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  • Thirsty Denisa Play

    Thirsty Denisa

    24/7/2014  •  32' 15''
    Denisa Peterson is in the lounge teasing in tight denim jeans and a grey tank top. Her long blonde hair drapes over her tits and Denisa is in the mood to tease. She stands above the glass chair and pisses her denims, making the crotch wet and darker in colour. The warm pee drizzles onto the chair below, and Denisa sits in her pissy puddle to make her... » Read more
  • Crazy Tiffany Play

    Crazy Tiffany

    17/7/2014  •  30' 32''
    Tiffany Fox is a welcome addition to Wet and Pissy. This sexy American babe is really kinky on film so when she ripped open her leggings and pissed all over the floor we were eager to see what else was in store! Tiffany pisses all over her denim hotpants, covering them in her juices before licking up her piss puddle with her pierced tongue. She looks... » Read more
  • Vanessa Hell Play

    Vanessa Hell

    10/7/2014  •  29' 28''
    Vanessa Hell is a feisty blonde who is wearing sexy hotpants as she poses over the chair. She immediately releases a piss which drizzles down her delicious legs and makes the crotch of her denim hotpants increasingly wet and pissy. She tastes her own juices as she starts to strip and then sits back in the chair to aim her next release of warm nectar... » Read more
  • Dust Wiper Play

    Dust Wiper

    4/7/2014  •  25' 14''
    Katy Rose is doing her daily chores but she easily gets bored, so decides to strip out of her shirt and show off her sexy body underneath. She has the perfect slim body and gorgeous shaved pussy. Katy Rose pisses into a line of wine glasses then pours the wet goodness all over herself. She dives into her pissy puddle and enjoys covering herself in warm... » Read more
  • 1 Blonde 4 Tasks Play

    1 Blonde 4 Tasks

    27/6/2014  •  26' 52''
    If at first you don't succeed... Shooting can be a complicated thing when it comes to a girl peeing solo on camera. Not every case is the same. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and other times it can be explosive and spontaneous. Cat falls somewhere in between both ends of the spectrum. She huffs and puffs, breathing in and out, as she focuses on her... » Read more
  • Grey Jeans Play

    Grey Jeans

    20/6/2014  •  24' 45''
    Cheryl makes her first appearance on Wet and Pissy. She gets herself excited for her first scene by rubbing her pussy and playing with her pert tits. She gets so excited playing with herself that she starts to piss in her black denims. Pee streams down her legs and soaks her crotch making it all dark and wet. Cheryl takes off her jeans and pisses into a... » Read more
  • Secretary Play


    13/6/2014  •  31' 37''
    Sasha looks hot in the office and is bound to get overtime for this performance! She teases in her black pantyhose as she lifts up her miniskirt and rubs her ass. Climbing onto the desk, she pees through the crotch of her pantyhose making a nice juicy puddle underneath. Sasha licks up her juices with her tongue then opens her blouse and rips her... » Read more
  • Global Fun Play

    Global Fun

    6/6/2014  •  26' 18''
    It's hard to fathom how Kirsten can smile as much as she does, but it rubs off in a great way. Perhaps the reason is actually quite simple, and that is that she really enjoys being an exhibitionist. She gestures naughtily with her finger for us to take a closer look, further reinforcing that trait. We take her for a spin as she pees on herself lying... » Read more
  • Kiara Lord Play

    Kiara Lord

    30/5/2014  •  28' 54''
    Kiara takes the first few minutes to talk about two of her favorite things, yoga and pissing. She's definitely not shy about talking in front of the camera, eagerly sharing her enthusiasm without overdoing herself. Politely, she says, "I really hope you don't mind if I do it right now". We didn't mind at all. She stays in talky mode after she pees through... » Read more
  • The Passion Play

    The Passion

    23/5/2014  •  35' 55''
    Fresh off of her momentum from our first monthly cam girl feature, Silvia Luca makes her appearance on Wet and Pissy. Silvia is a very focused individual, acknowledging the camera as filming begins, and then almost forgetting that it is there as she begins to pee. She lets us back into her world as there is a break in the action. Every time that Silvia... » Read more
  • Foxies A-Z Play

    Foxies A-Z

    16/5/2014  •  27' 48''
    Foxies looks super hot in her stripy bikini and best of all, really needs to pee! She stands above a glass chair and pisses through her bikini bottoms before sitting in her warm mess and covering her curvy ass in pee. Using her hands, she scoops up plenty of her golden nectar and pours it over her body, pulling down her bikini top and covering her tits... » Read more
  • SlowMotions 18 Play

    SlowMotions 18

    13/5/2014  •  16' 38''
    Enjoy slow food with Gina Devine, Candi Peach, Violette and Xenia. This is not a regular Friday update, but a bonus Clip, created for all those who love nonstop streams. » Read more

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