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Everything Golden Girl: Daruma 4K HD + BTS Cute blonde Daruma features in our latest WetandPissy video and teases in tiny denim hotpants and a sheer fishnet cropped top! This absolute sex kitten rubs her hands over herself and then lifts up her top to give her nipples some attention. After her high heels come off, Daruma pulls down her shorts and spanks her ass. She squats on the floor with her legs wide apart and starts pussy pissing over the wood! Daruma sits in her juicy pee puddle and fingers herself before she sucks her fingers clean and follows up with another piss! She strips completely naked and gets hold of a purple dildo which she uses on herself while laying in a chair. Daruma pauses and squats back down with a giant glass goblet. She balances above it and aims another stream of golden nectar right into it, making quite a mess in the process! She pours the contents over herself and masturbates to orgasm to finish her latest hd pissing porn video!
Jul 9, 2024
Spraying With Force Girl: Candice D. 4K HD + BTS Seductive blonde Candice Demellza is doing a home workout lifting kettlebells in tight white hotpants when she suddenly feels the urge to pee. She holds onto her crotch but there is no way she is going to make it to the toilet. After sitting back on her leather couch, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and letting her juicy stream flow through the crotch of her hotpants and all over her couch! Candice looks seriously relieved and horny at her piss play adventures and strips out of her shorts to rub her wet pussy. She sprays some powerful streams of piss up into the air from her pissing pussy and they splash back down onto the coffee table with force! Candice mops up her golden pee with her cropped top and gets hold of a jelly dildo which she uses to pleasure herself! After she catches another pee stream in a glass vase, Candice splashes it all over her hot, naked body then continues her sex toy play to finish her pissing porno!
Feb 7, 2023
Violette Girl: Violette HD Violette is super sexy in her see through fishnet top and her tight red stockings. Within minutes of starting this scene, Violette wets herself and you can see the dark stain running down her stocking covered leg. Violette is always up for sexy fun and she shows you her personality in this video as she giggles with delight at how much piss she was able to give you. But the show has only just begun! Violette caught most of her piss in a bowl, allowing her to play with it in all sorts of ways. See her drench her neck and tits in it like it was a fine perfume. You can see her golden nectar slowly dripping off her erect nipples. Watch as she opens wide and accepts droplets into her mouth and down her throat. She also laps it up as we go in close to catch all the sexy action. With out giving too much away, this is a must see scene for anyone who is a fan of wet and wild piss play including speculum fun!
Jan 15, 2013
Vinna In The Kitchen Girl: Vinna R. 4K HD Stunning blonde Vinna Reed is back on Wet and Pissy and is in the kitchen watering her plants wearing a white shirt. She realises she is out of water and decides instead of filling up at the sink, she's going to be a lot more playful! She holds the jug beneath her and with one leg up on a chair, Vinna pulls her panties to one side, filling the jug with her golden piss! Vinna then sits with her bum on the edge of the table and pours her juices into her mouth and down over her shirt, turning it see-through and letting her nipples poke through the fabric. The rest of her golden nectar gets poured down her panties and over her head. Vinna looks seriously hot as she finishes piss drinking the last few drops of pee then starts to strip from her barely there outfit! This stunning blonde sucks her shirt then gives her perfect ass a slap, pulling down her panties. She squeezes them over her head and then decides to use something imaginative to tease her pee soaked pussy with. Firstly, Vinna fingers her pussy with her XXL lips bulging then slides a zucchini into her eager hole! She licks it clean and fires a powerful stream of her piss over the tabletop and down onto the floor. Vinna laps up her juices and then sitting back on the table she pumps her pussy! While her pump is firmly placed against her juicy twat, Vinna fills it completely with more of her piss! She pours this into her mouth, playfully spitting it back out again and down onto her hot naked body! Finally, Vinna decides to have another of her 5-a-day and fucks herself in the doggystyle position with a huge peeled carrot to finish off her latest pissing porn scene!
Aug 14, 2018
Tattooed Squirter Girl: Lina J. 4K HD + BTS Tattooed brunette Lina Jones makes her debut on Wet and Pissy in tight denim hotpants and this naughty babe suddenly starts peeing her pants! She makes a nice juicy puddle on the floor and mops up her piss once she strips from her shorts then sucks the moist fabric. Lina strips naked and rubs her wet pussy before she releases another stream of piss down onto a red foot stool. She laps up her pee to give herself a taste of piss drinking then splashes her naked body! Grabbing hold of a red dildo, Lina sits on the stool and fucks her pussy. She places a red bowl on the ground and rubs herself, catching another stream of pee into it. She lays on the ground and fucks herself frantically with her sex toy. Finishing off with her fingers, Lina masturbates to a squirting orgasm and finally dives in a puddle of her golden piss!
Aug 9, 2022
Perfecting Her Piss Play Girl: Vicky L. 4K HD Black haired babe Vicky Love is in the lounge feeling really turned on and caresses her body through her clothes. She feels the onset of pee desperation and as she stands up, holds the crotch of her hotpants, knowing full well that she's never going to make it to the bathroom. Vicky decides to turn this need to piss into some horny fun and climbs on top of the glass coffee table with her ass pointing towards the camera. She sits on the table and opens her legs, rubbing her crotch when a wet patch appears on her pale pink denim. Vicky is wetting her panties, soaking her hotpants with her golden piss! She peels herself out of her damn clothes and rubs her pussy before tasting herself and loves it so much that she sucks her pee out of her hotpants and licks the glass table too! Using a glass to collect another piss stream, Vicky bends over and this time we zoom in close watching her stream fill the glass up nicely. Vicky pours her golden nectar into her mouth and spits it back out, both playfully and seductively then decides to try full-blown piss drinking before she pours the rest of her liquid over her cropped top, turning it see-through. Her big boobs look delicious through the wet fabric and Vicky plays with her boobs before she gets completely naked. Laying down on the glass table, this stunning babe fingers her wet pussy and bends over to fuck herself with a glass dildo before launching one final piss stream onto the glass table while standing. Practice makes perfect after all!
Mar 13, 2018
Claudia Macc Girl: Claudia M. 4K HD Pretty Czech blonde Claudia Macc makes her debut today on Wet and Pissy in a sheer tied up top and white panties. She is already in the bedroom and ready for some fun as she climbs on top of the bed and pulls her cotton panties to one side, releasing a stream of her warm golden piss onto the bedsheets. After leaving a soaking wet patch, naughty Claudia sucks her covers and tastes her nectar! After taking off her panties completely, Claudia lays back and attempts to shoot another stream of her pee over herself. Her top gets sodden in piss and she gazes across the room when a brilliant idea comes into her head. She gets hold of a glass and places it underneath her pussy as she bends over and pees again, catching her droplets in the glass. She then pours it over her tits and dips her hair in the remaining juices, before drinking it's contents! This horny blonde is completely naked and wants to play with herself so uses a purple vibrator on her pussy to make herself orgasm. Afterwards, she catches even more of her golden piss in the glass and pours this over herself before taking one last gulp!
Jan 10, 2017
Sindy Vega Girl: Sindy V. HD Sindy Vega may just have one of the best piss streams we have ever filmed. Sindy gets great sexual enjoyment out of pissing in her panties. She likes the warm, wet sensation of her pee seeping into her underwear and running down her pussy. She says pissing can be like cumming, it feels so good when she's in the mood. Sindy is so turned on in this video you can feel her sexual energy. She masturbates her pussy as her bladder is full to enhance her sexual pleasure before wetting herself. She then lets it out slowly so she can enjoy every drop. Her pussy looks beautiful as she spreads her lips and fingers her clit. Sindy goes slow and takes her time so you can see it all. Keep in mind that as Sindy pees then stops then pees more she is practically getting to the edge of an orgasm for you.
Feb 5, 2013
Hypnotic Pisser Girl: Mia T. 4K HD + BTS Raven haired babe Mia Trejsi starts to strip off and rubs her crotch while wearing denim hotpants. After standing up, we suddenly see a stream of piss flow down Mia's leg as she is caught peeing her pants! She squats down and slides her hands through her pissy puddle before taking off her wet shorts. Mia teases her pussy and licks her fingers, then once fully naked, this naughty minx rubs her labia against a curved glass vase. She squats above the vase and starts pussy pissing right into it, catching her golden stream while we film in closeup. Mia pours her golden nectar over her naked body and into her mouth, spitting it back out all over herself. Moving onto a glass dildo, Mia fucks herself from behind and pauses to piss again. She makes herself more comfortable in the armchair and enjoys an orgasm before we capture one final pee on camera in our latest pissing porno!
May 28, 2024
In The Mood Girl: Victoria P. 4K HD + BTS Blonde Victoria Pure is back on Wet and Pissy and dressed in a floral minidress, Victoria knows she looks hot. She teases in front of her dressing table and then bends over on a footstool to show off her pink panties and patent heels. Her ass looks perfect as we zoom in close and suddenly, Victoria starts wetting her panties, letting her juices flow through the crotch of her panties. She gets down onto the floor and licks up her wet patch from the footstool and starts to strip from her minidress, looking rather horny indeed. Once this blonde hottie takes off her panties, she licks and sucks the damp fabric then gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape herself wide apart with. While she is laying down and spread, Victoria starts pussy pissing and we capture this stream in closeup. She toys herself with a silver vibrator and pauses to hold her ass apart and squats to piss in a giant glass goblet. This naughty babe pours her pee in mouth and spits it back out again before finishing herself off with her sex toy, gushing one last time into her goblet!
Dec 31, 2019
On The Clock Girl: Ali B. 4K HD + BTS Slim brunette Ali Bordeaux returns to Wet and Pissy and is in the office writing when she starts to feel piss desperation set in so sits there rubbing her crotch through her trousers. She feels more turned on as her desperation sets in and Ali stands up before she starts peeing her pants. A damp patch of piss appears streaming down her leg and once finished, this horny babe strips from her pants and sucks the wet fabric. She absolutely loves the taste of her own juices! We zoom in close on her wet pussy as this tattooed hottie gapes her pussy wide apart. She catches another stream in a glass bowl and pours her juices in her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. Some of her warm pee also gets poured down her tank top, turning it see-through! Once Ali is completely naked, she bends over the desk and fucks her pussy with a glass dildo. There's plenty of time for more pissing action too. Ali finishes herself off and masturbates while pissing all over the floor!
Nov 3, 2020
Killa Raketa Girl: Killa R. 4K HD There is always room for a new face on Wet and Pissy and today we debut stunning Indonesian babe Killa Raketa. Killa is on the bed and teases in a sheer peach blouse while rubbing her hands over her panties and hot toned body. She bends over and gives us a glimpse of her ass before laying on the bed and taking her panties off completely. She starts to rub her pussy and fires a stream of her golden piss over herself and the bedsheets, soaking them with her juices. Her pee stream is seriously powerful and keeps on coming! This stunning newcomer takes off her soaking wet top and uses a pink watering can to catch another stream of her nectar. She splashes herself with it and dips her long dark hair into it, letting her pee drip over her body and onto her tongue. Killa pours the rest of the contents over her head and decides to pleasure her piss soaked pussy with a pink beaded sex toy! She gets a little more comfy on the bed and toys herself with a vibrator soon after which she uses to make herself orgasm after getting so turned on during her wet porn play! You don't want to miss this sexy girl peeing!
Feb 6, 2018
Pissy Dildo Play Girl: Naomi B. 4K HD Today on Wet and Pissy, Naomi Bennet is in the bathroom feeling really horny. She pulls down her tank top and teases her nipples, pushing her boobs together while admiring her reflection in the mirror. She makes her way over to a glass chair and as she sits down, a soaking wet patch appears in her crotch, with her pee stream squirting through the damp fabric of her leggings. Naomi stands up and pulls down her wet leggings, revealing her curvy but firm ass at the same time. She uses her leggings to mop up her piss puddle left on the chair and sucks her golden juices out of the fabric, rubbing them all over her hot body. Next naughty Naomi uses a metal speculum on herself by teasing her lips before gaping her pussy wide apart. She masturbates with her fingers at the same time and fucks her pussy with her sex toy then starts pussy pissing down onto the floor. Naomi dives into her puddle of piss on the floor and this piss drenched hottie moves onto her next sex toy to pleasure herself with. Using a flesh like dildo, Naomi stands up and slides it into her pussy, then sticks it to the toilet seat while pissing all over it. She licks up her pee from the lid and then starts to suck her dildo, treating it like a huge cock. This horny babe rides her dildo hard before releasing one final pee stream over it to finish her debut pissing porn scene with us!
Jul 17, 2018
Soaking Her Toys Girl: Ashley 4K HD + BTS New face Ashley features in her first ever Wet and Pissy scene and this tattooed Colombian is kneeling on a leather couch while showing off her slim body. She pulls on her tiny denim hotpants and while facing the camera, this hottie starts peeing her pants! We zoom in while her golden juices flow down through her crotch and drench the fabric completely. Ashley pulls off her wet shorts and sucks on them, then sits back down to finger her pussy! Ashley gets hold of a glass vase and holds it beneath her pussy to catch another piss stream. She pours her juices into her mouth to try out piss drinking, and ends up getting drenched as it trickles down over her cropped top. She may be new, but Ashley is very enthusiastic and after she strips naked, Ashley toys her pussy with some love eggs. Pausing to piss all over her sex toy, Ashley moves onto a red dildo which she slips into her eager hole. Ashley masturbates to finish herself off in her debut scene!
Apr 30, 2024
Big Boobed Blonde Girl: Lily J. 4K HD What could be better than a brand new big boobed blonde? One that loves piss play, that's what! Lily Joy joins us for her debut scene here on Wet and Pissy and this busty babe shows off her figure in denim jeans and a yellow cropped top. She sits down on a black chair and unzips her denims before she squats to piss, peeing her pants and we zoom in close as her crotch turns very wet and dark. Lily takes off her jeans and sucks the wet fabric while seductively looking into the camera. This babe loves the taste of her own juices and strips naked to tease both her pussy and big boobs! She sits up on the back of the chair and fingers herself, pausing to piss again down onto her clothes, this time soaking her top too. Lily dives into her puddle of pee and licks it up with her tongue! She bends over and toys a vibrator then decides to get hold of a pink glass vase which she uses to catch another stream of piss in. Pouring it all over her tits and enjoying pee in mouth action, Lily gets soaking wet and finishes herself off, enjoying her first ever hd pissing scene with us!
Sep 22, 2020
Twice as Desperate Girl: Sweetie P. 4K HD + BTS New raven haired beauty Sweetie Plum is in the lounge dressed in satin and lace lingerie and rubs her hands over the shiny fabric to start her debut scene with Wet and Pissy. Pulling down the top, she teases her big nipples and climbs up onto a leather chair to lift her babydoll. Showing off her ass, Sweetie Plum holds onto her crotch and suddenly experiences pee desperation. She sits on the edge of the chair and starts pussy pissing into a glass goblet. Pouring her golden juices down over herself, this hottie gets drenched and takes off her babydoll to suck her piss from the wet fabric. After she fingers her pussy, Sweetie Plum makes herself need another piss already and pees into the goblet again. She continues to soak herself and even tastes a drop of her piss! Bending over into the doggystyle position, Sweetie Plum toys herself with a golden vibrator and kneels up to spread her legs. Pissing down onto the chair, she makes quite a pissy mess and splashes it over herself. She carries on toying herself and then drops her toy to masturbate to orgasm! Finally this newcomer pees one final time and sits in it, splashing around in her wet juices!
Mar 17, 2020
Pink Makes The Boys Wink Girl: Bella B. 4K HD + BTS Beautiful blonde Bella looks striking in her neon pink bikini and rubs her pussy before she squats on the leather couch. While slowly moving her hand over her crotch, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and scoops up her golden juices from the puddle of piss collected on the couch to drizzle all over her bare legs. Bella strips naked and gets hold of a metal speculum which she uses to gape herself wide apart with. She lays down on the couch and fingers her soaking wet pussy, pausing to piss in her hands and rubs her hot naked body with her juices. This horny babe toys herself with a pink dildo and orgasms, with time to enjoy some more pussy pissing, this time laying upside down, drenching herself in warm golden pee to finish her hd pissing scene!
Sep 27, 2022
Popsicle Pissing Girl: Vanessa D. 4K HD + BTS Vanessa Decker returns to Wet and Pissy and this babe rushes into the room clearly desperate to piss while wearing the tiniest denim hotpants we've ever seen! She pulls them off and stands above a glass bowl before she starts pussy pissing right into it! She splashes about in her juices and squeezes some into a pipette before squeezing it back down over herself and into her mouth. Vanessa slips a red speculum into her pussy and uses it as a sex toy then gapes herself wide apart while pissing again all over the glass coffee table. This horny brunette leans over and laps up her juices then sucks on a popsicle shaped dildo, she stands up and bends over before toying her piss soaked pussy and then pops it in the bowl, pissing into it again! She lays back on the couch and pours her streams over her pussy while masturbating and toying herself. Vanessa orgasms and pees one more time over the glass table to finish her latest pissing porn scene.
May 25, 2021
Soaked Satin Girl: Ryana 4K HD + BTS Long haired beauty Ryana features in our latest Wet and Pissy scene and this babe wows in a long red satin dress. She walks over to the dining table and sits on top of it, revealing her red lace panties when she playfully pulls them up and starts wetting her panties! We zoom in as the tabletop gets completely drenched in her golden juices and Ryana strips off to mop them up. She bends over the table and touches her pussy before releasing another piss stream, this time all over the floor. This piss loving hottie breaks out a glass dildo and toys herself, slipping it into her juicy hole, pausing only to fire another pee stream across the wooden table! Ryana laps up her golden juices to take some piss in mouth action and finishes herself off with her exquisite sex toy!
Mar 19, 2024
Tempting Teen Girl: Kira A. 4K HD + BTS Sexy brunette teen Kira Axe is a brand new face to Wet and Pissy and sits looking seductively in a lace bodystocking and purple dressing gown. She opens her legs to reveal that her bodystocking is crotchless and rubs her pussy with two textured fingertip covers, sucking them clean then as she continues to rub herself, Kira pisses all over the floor! She strips from her robe and uses it to mop up her juices from where she was sitting then splashes herself with pee as she pulls down her bodystocking and plays with her tits. Kira stands up and fingers her pussy, holding her pussy lips, she pees another forceful piss and keeps on gushing! This time she gets down onto the floor and mops up more of her pee, squeezing her soaking wet robe over her head and into her mouth! After rubbing her pussy some more, this seductive brunette gets hold of a glass bottle which she slides into her wet pussy and masturbates at the same time. She pees again, catching some of her stream in the bottle, filling it up to the top then pours it over her tits and hair, giving herself a warm golden shower. Kira playfully splashes her pee up over herself then heads back to the dresser for her next sex toy. Choosing a big dildo, she bends over the stool and slides it into her pussy and as she masturbates too, she orgasms! Kira pees once more down onto the floor. You won't want to miss this teen pissing in what we think is a very successful pissing porn debut!
May 21, 2019
Rainbow Fishnet Girl: Daruma 4K HD + BTS Russian blonde Daruma makes her Wet and Pissy debut and wows in a colourful fishnet minidress, leaving little to the imagination. This slim babe teases on a leather chair and takes off her panties. She squats over them and takes her time before she starts pussy pissing, spraying her golden stream down onto her panties. After she mops up her juices, this cutie squeezes the wet fabric into her mouth, enjoying her first taste of piss drinking. Daruma strips naked and pleasures her wet pussy, fingering herself too. She holds a glass jug beneath her pussy and catches her next stream of piss into it while we zoom in closeup. Daruma gets pee drenched and moves onto a glass dildo to slide inside her pussy. She orgasms with her glass toy with enough time to enjoy some more solo pissing.
Mar 12, 2024
Guess Who Is Back Girl: Nicol L. 4K HD + BTS Nicol Love returns to Wet and Pissy for another scene and is looking sexier than ever! Dressed in a cropped top and pink denim hotpants, Nicol lays down on a chair and rubs her crotch through her denims. As she kneels up, you can see that she suddenly feels pee desperate set in and holds onto her crotch. She heads over to the sideboard and finds a glass bowl which she places on the chair before standing above it and starts peeing her pants! Her streams trickle down into the bowl, leaving a damp patch on her hotpants and Nicol dips her long dark hair into her collected pee. She sucks on her hair and tastes her golden piss then pours the rest down herself. Nicol lifts up her top and teases her nipples before taking it off completely and mops up her pee from the leather chair. She sits down and unbuttons her hotpants, squeezing her wet top down over her crotch as her XXL pussy lips wrap around her wet denim shorts, leaving little to the imagination! Once she is naked, we zoom in on her pussy as she twists and pulls at her lips. Horny Nicol fingers her pussy and sucks them clean before playfully gaping her mouth apart with some tongs, moving down to her pussy. She pulls at her pussy lips then gapes herself wide apart and suddenly starts gushing piss all over the floor and chair! Nicol licks the chair briefly then enjoys a jelly vibrator which she rubs against her nipples and labia. Pausing to piss in a glass vase, this raven haired beauty pours her pee into her mouth, spitting it down her hot naked body! She lays back down, relaxes and fingers her pussy while masturbating until she orgasms and shoots one final impressive stream of piss down onto the floor. One thing about Nicol is she has a powerful pissing pussy!
Jan 15, 2019
Closeup Cutie Girl: Megan L. 4K HD + BTS Blonde hottie Megan Love makes her first ever appearance here on Wet and Pissy and teases on the couch in red spike heels which match perfectly with her cropped top. She lays down on the couch and pulls off her panties before she squats and holds the fabric of her miniskirt over her ass. Suddenly, a wet patch appears and Megan soaks herself while we zoom in and capture her golden droplets flowing down onto the leather couch. Megan takes off her skirt and sits on a glass coffee table to masturbate. She fingers herself before pussy pissing all over the tabletop, making a nice juicy pee puddle. This eager blonde dives into her wet mess and strips completely naked to ride a rubber dildo! Megan finishes up her debut pissing porno with one final piss which we film in closeup before she sucks her wet fingers clean!
Mar 5, 2024
Tattooed Pisser Girl: Melanie D. 4K HD + BTS Tattooed hottie Melanie Dark is showing off her sexy figure in barely there denim hotpants and a cropped top when she heads over to a wooden stool and squats. This naughty babe starts peeing her pants and we zoom in on her crotch as her golden juices flow down onto the bench. Melanie sits and rubs her denim clad ass in her pee puddle and then strips to finger her wet pussy. She takes off her cropped top and mops up her juices from the wooden floor before rubbing her hot naked body with the damp fabric. Getting hold of a rainbow dildo, Melanie rides it on the bench and stops to start pussy pissing into a bowl. She pours her golden piss into her mouth and spits it back out again then soaks herself in the remaining liquid. This horny brunette changes positions to pound herself with her dildo and then masturbates to a squirting orgasm to finish her pissing porno!
Jul 19, 2022

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