting aim is quite hard and Claudia spills plenty of her juices down on the floor. Gulping the piss that she has managed to catch, naughty Claudia spits it back out again and then strips naked to writhe around in her pee puddle. She licks it up off the floor and dives into it then uses some cutlery as makeshift sex toys while sitting on the floor! As this blonde gapes her pussy wide apart she catches more of her golden streams in the bowl and gives herself a golden shower, piss spitting and masturbating at the same time! Finally Claudia fucks herself with a hollow glass dildo and fills it with one more pee stream and ends this perfect pissing porno with some piss drinking!
Apr 28, 2020
Soaked Sheets Girl: Lady D. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Lady Dee is on her bed rubbing her pussy through her white lace panties. She feels so horny that she wastes no time in getting started in our latest Wet and Pissy scene. After bending over to show off her ass, Lady Dee squats on her bed and starts wetting her panties, squirting bursts of golden piss down over her bedsheets! She scoops her juices up and splashes them over herself before ripping her panties apart and pees again, this time over her hands! Lady Dee bends over and sucks her bedsheets, tasting her own golden nectar, then fingers herself. She sprays a powerful stream of piss up into the air and once naked, toys herself with a black vibrator. This insatiable babe bends over to fuck her pussy from behind and after catching another pee stream in a glass bowl, gets more comfortable to pleasure her pissing pussy even more!
Feb 6, 2024
Tong Pissing Girl: Teressa B. 4K HD We have a new face for you today on Wet and Pissy in the form of pretty brunette Teressa Bizarre. She has piercing eyes that will keep you captivated, along with many other amazing features! Wearing denim jeans and a pale pink blouse, she teases for a bit by pulling open her blouse and showing off her tits. Bending over while kneeling on a coffee table, we notice a damp patch appearing in Teressa's denims. She has peed herself and the golden nectar is trickling down her legs, making her jeans soaking wet. She touches her crotch and then tastes her fingers before she takes her denims off completely and sucks more of her juices from the crotch! She uses her jeans and also her blouse which she strips out of to mop up her puddle of pee on the coffee table. Teressa then lays back on it and stretches apart her pussy lips with her fingers before spraying more of her golden piss over the table and floor. This naughty piss play loving babe licks her juices off the table then moves over to a leather sofa with some black kitchen tongs. She uses these to pull at her pussy and gape her pussy apart while relieving herself once more. Finally this hot brunette gets herself off with a green sex toy and finishes this fantastic debut scene by pissing in a giant glass and drinking her own piss, pouring the rest the its contents over her sexy naked body!
Mar 7, 2017
Soaking The Tiles Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD Brunette beauty Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Pissy for our latest update and this hottie kneels up on a velvet couch, rubbing her hands all over her body! She pulls open her top and teases her nipples, making them nice and hard before lifting up her miniskirt to reveal that she isn't wearing panties! Serenya squats against the edge of the couch and rubs her pussy before she starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She soaks the tiles beneath her with some impressive streams and takes off her shoes to paddle in her golden pee puddle! Serenya rubs her juices over her bare legs and sits back on the couch to finger her pussy. She squats over a red glass bowl to catch her next pee stream and makes a mess as it shoots over the edge! This piss loving babe pours the contents all down herself and toys a dildo. Serenya lays on her side to orgasm with her sex toy before spraying one final messy piss all over the floor to finish her newest pissing porn scene!
Jan 30, 2024
Soaked Through Sheets Girl: Mia T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired Mia Trejsi features in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this hottie wears a purple bodysuit that barely covers her pussy! She squats up on her bed and pulls her bodysuit to one side before fingering her perfect pussy then as she is rubbing herself, she starts pussy pissing right there on the bed sheets! Mia dives into her wet sheets and sucks up some of her juices before she strips naked and toys herself with some love eggs. She pops them in and out of her pussy while we zoom in close and then sucks them clean! As she pleasures herself, Mia starts peeing again and makes quite a mess as she flicks her piss puddle back over her bare pussy. She catches another stream in a glass bottle and sucks it up through a straw to give herself a taste of piss drinking with some of her golden nectar drizzling back out of her mouth and over her hot naked body. This hot babe fucks herself with a glass dildo and enjoys a squirting orgasm as she masturbates to finish!
Mar 1, 2022
Soaked Serenya Girl: Serenya G. 4K HD + BTS Serenya Gomez features in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this stunning brunette is dressed in skintight pink denims and a tee. She sits on the desk and rubs her hand up and down her leg before taking off her leopard print high heels. Suddenly Serenya feels the need to pee and squats on top of the desk while pulling down her denims. She starts pussy pissing all over the top of the desk, letting her juices trickle over the edge and down onto the ground as she lets loose! Serenya takes off her denims and splashes about in her pee puddle, licking her fingers clean. She moves over to the sideboard and fingers her wet pussy then catches another stream of piss in a glass jar. This naughty babe pours it into her mouth and all over her tee! Our pissing porno continues with Serenya stripping naked and this hottie uses a metal speculum to gape herself wide apart while peeing again! She sprays like a sprinkler all over the rug and then gives herself an orgasm with a vibrator while bent over her leather coated chair. Of course there's time for one final pee as she soaks the chair and the camera in the process!
Feb 16, 2021
Creative Closeups Girl: Erika S. 4K HD + BTS Hot blonde Erika is feeling rather playful in our latest Wet and Pissy update. Kneeling up this naughty babe starts wetting her panties and lets her golden juices flow through the crotch of her cotton pants. We zoom in closeup to catch the detail in her stream then Erika splashes about in her piss puddle to soak her perfect ass in her juices! She takes off her panties and mops up her pee to rub and squeeze all over her legs and bare pussy, then licks her fingers clean! Erika fingers herself and dives into the rest of her piss puddle, soaking her top in the process. She gets naked and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy, riding it at first as it sticks to the coffee table. She catches another piss stream in a glass bowl and gives herself a taste of piss drinking as she licks up her nectar with her pierced tongue! Erika brings herself to orgasm with her sex toy with time for one more pee, all over the floor!
Jan 9, 2024
Drenching Her Desk Girl: Eva B. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous brunette Eva Brown is in the office for our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this seductive babe is dressed in a skintight dress which she pulls down to reveal her cleavage. Eva bends over the desk and holds her ass while wetting her panties! She licks up her golden juices and splashes about in her pee puddle before stripping out of her dress. Eva gets completely naked and masturbates while laying on the desk, then gets hold of a glass goblet which she places underneath herself to piss into! We zoom in close on her pissing pussy and Eva pours her juices all over her naked body! She uses a metal speculum to gape apart her snatch and pees again, this time spraying a more powerful, thick stream of piss over the desk. This horny hottie enjoys a squirting dildo from behind and uses it to suck up one final pee which she squirts into her mouth and all over her tongue!
Jan 23, 2024
Pissing Through Fishnet Girl: Bella B. 4K HD + BTS Sexy blonde Bella features in her debut Wet and Pissy scene and this stunning babe teases on the bed in a pink fishnet bodysuit. She writhes around on the bed and lays down to rub her pussy and pull the crotch of her bodysuit between her labia. Bella starts pussy pissing through the fishnet fabric and soaks her bedsheets. She then strips out of her bodysuit and we zoom in close on her wet pussy. Bella pours oil all over her small tits and down over her pussy, making herself nice and slippery before she fucks the glass bottle! She gets hold of a glass bowl and starts to pee right into it, catching her next stream. She scoops up some of her juices and splashes them over herself, pouring the rest down over herself. Using a pink dildo, Bella bends over in the doggystyle position and fucks herself from behind. We zoom in again as she pees, letting her stream flow down over her fingers and Bella continues to toy herself while kneeling up. She squeezes her drenched bedsheets with her hands and looks very satisfied in her first pissing porno!
Jul 5, 2022
Golden Curves Girl: Daisy L. 4K HD Piss fans rejoice, for Daisy Lee is a world class pisser. Wetting her shorts is a sweet affair and Daisy is only just warming up... Once she exposes her lower half after pulling off her shorts, Daisy Lee demonstrates her incredible pissing capacity. Quite appropriately, she leans back on the sofa with her legs wide open ,prying herself open with a speculum. Once she gets her stream going she keeps it going for an impressive amount of time. There are some nice close ups with a clear view of her suberb tools. She takes to the floor afterwards, sweeping her hands over her freshly pissed floor. Now on the table, she gets on her knees and bends forward, drenching her white top with another lengthy pee. After some time with a blue toy, Daisy is ready to pee for us one more time. With one leg on the sofa and the other on the floor, she stands over a glass filling it and letting it overflow, focusing on getting rid of every last ounce of piss left in her body.
Jun 20, 2017
Fun In Nature Girl: Claudia M. 4K HD It's time for something a little different this week on Wet and Pissy as blonde bombshell Claudia Macc is outside on a hike! She pulls down her camoflage leggings and while standing, Claudia starts pussy pissing down onto some rocks beneath her. She catches her pee stream with her hands and playfully pours some of it into her mouth and over her white blouse. This hot blonde must have been pretty desperate as her stream just keeps on coming, and Claudia gets really turned on being outside with her pussy on full show! She unbuttons her blouse and then takes it off to reveal her hot body and it doesn't take long before Claudia is completely naked and fingering herself on the rocks! She pees while touching her pussy and really teases her XXL pussy lips. Placing her blouse underneath her, Claudia squats and holds onto her pussy as she soaks it with piss while we zoom in close to capture all the action. She sucks on the wet fabric and then gets a dildo out of her bag to pleasure herself with! Fucking herself and rubbing her clit, she pauses to piss over her toy and then pops her leggings back on, peeing her pants to give herself a lasting reminder of her outdoor fun!
Jul 14, 2020
Primed To Piss Girl: Rebecca V. 4K HD + BTS Stunning brunette Rebecca Volpetti makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and starts teasing as soon as the camera gets rolling. This hottie knows how sexy she is and shows off her perfect figure in pink hotpants and a cropped top. Rebecca holds herself above a leather chair and suddenly starts peeing her pants. The crotch of her denims gets darker as her pee stream flows down onto the leather. This playful babe looks very pleased with herself and touches her crotch before licking her fingers. Rebecca peels herself out of her wet shorts and sucks on them, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She lays upside down on the chair to finger herself, pausing to piss over her head and in her mouth! Once fully naked, Rebecca toys herself with a rainbow dildo and catches another piss stream in a glass bowl. She pours her golden juices over her naked body and into her mouth, letting them trickle back out again. Rebecca orgasms and sprays one final stream of piss all over the tiled floor!
Jan 16, 2024
Wet Denim Debut Girl: Alisia 4K HD + BTS Ukranian blonde Alisia joins us this week in her debut scene here at Wet and Pissy and this hottie teases in denim hotpants and a cropped top. She bends over and shows off her slim figure before sitting on the couch with her shorts pulled down to her ankles. She starts pussy pissing right into her denims and all over the floor then gets down into her pee puddle to mop it up with her hotpants, tasting her juices from the wet fabric. Alisia strips down to her socks and sneakers and fingers herself right there on the couch before playfully catching more of her golden piss in a glass. She pours some into her mouth and lets it drizzle back down over herself then decides to pleasure herself with a rainbow dildo! You really need to watch this sexy girl peeing to see what mess she can make as she takes a break from her toy play for some more pissing all over the couch! Alisia rides her dildo to orgasm and pees once more while rubbing her pussy with her fingers.
Nov 2, 2021
Pink Makes The Boys Wink Girl: Bella B. 4K HD + BTS Beautiful blonde Bella looks striking in her neon pink bikini and rubs her pussy before she squats on the leather couch. While slowly moving her hand over her crotch, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and scoops up her golden juices from the puddle of piss collected on the couch to drizzle all over her bare legs. Bella strips naked and gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape herself wide apart with. She lays down on the couch and fingers her soaking wet pussy, pausing to piss in her hands and rubs her hot naked body with her juices. This horny babe toys herself with a pink dildo and orgasms, with time to enjoy some more pussy pissing, this time laying upside down, drenching herself in warm golden pee to finish her hd pissing scene!
Sep 27, 2022
Slippery When Wet Girl: Martina M. 4K HD + BTS Stunning blonde Martina Musa makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and starts her scene sitting on the dining table while running her hands over her slim body. She stands up and lifts her miniskirt to show off her cotton panties before climbing up on top of the table to squat. With her panties still in place, Martina starts wetting her panties and her piss stream flows down, making a nice juicy puddle! We zoom in as her crotch gets drenched then Martina strips out of her panties and uses them to mop up her juices. This adventurous newcomer squeezes her piss in mouth and all over her shaved pussy then fingers herself frantically! Martina pees again all over the floor and lays face down, lapping up her juices. She gets hold of a red jelly dildo and sucks it briefly before toying herself. This tattooed babe lifts her ass into the air while laying on her back and aims her next piss stream over her own face, soaking herself through with warm pee! She finishes herself off then pees once more all over the tiled floor, making quite an impressive mess!
Nov 8, 2022
Eager Newcomer Girl: Freya D. 4K HD New face Freya Dee is a welcome addition to Wet and Pissy and this raven haired babe is feeling pretty horny as she sits on a chair and touches her pussy. She spreads apart her pussy lips and starts pussy pissing all over the floor. She takes her time and looks relieved as she keeps on pissing. She isn't wearing any panties which makes it really easy for her to finger her wet pussy. She strips naked and wipes herself clean with her denim skirt before sucking on the wet fabric. Once she is naked, Freya squats on the floor and sprays another stream of her golden juices all over the floor. She enjoys short but powerful bursts and then splashes about in her own pee, lapping it up with her hands into her mouth! She masturbates while sitting on the floor and then climbs up onto the table to catch more piss in a glass jug. She pours it all down her hot, naked body and feels so turned on that she has to fuck her wet pussy wih a dildo! Once she orgasms, she fills her jug once more and pours her warm pee right into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking and also gives herself a golden shower!
Nov 10, 2020
Eager Newbie Girl: Bellinda 4K HD + BTS Czech brunette Bellinda makes her Wet and Pissy debut in tiny denim hotpants and this slim girl sits on the back of a leather chair before she rubs her crotch through the fabric. Eager to try out piss play, Bellinda pulls down her hotpants and starts pussy pissing straight into them! Her stream flows down onto the ground but not before soaking her shorts at the same time! Bellinda mops up her pee puddle and licks the wet fabric, then fingers her soaking wet pussy. She gets hold of a glass bowl and places it on the floor before catching another stream of her golden juices. We zoom in close focussing on the action before Bellinda lifts up the bowl and splashes herself with pee. Pouring some of the contents into her mouth, Bellinda tries piss drinking and then gets to work on her pussy with a vibrator! She pees again, this time all over the chair and after lapping some of it up, Bellinda finishes herself off with her little sex toy!
Jan 2, 2024
Seductive And Soaked Girl: Yana R. 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous babe Yana Rose walks seductively into the lounge in peach lingerie and white lace-topped stockings in our latest WetandPissy hd pissing scene. She knows exactly what she is doing as she starts to peel herself out of her sheer dressing gown and rubs her hands all over herself. She takes off her basque and stands above a bright red stool, pussy pissing into the seat! Yana dips her pearl necklace into her pee puddle and licks them before she gets hold of some love eggs which this horny hottie uses to pop inside her piss-drenched pussy! Yana pulls them out and pees all over them then gets hold of a glass goblet which she uses to catch another piss stream in. She pours her golden nectar into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking and then pours the rest all over herself. Yana moves down onto the rug and masturbates until she orgasms!
Mar 7, 2023

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