Wet and Puffy Model Natalie Ross
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Natalie Ross


Nationality: Latvia

Age: 26

Breast size: D

Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs

Height: 165 cm / 5' 5"

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Soaking the Sofa Girl: Natalie R. 4K HD Natalie Ross, the sexy girl with hot bangs finds her way to a Wet and Pissy event. This hot blond loves spending time with herself and peeing her pants or her shorts. She spends a few minutes rubbing her wet ass and licking her shorts. She latches on to a pussy pump filling it with pee and dumping it over her thin pink top. Moving on, Natalie rests on the sofa in an inverted position prying her pussy open with some orange tongs. With her pussy in an elevated position, she tries her best for a piss facial as her own natural design hinders the effort. Now it is time for Natalie to meet the girl in the mirror. Her reflected image makes for an interesting view as she butt bumps herself on a horizontally mounted dildo. When she walks away from that, she pees one more time and takes a few licks of the wet floor.
Nov 21, 2017

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A Golden Orgasm - Wetandpuffy Girl: Natalie Ross Time: 22:11 Friday's new face on Wet and Puffy is the beautiful brunette Natalie Ross. She sits in the lounge in a wicker chair and dressed a sexy black outfit, she starts to rub her hands all over her body and down to her spiked high heels! She stands up and lifts up her skirt, shaking her ass slowly from side to side before she pulls her skirt off completely and starts to tease with her black panties. She wastes no time in taking these off too so that her puffy pussy is on show! Natalie has such a gorgeous pussy and she starts having fun while using her hands to rub her labia. Afterwards, Natalie gets onto the floor and starts to finger her juicy puffy pussy while we zoom in close on her perfect ass. She tastes her fingers and makes her way back to the chair so that she can experiment with a metal speculum! Her pussy is really juiced up now and as she slides the speculum in and out of her deep hole, she inserts a finger at the same time. This hot brunette is in the mood for some serious pussy play so with the help of a golden vibrator she starts to fuck herself while bent over her chair. After continuing her sex toy play while standing up, Natalie gets back on the floor and masturbates while shoving her vibrator in and out of her pussy. She enjoys a hard orgasm while her whole body pulsates and smiles into the camera. We think she enjoyed filming her debut scene for Wet and Puffy!
Dec 1, 2017

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