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Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 23

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: B

Weight: 53 kg / 116 lbs

Height: 166 cm / 5' 6"

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Soaking Sex Toys Girl: Puppy 4K HD + BTS Gorgeous babe Puppy is back on Wet and Pissy and today she is sat at her dressing table filing her nails. Suddenly she needs to pee and holds her hands between her legs before deciding to lift up her skirt and pee all over her chair, letting it form a puddle underneath her. She takes off her skirt and then squats next to the chair and splashes her piss around with her fingers, sucking them clean. She gets herself covered in pee then stands up before enjoying a little blue sex toy on her shaved pussy! Puppy masturbates while toying herself and starts pussy pissing, this time all over her toy, licking and sucking it clean. Once she is naked, she splashes more piss down over her hot body and then leans on the dressing table to continue masturbating. She gets hold of a glass bowl and fills it with more of her piss, pouring it down over herself and this blonde babe likes to get wet! She bends over and uses a bigger vibrator on her pussy and finally sits in the chair to finish herself off and enjoy one final pee in her latest pissing porn scene!
Jul 9, 2019
Kitchen Pissing Girl: Puppy 4K HD + BTS Our sexy babe Puppy comes back to Wet and Pussy this week for another HD Pissing scene and is in the kitchen chopping up some vegetables. She suddenly feels the need to pee so decides to place her weighing scales down onto the ground and places a glass bowl on top. She lifts up her dress and sprays her golden piss down into the bowl with her pissing pussy while standing. Using a ladel, this naughty babe scoops out some of her piss and pours it down over her summer dress and over her tongue. She lifts up the bowl and pours the rest down herself, tasting her piss before stripping naked and sitting down on a stool to gape her pussy apart with some tongs. She uses the ends to tease her labia and as she holds her pussy lips apart, Puppy pees down onto the floor and washes the tongs with her juices! She mops up her piss with a tea towel and squeezes it out over her tits and pussy. Next, Puppy sits up on the kitchen counter and uses a jelly dildo to fuck her piss soaked pussy. She fires another stream of piss over the stool while the dildo is still teasing her pussy then sucks piss in mouth, flicking it playfully over herself. Her dildo play continues down on the floor and Puppy masturbates her clit furiously to give herself an immense squirting orgasm!
Mar 26, 2019
Puppy In Blue Girl: Puppy 4K HD Hot blonde Puppy makes her return to Wet and Pissy nearly 4 years since she first graced our screens and she looks sexier than ever! She is in the bathroom dressed in an electric blue swimsuit and shows off her sexy body when suddenly she feels the urge to piss. She holds onto her crotch and although there is a toilet right behind her, this naughty blonde sprays a stream of her piss all over the floor, wetting her panties in the process. She catches her golden stream in her hands and splashes it over her swimsuit and then she strips from her swimsuit, places it on the floor and mops up her juices. Puppy rubs her wet swimsuit over her naked body then finds a purple speculum which she uses while laying down on a leather foot stool. She teases her wet pussy with it before inserting it inside her pussy and gapes herself wide apart before firing another powerful stream of golden pee onto the floor. Puppy splashes around in her puddle of piss and then bends over on the footstool before toying her pussy with a blue vibrator. Puppy gets a vase and catches her own piss in it, pouring the contents down over herself and into her mouth before she continues her vibrator play. Using a hand held massager, she holds it against her clit while enjoying the penetration of her vibrator and just before she orgasms, she pulls out her vibrator and shoots messy pee streams down onto the floor, thoroughly enjoying her return to pissing porn!
May 1, 2018
Thirsty and Not Girl: Puppy HD Puppy is a gorgeous blonde who has a pretty naughty streak! She is relaxing on her bed when she pees her panties and wakes up to taste her juices with her fingers. This feisty babe peels off her soaked panties and pisses into a glass before pouring it over her feet. She loves it nasty and once fully naked, she drinks her golden juices from the glass. Puppy stretches her pussy wide with a speculum and pisses over her bed sheets before collecting another piss stream in a vase and pouring it over her perky, yet petite tits. She lays back and pisses on her face before getting herself off with a magic wand vibrator!
Oct 2, 2014

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Nice And Juicy - Wetandpuffy Girl: Puppy Time: 23:16 It's been over a year since we last saw gorgeous Puppy so when she agreed to come back to Wet and Puffy we couldn't resist. In her latest update, Puppy is in a cute polka dot dress and white heels and is teasing in the lounge. She rubs her hand up her leg and lifts her dress slightly to give us a glimpse of her white sheer panties then slips out of her dress to slide her hands down into her panties, touching her puffy pussy. This sensual blonde licks her fingers then strips completely naked so that she can enjoy some masturbation. Turning over onto her side, Puppy fingers her hole and then bends over to tease her juicy puffy pussy with pink love eggs. She sits up and carries on enjoying her little sex toy, sucking it clean before moving onto a slightly bigger dildo. Puppy lays on her side and finally sits up to masturbate at the same time to give herself another perfect orgasm!
Sep 18, 2019
Shuddering With Pleasure - Wetandpuffy Girl: Puppy Time: 22:24 Gorgeous blonde Puppy last appeared on Wet and Puffy in 2012 so we thought it was about time she came back for some more fun. She has changed a lot since then and we have to say, for the better! Looking sexier than ever, Puppy is laying on the bed in pale blue lingerie, almost daydreaming before she kneels up to start her little tease. She takes off her bra and plays with her nipples, making them nice and hard then bends over and touches her puffy pussy through the crotch of her panties. Puppy takes her panties off and really gets to work on her pussy lips using her fingers. She enjoys some masturbation fun both on her back and then bent over in the doggystyle position before this sexy blonde gapes her juicy puffy pussy wide apart using some red kitchen tongs. She tastes her own juices then sucks and fucks a black dildo which she enjoys while holding onto the bedframe! She lays down and speeds up her sex toy play while masturbating until her whole body is shuddering with pleasure!
May 18, 2018
Puffy Puppy - Wetandpuffy Girl: Puppy Time: 28:34 We have a treat in store for you today in the form of a previously unreleased video from the gorgeous blonde Puppy. This video has been digitally remastered to improve your viewing. Puppy looks gorgeous in a tiny g-string and a white top hat as she poses on the chair. She runs her hands over her firm yet curvy ass before turning around and pulling her panties up inside her puffy peach. Using her fingers, Puppy masturbates and turns herself on, tasting her pussy juice at the same time. She moves onto a pussy pump as she makes her pussy swollen ready for the glass dildo she uses to slide inbetween her lips. She gets herself off and orgasms while using her fingers and her dildo to play!
Sep 14, 2012
Victoria Puppy - Weliketosuck Girl: Puppy Time: 17:26 If sex is the thing that is on your mind right now, then Victoria Puppy is the girl that you should come to see. She works on your cock like a real pro and satisfy every desire that is on your mind. The 21 year-old Czech whore knows how to take it between her slender fingers and slide it past her lips. She will take the whole head of your shaft deep down her throat and have you ready to fire your salty load while her head jerks back and forth.
Jun 20, 2012

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