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  • Zafira À la Carte Play

    Zafira À la Carte

    18/4/2014  •  33' 43''
    Zafira. The mere mention of her name is enough to excite. A prodigy in the adult world, Zafira's repertoire has encompassed a broad range of categories. She's one of the few super models that have dabbled in peeing in front of a camera. As robust as her experience is, this is the first time that Zafira pees more than once in one shoot. Her beautiful... » Read more
  • Live From The Bowl Play

    Live From The Bowl

    11/4/2014  •  30' 58''
    Ashley Woods loves to tease and today this cute teen is all vamped up in a red corset and stockings. She runs her hands over her tight body, then removes her black panties before climbing into a glass bubble chair. Ashley stretches her pussy lips wide apart while rubbing her clit and releases a long stream of piss onto the chair. It runs back down and... » Read more
  • Mona Lee Play

    Mona Lee

    4/4/2014  •  34' 58''
    Mona Lee makes a lasting impression in a phenomenal debut for Wet and Pissy. She looks stunning in her black pantyhose and her almost non existent jean skirt. What follows - after she removes her skirt and partially pulls down her stockings - is one of the most erotic opening pees. She sits a small pitcher on her stretched pantyhose attempting to pee into... » Read more
  • Red Tights Play

    Red Tights

    26/3/2014  •  30' 32''
    Mia is back for another scene at Wet and Pissy and this time she means business. Dressed in red pantyhose and a yellow tank top, Mia is teasing in the office. She runs her hands all over her body before she pulls down her pantyhose and fires a stream of piss into the air. It covers her tank top and even part of her pretty face! Mia dives into her own... » Read more
  • Clair Brooks Play

    Clair Brooks

    19/3/2014  •  29' 52''
    Clair Brooks shamelessly pees through her panties. She pulls them aside, wiggling around as she continues to pee. She appears to be done, but is pleasantly surprised as she exerts herself a little more, dancing joyfully as she empties herself for the moment. After a pantie sponge bath, she lines up some martini glasses on the floor. She sits on the chair... » Read more
  • Sweet Salty Play

    Sweet Salty

    10/3/2014  •  29' 33''
    Victoria has a nice skin tone, great legs and ass, and she enjoyed every moment of being a part of what we do. Her grey, cotton, imitation jean pants augment what lies beneath them. She pees still wearing them and then sits on the freshly wet floor. Once she is fully undressed, Victoria fills two martini glasses. She uses her white shirt to dry up some of... » Read more
  • Golden Hair Balsam Play

    Golden Hair Balsam

    2/3/2014  •  28' 18''
    Alyssa Reece pees herself through her green denims. She starts to strip from her tank top and runs her hands over her warm wet patch of piss before releasing even more of it. It streams down her legs and onto the glass table below. Alyssa enjoys playing with it with her hands and rubs it across the table before diving into it on her front. She turns... » Read more
  • Squirty Noleta Play

    Squirty Noleta

    23/2/2014  •  29' 15''
    Noleta has been a particularly special girl for us. After her first rendezvous here was successful through patience and determination, we were extremely fond of working with her again. She drops her striped shorts right away, leaving on her argyle socks and yellow and pink top. She is much more relaxed this time around and effortlessly pees onto a nearby... » Read more
  • Tequila Shot Play

    Tequila Shot

    17/2/2014  •  26' 59''
    Wet jeans are the first thing on Mistica's agenda. She then sits on the sofa to pee in a very feminine way, alternating lifting her legs up in the air as she pees over and into her shoes. Although very similar to sitting on a toilet, the pose is much more arousing with nothing blocking the view, allowing her to wet the bottom of her feet. With one foot on... » Read more
  • Carla Rocks Play

    Carla Rocks

    9/2/2014  •  29' 51''
    Carla first appeared on Wet and Puffy in September 2009. Fast forward four and a half years, and we are fortunate enough to feature her on Wet and Pissy. The years have been more than good to Carla, she definitely looks older, but in a very good way. She is remarkably adept at working the camera, from her posture to her facial expressions. After a brief... » Read more
  • Zentai Space Play

    Zentai Space

    2/2/2014  •  29' 47''
    Liona is stuck in her nylon bodystocking which covers her from head to toe. She crouches up on the glass table and pisses through her bodystocking, leaving a nice big puddle below. Liona dives into her piss, covering her body in warm pee. She starts to strip from her bodystocking and tastes her own juice then uses a vibrator on her pussy at the same... » Read more
  • Slow Motions 17 Play

    Slow Motions 17

    28/1/2014  •  17' 26''
    Streams of Gitti, Fisted Vickie, Hally Thomas, Candy Love, Pissy Lolipop and Abby Anjelica. » Read more

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