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Becky Berry


Nationality: Latvia

Age: 21

Breast size: B

Weight: 61 kg / 134 lbs

Height: 177 cm / 5' 10"

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Becky Berry Girl: Becky B. 4K HD Hot brunette Becky Berry joins us on Wet and Pissy today in the gym as she enjoys a good workout. She suddenly feels the need to piss and holds her crotch as she isn't going to make it to the bathroom in time. Sitting on the weights bench, we notice a wet patch in her hotpants as she pees herself, and looks instantly relieved. She uses her fingers to wipe against her hotpants and tastes her juices. This turns her on and as she continues to piss she catches it in her hands, lapping up as much as she can. Soon after, Becky takes off her shorts and sucks them, before laying down on a leather cushion and spraying even more of her piss over her tank top and towards her mouth. She stretches her pussy with her fingers and continues to piss, hitting her tongue and showing us an impressive stream indeed! Once she is completely naked, brunette Becky uses a glass vase to catch even more of her golden nectar in, filling it all the way to the top, and sips it before taking even bigger gulps and spitting some of it over her perfect figure. With her workout definitely over, Becky uses a purple vibrator on herself and changes positions a couple of times, enjoying a squirting orgasm as she lays back on the weights bench. This gorgeous brunette may be new here but she sure knows how to play with her golden piss!
Feb 7, 2017

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Anal Balloon - Simplyanal Girl: Becky Berry Time: 33:55 Get your fix of lesbian anal porn here on Simply Anal as Becky Berry and Claudia Macc show us how much they love to play together. These anal babes undress each other and both look seriously hot in their fishnet stockings. Claudia lays Becky on the bed and after taking off her panties, this gorgeous babe starts to rim her ass. She inserts a finger and teases her hole to make it stretch in pleasure. Becky wants to treat Claudia to the same sort of lesbian anal play so she bends her over in a doggystyle position and uses her mouth and fingers to tempt Claudia and sticks her tongue into her tight ass. Using a black inflatable sex toy, we are treated to horny lesbian anal sex which is not only seductive but pure filth too! Both girls take turns to enjoy this black toy until they move onto a sex toy which is a little stiffer. These gorgeous anal babes both get their asses gapes apart with their dildo and masturbate at the same time to orgasm!
May 4, 2017
Becky Berry - Weliketosuck Girl: Becky Berry Time: 28:28 Becky Berry has appeared across our network a few times recently and with her filthy mind we knew she would be perfect for We Like to Suck. While writing in her journal, our guy enters the room and starts to give her a massage while she wears her sexy little dress. He starts to kiss her neck and pull down the top of her dress so that he can fondle her perfect tits and soon Becky is stripped down to her panties and ready for action! Once her panties are pulled down, Becky gets onto her knees and licks our guys crotch. His bulge appears and she takes his cock out to give it a stroke. Becky starts to suck on his hard shaft and works his balls with her mouth too before deep throating! Bending over on a foot stool, Becky enjoys some doggystyle fucking and hair pulling then goes from pussy to mouth and licks her juices from his dick. This naughty minx then rides his cock and continues to work from pussy to mouth getting both holes filled nicely! We knew this naughty babe was filthy as she even rims our guy, licking his asshole clean with her tongue! After getting her throat rammed with his dick, Becky kneels back down and gets ready to take a messy facial which is received like a good girl. She even plays with his sticky white cum for a while, ending this scene perfectly!
Mar 2, 2017
Sensual Becky - Wetandpuffy Girl: Becky Berry Time: 22:39 It's time for another new face here on Wet and Puffy and this time we feature cute brunette, Becky Berry. She enters the room in a tight little outfit, with her skirt barely covering the tops of her stockings! She looks a little nervous but this is all part of the charm of a new face! She takes off her top and reveals that she isn't wearing a bra. Her perfect tits are quite big for her frame and she uses her hands to rub them and make her nipples hard. Once she has stripped down to her panties, she sits back on our leather sofa and looks seductively into the camera while rubbing her hands over her panties and pulling them up inside her innocent looking pussy. It looks seriously tight and we start to wonder if Becky is indeed a virgin! After she takes off her panties, Becky bends over and fingers her pussy while showing us her ass and looks to be enjoying herself. Her inhibitions are lessening and this naughty brunette starts to get a bit wild! She uses a pussy pump for the first time and let's us zoom in on her juicy twat then once she has finished with it, she uses a purple dildo which she gently slides inside her pussy. Starting off in the doggy style position, her actions quicken and then she decides to get a little more comfy and lay back on the sofa with her legs spread. We can see that she is getting close to cumming and she uses both her dildo and her fingers to masturbate simultaneously! This once innocent looking babe looks rather feisty and then she surprises us with an explosive squirting orgasm! Bet you didn't see that coming either!
Feb 15, 2017

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