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Brittany Bardot


Nationality: Ireland

Age: 34

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: B

Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs

Height: 164 cm / 5' 5"

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Multiple Streams Girl: Brittany B. 4K HD + BTS It's been a few years since we saw Brittany Bardot here on Wet and Pissy in a pissing porno but this blonde MILF is looking sexier than ever! Teasing on the couch in lace topped fishnet stockings, a basque and high heels, Brittany rubs her hands over herself seductively. She sits back and pulls the black lace fabric of her panties up between her pussy lips then teases her nipples briefly. Brittany gets hold of a giant glass and carefully holds it beneath her while she stands with one leg up on a leather chair. She starts to carefully fill the glass with her pissing pussy and then pours it over her tongue like a fine wine! This hottie spits it back out and over her velvet basque before she pours the rest over her pussy while masturbating. Using a pussy pump, Brittany makes her wet pussy swollen and then pees into the tube, overflowing it with her golden juices! She pours her warm liquid down over her pussy while masturbating since she enjoyed it so much last time. Using a metal speculum, this tattooed babe gapes her pussy apart and releases another pee stream while we zoom in close on the action. She loves to take things slowly and enjoys watersports play so much! There's only one thing left to do and that's to fuck herself with a dildo and gush all over the floor with her most impressive piss yet!
Oct 1, 2019
Brittany Bardot Girl: Brittany B. 4K HD Sexy blonde Brittany Bardot shows off her figure in a wet look skirt and bra top. Unzipping her top, Brittany shows off her tits before she pulls up her skirt and sprays her golden piss through a funnel and into a glass bottle. She pours the contents into her mouth and all over her now naked body! This horny blonde uses the half filled bottle to fuck her pussy and pours even more of her goodness over her delicious looking pussy! Next, Brittany grabs a monster sized flesh dildo and starts to toy herself before she rides it hard and pees all over it! Brittany laps up her piss from the floor and looks very satisfied!
Jul 5, 2016
Big Black Friends Girl: Brittany B. HD Introducing Brittany Bardot, a gorgeous blonde MILF who knows exactly what she wants. They say when a women turns 30, she becomes a hell of a lot more experimental when it comes to sex and Brittany is no exception. Dressed in black lingerie and stockings, she looks seductive as she poses on the leather sofa. Her panties have a zipped up crotch which she soon unzips to reveal her spread pussy lips. After stripping down to her stockings, Brittany pisses into a small glass vase and pipettes her golden juices over her natural tits and into her mouth. She uses a speculum to spread her pussy wide open ready for the monster black dildo she has planned. She pisses into her own mouth and then uses the brutal dildo on her tight ass while shoving another one into her twat!
Feb 11, 2015

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Oiled Up To Play - Wetandpuffy Girl: Brittany Bardot Time: 22:44 Sexy blonde MILF Brittany Bardot is back on Wet and Puffy this week and in her latest scene she is sitting in a white leather chair in sexy lingerie. Brittany has a certain allure about her and as she rubs her hands over her hot body, Brittany opens her legs and reveals her blue sheer lace panties. She stands up before performing a striptease and takes off her bra, continuing to caress her tits. This tattooed blonde leans against the wall and getting hold of a small vase of oil, Brittany pours it over her boobs, letting it drip down her body. Turning around, Brittany oils up her ass too and once she is naked she moves back over to the chair and leans back. The rest of the oil gets drizzled over her delicious taco pussy. She starts to masturbate and finger her puffy pussy then licks a metal speculum before inserting it into her hole. Brittany gapes apart her pussy, then finds a huge dildo hiding away in a drawer. After rubbing it over her boobs, Brittany bends over in the doggystyle position and toys her pussy. She really needs to cum so once she turns over, she masturbates frantically while toying herself to orgasm!
Jun 20, 2018
Liking it Rough - Simplyanal Girl: Brittany Bardot Time: 30:19 Here on Simply Anal we love a hot blonde and today is no exception with the gorgeous Brittany Bardot! She starts off her latest scene with us by bending over on the white leather sofa and showing off her ass while she pulls her black panties up inside her crack. She is wearing tight denim hotpants but they barely cover her cheeks and she wastes no time in pulling them down to get easier access to her pussy and ass! Her crotchless panties make is even easier for Brittany to gape herself apart and run her hands along her most intimate parts. After stripping naked, Brittany stays in the doggystyle position as she slides a huge pink sex toy inside her ass as far as it will go. She is clearly experienced in the anal sex department as you see it easily enter her hole! She takes her time enjoying her anal sex toy play and after she turns over, ass fucking herself quickly, our guy enters the room and gives her a helping hand. He makes Brittany suck her anal toy clean then rims her, sticking his tongue right up her ass hole. Horny Brittany starts to undress him and pulls out his long cock before sucking it like the pro pornstar that she is. She gags on it then bends back over, taking it up in her ass fast and furious! She masturbates at the same time as her ass is literally pounded! Our guy get nuts deep in her ass and things can't get any faster as they change positions to let Brittany bounce up and down on his cock before laying down on her side, taking even more anal pounding! Brittany goes back to using her hands and aims his dick towards her mouth, stroking him as fast as she can Brittany takes his load of cum in her mouth then spits it back down over his dick, playing with it like a complete slut!
Jan 25, 2018
Hot Brittany - Wetandpuffy Girl: Brittany Bardot Time: 28:09 Sexy blonde Brittany appears on Wet and Puffy today dressed in a shiny dress and heels. She pulls up her dress and shows off her white panties which she pulls to one side. After pulling apart her pussy lips, Brittany gets naked and uses a pussy pump to swell up her juicy little hole. She also uses a purple vibrator which she inserts deep into her pussy and then tried to pump it back out again! This little toy was, of course the warmup and this naughty blonde fills her pussy with a massive black dildo! She looks very happy with herself once she has finished too!
Aug 17, 2016

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