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Amanda Hill


Nationality: Czech Republic

Age: 26

Breast size: B

Weight: 62 kg / 136 lbs

Height: 170 cm / 5' 7"

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Wet Pleasure Girl: Amanda H. 4K HD + BTS Wow are we glad to have Amanda Hill back on Wet and Pissy this week. This long haired brunette has just had a shower and rushes into the living to give us a bit of a tease with her towel, dropping it to show off her perfect figure. She places it on the couch and squats up on the couch while touching her pussy. Amanda starts pussy pissing and soaks the towel, couch and floor! She bends over and squeezes the towel to play with her golden piss then sits up on the back of the couch. This hot brunette babe fingers her juicy pussy and licks her fingers clean, loving her own juices. She starts to piss again and soaks everything for the second time before squeezing the pee drenched towel over herself, sucking some of her pee too. Moving over to a glass table, Amanda finds a glass dildo and licks it then takes it over to the couch for some fun. Laying on her back, upside down, Amanda toys her pussy with the glass toy and naughtily aims her own piss stream into her mouth and all over her face! Now absolutely drenched from head to toe in her golden pee, Amanda bends over into the doggystyle position and toys her pussy some more. She masturbates at the same time and orgasms, quickly pissing once more onto the couch and over her glass dildo! She might need another shower now after finishing her pissing porno!
Sep 1, 2020
Soaking the Pink Girl: Amanda H. 4K HD + BTS It's been just over a year since Amanda Hill last graced our screens here at Wet and Pissy and today she joins us and looks so much more confident in front of the camera! Amanda is dressed in a tight pink dress and high heels as she teases while learning against a wall. Her thigh tattoo is on show as she suddenly looks to be suffering with pee desperation. Amanda moves over to the middle of the room, gets a glass bowl and stands while peeing her pants and lets her golden streams pour down while we zoom in close. She sucks her fingers then takes down her wet panties so that she can touch her drenched pussy. Once her pink panties are off, Amanda dips them into the bowl of pee and puts them in her mouth, sucking the wet fabric to give herself a taste of her piss. She soaks up more of her collected pee and drizzles it down over her tank top, takes it off then pours the last remaining drops down onto her natural tits! Diving into her piss puddle on the floor, Amanda gets soaked from head to toe then sits up on a stool, spreads her legs and starts fingering her pussy. She feels the urge to pee again, so climbs up onto the stool and bends over, releasing her streams down onto the wood. She continues her pussy play with a golden vibrator which she rubs against her labia, slides into her pussy while bent over then changes positions so that she is sat up with her legs spread wide open. She masturbates at the same time as pleasuring her hole and her pussy juices ooze out of her as she enjoys her vibrator play. Pulling the vibe out briefly, Amanda pees in a high arc down onto the floor and catches some of her stream in her hands, splashing it over herself and into her mouth! This pee lasts for ages and once Amanda has finished she dives down on the floor in her juices and squats up to masturbate! While fingering her pussy, she finishes herself off and enjoys a squirting orgasm, aimed down into her glass bowl. She pours it down over her head, giving herself a golden shower and looks seriously satisfied with her piss play efforts!
Feb 12, 2019
Impressive Streams Girl: Amanda H. 4K HD You can't go wrong with a new face and todays hd pissing update on Wet and Pissy features a sexy babe, Amanda Hill. This gorgeous girl has dark red hair and wears a slightly sheer slip, leaving little to the imagination. She flirtily rubs her tits and climbs onto the bed where she bends over to show us that she is wearing tanned pantyhose too. Amanda sits up on the bed frame and starts to piss down onto the sheets beneath her, through her pantyhose and she rubs herself while peeing, soaking her hands with her golden juices. Feeling rather frisky, Amanda rips open her pantyhose and licks her pee soaked fingers before she decides to pull those wet nylons off completely! She tastes more of her nectar by sucking her pillowcase, but she feels like she needs to pee some more so lays down on the bed with her legs high in the air while enjoying some self pissing! Amanda takes off her slip and now naked, gets some golden ben wa balls which she sucks and inserts into her pussy. She enjoys the taste of her pussy juice mixed with pee and continues to shove those balls into her tight little pussy! As Amanda stands up, the ben wa balls are still firmly in place but she strategically pisses down into a glass, filling it easily! She dips the balls into the glass and licks them before pouring the rest of the pee on tits and into her mouth, spitting it back out but still enjoying the taste! Next, Amanda decides she needs to fill her pussy with something a bit thicker so toys her pussy with a purple vibrator while standing up with one leg perched on the bed. She continues her sex toy play while laying on the bed and masturbates at the same time, resulting in a super explosive squirting orgasm! The juices just keep flowing, soaking her bed and creating little puddles of liquid where she lays in her own juices!
Nov 28, 2017

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Satin Pleasure - Wetandpuffy Girl: Amanda Hill Time: 18:15 Amanda Hill is back on Wet and Puffy and is teasing on the bed in a satin robe and lets it open up to show off some sexy pink lace lingerie. After taking off her robe, Amanda pulls down her bra and gives her nipples some attention. Laying back on the bed, this brunette hottie takes off her panties and rubs her puffy pussy with a little red sex toy. She slides it into her pussy and licks it clean before moving onto a metal speculum. Using this toy while bent over in the doggystyle position, Amanda gapes her taco pussy apart and slips a finger into her juicy hole. Amanda really wants to orgasm so she decides to use a golden vibrator on her pussy. She teases her clit and then fucks herself while masturbating until she makes herself shudder with pleasure!
Sep 9, 2020
Pump And Play - Wetandpuffy Girl: Amanda Hill Time: 20:26 Striking brunette Amanda Hill features in our newest Wet and Puffy scene and this babe is looking into the mirror while dressed for a night on the town in a red short playsuit. Amanda checks herself out and lifts up her shorts to cheekily show off her ass then climbs onto the couch to seductively lick her fingers and has that look in her eyes that she just wants to fuck. She lays down and rubs her puffy pussy through the crotch of her playsuit before she pulls it to one side for easier access to her lips. She teases her pussy with her finger then starts to peel herself out of her sexy outfit. Amanda wets her fingers to give her nipples some much needed attention and once she is completely naked, this horny babe sits up on the back of the couch and squeezes her taco pussy lips together. After fingering herself, Amanda uses a pussy pump to rub against her trimmed pussy then sucks her labia up inside the tube. Her juicy puffy pussy swells right up and Amanda loves this sex toy so much that she changes positions and bends over doggystyle to work on herself some more. Next, this eager hottie gets hold of a big dildo and sucks it before rubbing it against her pussy lips while we zoom in close on the action. She fucks herself quickly and masturbates at the same time to enjoy a sensual orgasm!
Mar 25, 2020
Blowjobs Collection #13 - Weliketosuck Girl: Amanda Hill Time: 27:58 Another blowjob compilation this week to sink your teeth into and this one features Amanda Hill up first who eagerly jumps up off the couch to kiss and caress our man. He squeezes her ass as she makes her way down to his crotch and squats before taking out his cock and treats him to some sensual cock sucking. This couple strip naked and Amanda gets to enjoy some of her own oral action while her guy fingers her too then she gets back to work on his shaft with her mouth and pussy! After getting fucked in the doggystyle position, horny Amanda takes a messy facial and cum in mouth too! Amaris is the second hottie to feature in our blowjob compilation and she is watching our stud lift weights and gets pretty turned on too. Our stud is in for a treat as he gets to lick Amaris' pussy too and she leans over to suck his dick. This sexy European rides his shaft in reverse cowgirl then lays down to take a proper pussy pounding. Our stud pulls out and strokes his cock until he shoots his load over her pussy!
Dec 27, 2019
Oiled Up And Pleasured - Wetandpuffy Girl: Amanda Hill Time: 24:55 It's been just over a year since brunette babe Amanda Hill made her debut here on Wet and Puffy and we are pleased to say she has joined us for another scene! Amanda teases on a leather couch in matching lingerie and lace topped stockings as she squeezes her tits together and touches her cameltoe. Sliding her hands down into her panties, Amanda eludes sex appeal and bends over to show off her perfect ass then sits down on the couch and pulls her panties to one side to reveal her taco pussy. She plays with her pussy lips and sucks her fingers, moving her hand onto her clit and masturbates. Amanda takes off her bra and treats her nipples to some attention, seductively rubbing them with her fingers. Once her panties are pulled down, Amanda oils up her pussy and massages the shiny liquid into her pussy. She uses the glass bottle to rub against herself then slides it into her eager hole, fucking the glass bottle slowly. The next toy Amanda chooses is a nipple pump which she licks then uses on her labia, sucking it up into the tube. Horny Amanda needs to fill her pussy with something big and licks a jelly dildo before using it to fuck her pussy while stood up. She moves over to the couch and masturbates while pounding herself with her dildo until she orgasms!
Feb 6, 2019
Little Blue Rabbit - Wetandpuffy Girl: Amanda Hill Time: 25:38 December is the month for new faces her on Wet and Puffy and today we have a sexy dark haired babe, Amanda Hill. Dressed in hold up stockings and black lingerie, this babe looks like she might be trouble from the off! That mischievous look in her eyes lets us know that we are in for a real treat as the cameras start to roll. Teasing in her outfit, Amanda runs her hands up and down her legs, and slowly climbs onto the sofa to give us a better view of her perfect figure. She continues to peel herself out of her lingerie and caresses her tits, working her way down to her pussy. Laying down on the sofa, she touches her puffy pussy with her fingers and uses a purple plastic speculum which she slides into her now juicy hole and gapes herself wide apart. She inserts a couple of fingers while stretched open and this turns her on so much she needs to give herself even more pleasure! Sitting on the back of the sofa, horny Amanda toys her pussy with a rampant rabbit vibrator. She bends over and continues to pound her pussy, getting more frantic as she nears climax. To orgasm, Amanda decides to revert back to her original position and uses her hands to masturbate while sliding her little sex toy in and out of her pussy. She enjoys a seriously hard orgasm and is tantalizing to watch as she shudders and shakes!
Dec 6, 2017

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